It’s synching! IT’S SYNCHING!

IT’SΒ ALIVE SYNCHING! I’ve been responding to the various comments on the other posts, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we are in fact synching with our iPhones and iPod Touch devices here at Ilium Software! We don’t see anything that will stand in the way of our release so watch this blog and your email. As soon as it is out we’ll let everyone know!

And just to offer a little more info – we’re synching LAN, ad-hoc, multiple locations and devices, bootcamp – it’s all working! Woo hoo!

112 thoughts on “It’s synching! IT’S SYNCHING!

  1. Chris

    HURRAY REJOICE. I have been waiting a long time for this but now it is here! I’ve even set this blog as my home page…you should be honoured!!

    Good luck with final testing…hope to get it soon!

  2. Dennis

    My copy of EWallet has been languishing on my iPhone because there’s no way I was going to re-type all my cards from my Desktop version. I hope this comes out soon.

  3. pablo

    Great! I check this webpage daily and this is great news. I am using the trial period version for the PC, as soon as I get the synching working on my iPhone I’ll buy the product.

  4. David


    Please send it to Apple ASAP. Given that they made Ilium wait…and…wait…and…wait for the first eWallet software release, they should give you a speedy approval this time (but they probably won’t). Then we can start using it ASAP and write 5-star reviews of how great the software is! πŸ™‚

  5. Jay

    Now you’ve done it. I had had successfully put the new release in the back of my mind assuming it was many weeks away. Now you pulled it back to the front. I hope you mean its “hours” away now…

    is it here yet!!??? No.
    is it here yet!!??? Nope. Still not.
    is it here yet!!??? Nope…I’d better check back a few minutes later…
    is it here yet!!??? arghhh. No!! Better check back in a few more minutes…

  6. Rich

    Awesome! I’ve been a loyal customer for a long time and am really happy with ewallet on my iPhone so far. I’ll keep my eyes open for the update.

  7. Ricardo

    Great news!

    Do you have a date for the release of eWallet for Blackberry? It was supposed to be a few ‘weeks’ from July…

  8. Kim

    Finally… I haven’t bought the app yet, waiting for the sink because have been using with my smartphone for years and useless without all of my info. Thanks, please get published soon.

  9. Henry

    Talk about being cruel and kind in the same breath.. You have it, we want (need) it…

    So when??

  10. David

    In addition to the iPhone eWallet update, we’ll need a newer desktop version…right? When will that be available for download on this site?

    No Apple approval needed for that…right?


  11. GC

    Thank you. I have bought but not used iPhone eWallet. This is What I have been waiting for. My eWallet has too many entries to manually reenter.


  12. bill

    I am really looking forward to being able to enter data on my macbook pro and have it sync with my Touch. So glad to get this news.

    peace and kitchen syncs

  13. Bill Hoile

    Please let us know the minute you send it to Apple.

    Also, what is the timeline for ListPro?

  14. Jeremy

    Ok, but 1password has a syncing app for the iPhone about three weeks ago. Hurry!

    I assume this will be a Windows only release. Question, will it work with Parallels or VMWare running Windows? I’d rather not have to go into Bootcamp just to sync my wallets.

  15. David

    Jeremy – yes, it will work with Parallels. I was wondering the same thing and asked them in an email. Check other blog discussions. They’re working on a Mac version of the desktop eWallet. For now I’ll be using Parallels to sync my wallet file with my iPhone. I can’t wait! Guys…your sales of eWallet are going to shoot through the roof as soon as you post the sync-able version.

  16. Geoff

    YEAH! I just bought my iPhone last night. I bought the phone version but am waiting to fully deploy with the desktop app. Thanks for the update!

  17. Kay

    I just got the eWallet for my iphone, I love it so far. Can’t wait to sync it to my computer. Wondered if the desktop version will have the ability to export the data to an encrypted file that can be saved on a thumb drive. Was thinking about storing it in a safe as another backup for unexpected disasters.

  18. Rodney

    Great, Cannot wait as I have alot of info to transfer. Instead of carrying around two PDA’s. will only need my IPhone. Great news.

  19. Ade

    iPhone syncing and the possibility of a Mac client coming down the line… oh please say it is true!

  20. Don Gibbons

    Anxious as I am to get the sync facility (and I am a very keen user), I hope we’re not going to see another round of hand wringing as everyone waits for it to appear in the AppStore – as we did with the initial release. All iPhone developers know there is an average 7-10 day processing window so users should be prepared accordingly. The inappropriateness of the 7-10 day window is immaterial, it is a fact.

    If Ilium wants to ensure this revised version is in the store by the end of August (as publicised over the past month) it should be submitted by today (Aug 21). Perhaps that submission can be confirmed so we have a realistic expectation of when it will be available in the store.

  21. Kevin White

    @Kay: You can already back up your eWallet data using the Tools -> Make Backup feature, or even have SyncPro automatically sync or overwrite it onto any folder location on your computer (including a removable drive.)

    If you mean export to some other file format that happens to be encrypted… you can’t do that.

  22. T-Will

    Great to hear! I was just about ready to purchase this, but then noticed it didn’t mention syncing anywhere, so can’t wait till this is out!

