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What’s with the Windows bugs?

Although most of the people who have upgraded to eWallet 7 on Windows PCare having no trouble at all, there are a few folks running into bugs. A few of these bugs are really frustrating and we’re not taking this lightly. We’ve got developers working non-stop on these and we hope to have an update in the near future.

Most of the people who are running into trouble are already working with Kevin, Lee, and myself on getting the issues ironed out but I wanted to just take a minute to explain why you are seeing bugs! Understanding the developer end of things may not make everything better, but it might help give some insight into what is going on.

I’m also going to mention a few of the bugs we’ve seen at the end of this post. One reminder, however…please send us email if you need support. We just can’t do it here in the blog comments!

That said…read on if you want the full story!

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Life as a software tester for Ilium Software


This picture illustrates two things. One is that I have terrible handwriting, especially on a white board. It also gives a glimpse into what software testing is like here at Ilium Software.

I’ve been meaning to talk about testing, but between testing eWallet 5.0, InScribe 2.0 and just finishing up on a Keep Track update, not to mention supporting our existing and new software… there just wasn’t time. If you have some time, read on!

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