eWallet for iPhone Sync

Well, it’s the 11th and we’re still waiting on Apple over here. Yeah, it was supposed to be in the store today but as of right now it’s not there. Of course “today” isn’t over so we’ll see what develops!

That being the case and not knowing when they will go live with our application, I’m going to go ahead and answer some of the burning questions rather than waiting on Apple to release it before we talk about it.

OK, soย here itย is, the big question we keep hearing. Will eWallet for iPhone sync? Will you be able to use your old wallets in eWallet on iPhone? And the answer is:

“Yes…but not until August”

I’ll wait for the shouting to die down then I’ll continue. And please do read on as I think it will help to illuminate the reasoning behind our decision.

What the…? No Sync?

We have the means to sync, but one thing that folks who have been with us for awhile know is that we’re perfectionists. When we put a feature in, by god it had better work exactly the way it is supposed to. In fact, it should work better than we planned it.

So, while we have the capability to sync, there were things we just weren’t happy with. As the submission date for iPhone applications loomed we realized that we had three choices:

Option 1: Jam It In

We could have just jammed it all in and hurried it to market. We really can do this if we want to. The problem is that this sort of decision is almost guaranteed to bite you later. It would have gotten the app out to everyone, with all features intact, but at what cost?

Option 2: Wait Until It Is Done

We’ve chosen this option numerous times in previous projects. If the app isn’t where we want it to be, we just don’t release until it is. That’s one of the reasons we so seldom announce release dates. We like the flexibility to say “It isn’t perfect! Back to your computer code monkey!” We could have done this for iPhone eWallet but we knew that our competitors would be there early on. The folks who are really loyal to us might have waited until August, but new customers (of which we believe there will be many) who don’t really understand the value of sync yet anyhow, wouldn’t wait. We just couldn’t choose this one.

Option 3: A Two-Stage Launch

That left us with one final option. We get everything we can done by the launch date, make eWallet the best on-device secure password manager out there, and plan to release an update in August that adds full sync capability to eWallet.

Seriously Dude, That Sucks

Yeah, we know. We’re sorry we couldn’t have put the whole thing together in time for the launch but there’s only so much we can do. As you saw, we weren’t just doing eWallet for iPhone here. We still have a strong commitment to the platforms we already support (ie: eWallet 6.1). But don’t worry, there is some good news…

Why the August Sync Update Rocks

When the sync update goes out here is what you can look forward to:

  • Same Desktop Version:No new or different desktop versions needed! The standard eWallet software for Windows PC will be all you need. We might release a 6.1.1 version to make the process even easier but you won’t even need to upgrade if you don’t want to.
  • Complete Compatibility With Old Wallets:No conversions of your data. No limits about whether your data is supported. It’s your wallet, on the iPhone.
  • Same Flexibility: Sync with as many devices as you like, sync to other computers, sync to the cloud…it’s all there still.
  • Same Power:I have to say that we have one of the best sync engines around. It’s stable, smart, and fast. You get all the same power for iPhone sync.
  • Sync From Anywhere:You can sync your iPhone wallet from anywhere at anytime! No need to be tethered to your PC.
  • Skip the PC Completely:Don’t have a Windows PC? Don’t want a Windows PC? Not a problem. Sync straight to the eWallet Web Companion for easy backups and desktop access to your data.


We Won’t Let You Down

So never fear. We’ve made it our business to not let our customers down. I can confidently say that eWallet synching for iPhone is fantastic and I really believe you’ll like it as well. What is more, I think that once everyone has their hands on it they’ll agree that it was worth the wait!

Now let’s go Apple! Get us into the store!

46 thoughts on “eWallet for iPhone Sync

  1. Rick Lobrecht

    Do you know from Apple how updates will work? i.e. if people buy eWallet whenever it goes into the store, how will they update to the August version?