    Does this also mean ListPro will be syncing with Outlook???

  23. Frustrated

    I’m a big supporter of IliumSoft and have bought every eWallet rev since v2 I think (on the WinMo side). I have to say I’m kind of disappointed with how you’ve handled the iPhone version. Most of my initial enthusiasm that you moved so quickly to create an iPhone version is gone. I’m regretting having paid $10 for an Application that I can’t actually use because sync has not come out. It wasn’t clear when you launched the app (the first couple days) that syncing with current data was not supported (or if it was clear, I didn’t digest it properly). I wouldn’t have purchased the software if I knew that. I’m still a supporter πŸ™‚ and think you deliver great products. I just feel like you fumbled this iPhone eWallet launch and it’s been rather painful. I hope you can get the updated version out soon, but definitely want you guys to know that loyal customers have gone from being patient to just being frustrated. Your blog has been really informative and you’ve tried to update on progress, I wish you were more clear upfront that it was going to be a weeks long process.

  24. Marc Post author

    @Frustrated: I completely understand and I’m sorry you feel frustrated. We tried, right from the first day, to make it 100% clear that sync wasn’t out yet. We also said we would get it out in August. At this point that still seems likely. I’m sure the message didn’t get to some folks and I’m sorry about that.

    It all comes back to the question of: get it out there so folks can start using it and release sync later OR release it all in August.

    What we beleived (and found to be true) is that a lot of folks just wanted this sort of application on their device right now (including many existing users). Sync was something they wanted but didn’t HAVE to have. Not true for everyone but true for many. This proved especially true for new users.

    So in the end, yes, we know it is a wait, and we’re sorry. We’ve been working like crazy to make good on our promises. We’ve even brought in extra people temporarily to keep everything moving. We know folks are waiting on this and we’re going to do whatever we can to hold up our end of the bargain.

  25. Mitch Walker

    Can’t wait . . .
    Been using eWallet since 2004 and love it!
    I say . . . Sync On! — Ilium — Sync On!

  26. Frustrated

    @Marc: And this is why you’ll retain my loyalty. Thanks for the response and thanks for understanding that you’ve got a lot of different users with different needs. I’m still frustrated, but happy to know that you guys are adding resources to make this happen. Great sign of committment.

    Surprised that existing users would want the app without sync, can’t imagine reinputting all of my data. I think my eWallet data file is around 250KB and that’s mostly text not any custom images and such. No way I’m retyping all of that back in πŸ™‚

  27. Ken

    Yippee! My iPhone version of eWallet has been sitting stagnant. I can’t wait to sync the 90+ cards that are in my desktop version. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  28. Tyson

    Just a pretty pointless comment that I, like many others here, cannot wait to get a hold of the syncing versions of the software. I bought the app when it launched as well, but haven’t used it yet because of all the info already stored on my desktop. Soon! πŸ˜€

  29. Vic

    We’re anxiously awaiting the sync version, but be aware, Apple may take another 10 days or more to bless it and make it available for download to the iPhone.

  30. Srini

    Quick question to anyone who knows the answer –

    WIll the existing Desktop version work? or will i have to buy a version that would be specific to syncing with iPhone?

    I appreciate anyone clarifying this for me.

  31. gene

    That’s great news. My (full) Ewallet is on my PC, My (empty) Ewallet is on the Iphone. I cant wait till they can talk! I too, don’t waht to re-enter 50+ cards full of info!

    NOW GET TO WORK ON LIST-PRO! ; ) I’m struggling with the alternatives….

  32. Marc Post author

    @Srini: We’re releasing a free (for owners of 6.0+) desktop upgrade that will support synching to the iPhone. It’s the same software though. Any existing partnerships (synching to USB drives, other PCs, Windows Mobile devices, etc.) will still work. All your old wallets will work and you won’t need to have two versions running on the desktop.

    @Gene: We’re working on ListPro! We’ve even got a screenshot on our site in the iPhone area!

  33. Phil

    That’s Great news! I’ve been a longtime customer… recently I replaced my Pocket PC w/ an iPod Touch… your timing couldn’t be better! πŸ™‚ I eagerly await being able to sync all of my pre-existing eWallet material (on my desktop pc) to my new device. Thanks again for your hard work.

  34. Tom

    Hey guys – the only reason I agreed to go with the iPhone 3G was because eWallet was available for it and within a couple weeks, it was said to be able to sync with my old wallet. I’ve been with eWallet since the Everex days, so I’ve got a LOT of entries I don’t want to retype. So let’s get it on and release it already, I’m tired of carrying around my 6700 because of eWallet. πŸ˜‰

  35. Gary

    I can’t say that eWallet being available on the iPhone was the only reason I moved to the iPhone 3G from my old 8525, but it certainly was a factor. I’ve already purchased it, though it is mostly sitting unused currently, as I have more stuff in it than I am willing to manually re-enter. So count me amongst those more or less patiently waiting for the sync update. πŸ™‚

  36. Sand233

    I have been an EWallet user since day 1. Have sync’d to many computers and multiple smart phones. I was disappointed when I got my iPhone last year the EWallet could not sync to it. I anxiously awaited the web app and then the version for 2.0. Needless to say, I purchased the iPhone app as soon as it was available. I too did not realize sync was not available and had to dig through the blogs after the purchase to discover that. So, it sits on my iPhone unused while I await sync. Your products are fantastic and it is worth the wait. I agree with some previous entries that this release could have been handled better, but I also understand the need to get it out there. SplashData does sync, but their software is far inferior to EWallet and, for me, is not an alternative. Keep up the good work on your software. In the end, I don’t mind the wait if the product lives up to your previous standards.

