‘Tis the season…for making lots of lists

The holidays are almost here! That means celebrating with friends and family, lots of yummy food, and sharing gifts. But we all know the holiday season also means stress – packed shopping malls, last-minute phone calls to figure out who’s getting Aunt Ida from the airport, repeat trips to the grocery store where you break the record for how many times one person can forget to buy the gravy … the list goes on.

And that’s why ListPro® is so very handy – you can make lists of absolutely anything you want to track for the holidays, put those lists on your device, and have them ready right when you need them. No more forgetting your husband’s sweater size, or which Lego set your nephew wanted, when you’re buying gifts. No more mishaps with planning the big family get-together. And when you’re buying the food – you’ll only have to make one trip, and you’ll definitely remember the gravy!

What else makes ListPro great for the holidays? Read on for more details and ideas…

Since ListPro lets you customize your lists exactly how you want them, you can build perfect lists for all your gift giving, grocery shopping, and party planning this season. Or, you can use this holiday planning checklist from our online List Exchange to get you started.

Not only is ListPro the all-in-one app for making holiday lists, but it’s currently free on the App Store for your iPhone or iPod touch. There’s no better way to help keep that holiday budget in line than free, right? And speaking of budgets, ListPro can help with that too – enter the amount of any list item and see what you’re spending as you buy.

And right now, you can also get ListPro for your Windows PC for just $4.99. Make lists on your computer and sync all your lists. If it’s easier for you to read recipes on your big laptop screen while you’re in the kitchen, make lists for your cookies, and your stuffing, and your family’s secret honey ham glaze in ListPro for Windows. Just sync those lists to your phone, head to the store, and shop for ingredients with ListPro as your guide!

So if you’re ready to enjoy a stress-free holiday this year, give ListPro a try. Read all about ListPro as a great holiday helper on our site – get more tips, see more screenshots, and find all the links you’ll need to get ListPro for your device and desktop today.