  2. David

    Like rick says above, how will updates work ? Anyone know ?
    The vid of the new iPhone app sure looks sweet, even without the Sync, I’m there, as soon as Apple get their act together (damn does that mean I’ve no chance of the free app ?! ๐Ÿ™ )

  3. Marc Post author

    Actually, the only upgrades we know how to do are the FREE ones so there shouldn’t be a charge.

    In fact, our intent is that the sync update in August would be free so this isn’t a problem.

    Technically, the way it works is that when we put in an upgrade, it sends you a little notifier that one of your applications has been updated. You go to the AppStore and click the Updates button and the rest is automated.

  4. Mike

    If I purchase the software now and create a wallet on the iPhone, will there be a process to convert my wallet to be used by the August version of the application? I doubt you would have your customer re-key their data in August, but just wanted to confirm. Thanks.

  5. Gary Steel

    What about our current wallets, will they be able to be used ( not bothered at this stage about syncing) but will not want to recreate another ewallet. !!!

  6. Marc Post author

    MIKE: Whatever data/wallet you have on the iPhone will sync normally with the desktop when sync comes out. You won’t lose any information.

    GARY: Sorry Gary – until the sync comes out next month there just isn’t a way to move wallets across to the phone. I know. It’s killing me too because I’ve got a HUGE wallet.

  7. John

    Like the earlier post asked……what about a version for OSX? The main reason I want the iPhone is to eliminate my need for Windows. ListPro, eWallet, and Quicken are the only 3 programs I am running on Windows right now. I really like having the computer client because that is where I do most of my adding/deleting/editing of the information in my wallet and list program. If there is no client for OSX, I may need to look at a competitor.

  8. Marc Post author

    Too bad no one wants a Mac version. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As I’ve said before, all I can say is “We think the Mac is a very important platform and we think eWallet and ListPro would be great applications for Mac.” I just can’t say more than that right now. Sorry!

    BUT as I mentioned above, when the sync options for iPhone go live it’ll offer a great solution for Mac users right away that doesn’t require a Windows machine!

  9. Henry

    Another burning question – how much? What about people moving (like me) from WM to iPhone?

    PS – love the approach, honesty and products

  10. Ash

    I have used eWallet since version 2.0 for the palm and LOVED it. I continue to use it on my Windoze laptop and SORELY miss it on the iPhone. I would love to hear when, where, howmuch.. etc for this great app. Please turn all the screws on Apple to get a response.

  11. Sean O

    OK, I will wait for a couple days for App Store to get your product. It is great on the PC and WM but it does hurt to not have sync and it hurts more to not even be available. You may want to bribe someone at Apple. There are several competitors there at the launch so eventually I will have to move on but I have waited this long so a few more days won’t hurt – just hurry!

  12. Rick

    I might be confused, but you mention “eWallet Web Companion” as a sync source. From what I can determine, this is a beta test. Is the application due to released? If so, when?

  13. spmwinkel

    Great job on all the iPhone articles. I don’t have one and don’t plan on getting one, but for Ilium users interested in iPhone products this transparency is great.

  14. Mike

    Option 4. Recognize that meeting the launch of AppStore is business critical (I see SplashID treated it accordingly) and prioritise resource to meet this milestone. If only one-way sync is available (i.e. PC -> iPod Touch/iPhone) then that’s a darn site better than nothing at all. Over the summer period (starting now) people are more mobile as leisure travelers, and carrying around their passwords is important.

    Do I really need to be able to set Field Options in the new 6.1 version? Well, it’s nice but it’s sure as heck not a show stopper such as having no client at all running on Touch/iPhone.

    What are my choices over the next month?
    1. carry my laptop around (I really don’t want to do this)
    2. hope you get a ewallet out (with one-way sync PC->Touch) (doesn’t seem likely)
    3. Bite the bullet and make the shift to SplashID.


  15. Patrick

    How much for the iPhone version of eWallet ?
    And what happens to people who already own a Professional version for Windows Mobile ?
    I have now the Windows Mobile Professional version 5.
    I suppose I have to upgrade to the Windows client version 6 and have also to buy the iPhone client.
    Will I be able to upgrade my Windows Client to version 6 for less than $16.95 (since I don’t need the update for the Windows Mobile version) ?
    I really like eWallet, but if I count what I paid in the past for all the updating (same goes for ListPro), it’s becoming a very expensive application.
    So I hope there will be some interesting pricing for people switching from one platform to the other.

