Monthly Archives: July 2010

Just Updated: eWallet Viewer for Android

We just released an update to the Android eWallet Viewer. This version improves the Viewer’s new Search functionality, and fixes a problem that some people experienced with eWallet Viewer’s auto-lock functionality after we added Search.

Although not many folks ran into the issue, we think that you can never have too much security, so please be sure to update to this version.

You can get the latest version by searching for “eWallet Viewer” on the Android Market. You’ll need a phone with Android OS 1.6 or greater for the Viewer to work.

Don’t have eWallet Viewer yet? Find out more on our site – you will need eWallet 7.1 for Windows to sync your wallets to your phone for viewing.

And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.