  16. totalpardo

    is there an update on the release to the app store?

    if you cant tell us the price, that’s fine. i have been a paying customer for this app for years and i really want it on the iphone. i will probably pay for this at any cost…i am fairly surprised this is taking as long as it is to get done through apple…you would think apple would want a popular app out there.

  17. Fabrizio Acquaviva

    Marc: You say and I quote “Sync straight to the eWallet Web Companion for easy backups and desktop access to your data”.
    What of this Web Companion you’ve been announcing for so long? Is it available already?
    On 6.1 I see that I can add a remote location “ftp://username…..”, but that is all there is. I’d like to use my iDisk (ftp site) as storage with the web companion, where can I download/access this new service?

    BTW: How about a client for OSX? You still have not answered that question.

    Are you taking any Beta testers for eWallet’s iPhone Sync august release?

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  19. Grant

    Marc: I agree with Patrick. I have been a WM user for years, and have had ListPro and eWallet as my primary applications for years. They have been invaluable. They are the only reason I still carry an iPaq around anymore!

    So, please reward your loyal customer base with very special cross-grade pricing to eWallet for iPhone.

    Also, in the interim, since you can’t offer a desktop sync solution, can you comment on using 1Password to import wallets and do any form of ‘sync’?

    I have always appreciated the high quality products that Ilium produces, and the fact that you don’t cut corners. However, as Mike points out, I am one of those going on the road in a week and for much of the summer, and need some sort of solution…so focus those code monkeys and keep them stocked with bananas and Mountain Dew!!

  20. Andrew

    I’m not an expert, but I don’t think Iliumsoft can do a cross grade pricing scheme because it’s going through the Apple store.

    It sounds like this is going to sync to the cloud. Even with encyrption I can’t say I want that done. I’d be ok with waiting for ewallet, but I might have to go Splash to get the sync direct to a pc.

  21. Craig F

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I can’t even tell you how important your dedication to qaulity is to me. I have used eWallet for years. A short time ago I swithed to a phone that eWallet didn’t support so I swithed to SplashID. Long story short within three months I lost all of data because of some anamoly in their software. We’ll now I’m back home with eWallet and I’m not going anywhere. I will happily wait for the iPhone sync functionality.

    Sorry for any typos. I’m writing this on my new 3G iPhone.

    To anyone: I would stay away from SplashID


  22. Bill Hoile

    What about an update on List Pro? As nice as eWallet is, List Pro is the program that is more important to me. When will that be available, and will it be able to sync right away?

  23. Paul Gale

    So, let me get this right – for existing users with large wallets, there’s really no point in getting eWallet for the iPhone at launch, as the only way to use it is to key in any data you want?

    As you say Marc, that REALLY does suck – big time. I understand the reasons though and appreciate your honesty but this approach in a way is penalising existing users unless they’re prepared to go through the laborious process of keying in all the data. Isn’t there a way to program a one-off, non-sync transfer from existing wallets into the iPhone/web app? I don’t care how clunky it is, but any way would be good.

  24. Roy

    I totally agree…the MOST important thing is how to migrate from WM6 to iPhone. There are huge wallets and lists that need to be converted. Even a workaround hack (used at the user’s own risk) is acceptable. Just don’t have me retype all those records…

    BTW, eWallet and ListPro are GREAT products. Hope the transition to iPhone is just as smooth.

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  26. KC

    I agree with Mike. Will test eWallet export to SplashID today. Appstore was announced 6 months ago and still no port and eWallet online never went live?

  27. Marc Post author

    KC: That’s totally up to you and we certainly respect the fact that for some folks the wait is too long. Again, not being in the store today is out of our hands. We truly wish we knew what was happening. All we know is that Apple tells us it is held up in Export Approval for the encryption.

    As for eWallet online, it has progressed signficantly. We’ve continued to add new users throughout the 6 month period and as you’ll see in my upcioming blog post regarding sync, part of the sync solution is going live with the Web Companion.

    And finally, we’d rather spend an extra 30 days tweaking sync than risk losing even a single card from a customer’s wallet. Doing it right the first time rather than making users into beta testers has always been the way we do things at Ilium Software. Unfortunately, sometimes that means it takes us a little longer.

  28. Tom

    WOW!! Having used eWallet since version 1.1 you have made my day! The first being Apple finally realized that no one wants to save passwords on web based application and came out with the APP Store! eWallet & iPhone together makes me carrying passwords around so much simpler. I hope Apple gets off their butts and makes it happen fast. The only question I have on the Mac Desktop to be released next month is…what version will it be compatible with? I have the Tiger version and I think they are up to the Leopard? Will it be only compaatible with the newest version??

  29. Marc Post author

    Actually SYNC is available next month. Mac Desktop is still a little way down the road. Sorry Tom!

  30. Tom

    Marc, I am confused, when you say SYNC how is this different from the desktop? Is SYNC just a back-up?

  31. Marc Post author

    Sync supports synchronization with platforms we currently support.

    Adding Mac involves releasing a new version for that platform.

  32. Stuart


    After reading many review I have decided to go with your eWallet for my iPhone. So far it looks like a wonderful product. I just downloaded it from iTunes. I will start adding information to it very soon(as soon as it’s finished charging actually ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    I just want to say that I am pleased with the overall looks of the way you run your business regarding customer support.
    I do so look forward to a Mac desktop version though. I am very leary of using a sync to an online service. I still have to check it out though.
    I do hope you keep us Mac users in the loop on the progress of that.

    With that being said, I thank you for your product and look forward to the future of your other projects.

    Kind regard,


  33. Dr. Gigabyte

    I agree that a one-way PC->iPhone file copy (no merge) would be at least 90% as useful as full blown sync.

    Even a one-time-only option to start with a user-supplied My Wallet (in lieu of the sample one) would be 90% as useful as file copy.

    Wasting my bytes, eh? Sigh.

    Well, then take the time, do it right. Your WM version is great, I’m sure the finished iPhone version will be worth waiting for.

    Until then, I’ll have to carry my old (otherwise useless) WM5 device around. ๐Ÿ™


    P.S. Please, make sure the default settings DO NOT allow any kind of web (bluetooth etc) access to wallets. (Defense in depth, you know?)

  34. Zeitoun


    I have been using Ewallet for a while now after SplashID. I thought Ewallet was far more “advanced” with the tree-style data sorting.

    I am a little disapointed that SplashID has shot faster this time with a Wi-Fi connexion for synchronization while Ewallet doesn’t yet provide any working solution.

    I hope Ewallet will make it for the time loss.

    By the way, if i may ask for an important function that would be greatly appreciated which is a search possibility on the Iphone version. I didn’t find a way to search ewallet’s datas on the Iphone with a key-word.

    Thanks a lot for EWallet and hope to hear from you soon.

    Zeitoun (France).

  35. Matt

    I am a bit confused. When I look at the Web Companion, it looks like it requires you to be using the PC client version as well. If I have a Mac and am concerned about backing up my iPhone eWallet data, can I use Web Companion to do this online for me, using a Mac for the browser (Firefox or Safari)? Or, will Web Companion only work in conjunction with a PC desktop client?

    Ideally, I would like to be able to enter data through the iPhone or your Web client, store the data on MobileMe iDisk and sync the two together so that the Web version acts as a back up to the iPhone. Is this possible without any PC being in the mix?

  36. Letos

    just bought ewallet for my iphone and very disappointed not to have sync with mac .Used to be owner of ewallet on pc and bought the new version for iphone. Being a switcher from pc to mac will I be able to transfer datas from my previous wallet on the iphone through mac ? the new release in august to sync iphone is also for mac ?

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