  37. Gary

    Excellent news! My iPhone eWallet app has been sitting dormant with no content impatiently waiting for this! SplashData sux.

  38. Gary

    I am way excited and have posted the August release on MacRumors Forums for the Windows users. I have already purchased the iPhone App but just have the desktop trial software on my PC now. When released, I will upgrade for sure!!! Will there be a lower cost for those that have already purchased the iPhone App?

    I was using eWallet on my iPhone but with the recent 2.0.2 update, I was forced to do a restore and LOST EVERYTHING that was in eWallet because I could not sync/back it up. It now stands empty on my iPhone until I can sync it with the desktop and never loose data again. PLEASE make my day and LET ER LOOSE!!!

  39. iGary

    Have eWallet. Waiting on Synch!! Slightly off topic to List-Pro. If you could sync Todo lists and/or Notes with Outlook via WIFI you would be more popular than donuts at the policemans ball. Really!

  40. andi

    @Marc: there is no listpro-screenshot in the iPhone-section as you mentioned above. “coming soon” is shown there.

  41. Kelvin

    Fantastic…. Couldnt agree with iGary more…. put me down for the 1st copy when List Pro syncs!! Well done.

  42. Rohit

    This is very good news. I have been a big fan of e-wallet and have got many of mine friends on it. As I could not wait to have the iPhone version, even if it was not syncing, I bought it but am now waiting. I have entered the VERY important ones manually….

  43. Rodney

    I’m still very excited about getting sync, but with quickpwn now released, I took the plunge and jailbroke my phone. I’m very excited, NOW I can Open my wallet on my iPhone. YEAH! (and Cydia is pretty cool too.)

  44. David

    I look forward to syncing. Congrats on getting it to work. Can you let us know once it has passed QA and has been submitted to Apple(if it hasn’t already)? We would like to track the progress of this important update. Thanks.

  45. david

    If the update hasn’t been released to Apple yet, then we probably won’t have it in our hands by Aug 31st!

    πŸ™ Not cool.

  46. Don Gibbons

    It would be fair to say that if Apple doesn’t yet have the new version for its internal review, with the Labour Day weekend coming up, it will be well into September before we see it in the AppStore.

    Any chance of an update on progress to date?

  47. Randy

    Please let me know when you have a way to get data from my windows pc version to my new iPhone ver of eWallet.

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  49. Charles Mallery

    I am using eWallet for Windows Ver (256-bit FIPS-197 AES)
    and want to know if my current data on my PC will eventually be able to sync with the new iPhone eWallet release once Apple push the new iPhone sync version.

    Thanks – Charles Mallery

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  51. DavidB

    Just back from holiday/vacation and catching up. Synching is good to hear, but in the everlasting words of my kids in the back of the car “are we there yet ?” πŸ™‚

    Great work, and roll-on ListPro.

  52. Don Gibbons

    Marc, I see you have moved onto another blog post so I’m assuming you have had time to read the outstanding queries here regarding when, and if, the eWallet update has been submitted to Apple.

    Obviously a number of customers, particularly new Apple AppStore customers, are waiting for the promised August update. Could we have an update on the update please.

  53. Another DavidB

    yes…I agree. It’s a simple request. Yes or no… Was it submitted? If so, then when?

  54. Marc Post author

    We’re not ignoring you! We’re just really really busy! (We’re also prepping the BlackBerry version at the same time as this!) Also, because our product got mentioned in that other article I had to respond to it (the other blog post). That’s why I took the time to do that.

    I just got the release candidate today, and I’m finishing final testing as we speak. It isn’t in the store but from talking to fellow developers we’ve found that approval of an update takes 5-7 days, not 10.

    If I get the app submitted tomorrow morning that means it should be live by next week. Does that mean it could be out September 2nd instead of August 31st? Yep. As we’ve said all along, though, we don’t release something we aren’t 100% sure is going to work perfectly. This is something newer folks might not know about us, but that’s why when we release something it doesn’t crash/corrupt the database/etc etc etc. A paying customer should never be a beta tester.

  55. T-Will

    This is AWESOME news!!! I just switched to iPhone from WinMo (used WinMo for the last 8 years), so I’m really happy to see some of my favorite apps from WinMo being (or soon to be) released for iPhone! πŸ˜€

  56. Don Gibbons

    Thanks for the update Marc.

    I’m sure that most of your new AppStore customers appreciate the fact you have multiple projects concurrently in development, as do most successful companies. By publishing a release date with your listing in the AppStore, you made a commitment that buyers rightly expected to be met when they made their purchase. A simple ‘Look folks we were a little optimistic, give us another two weeks’ would have quelled any mounting concern. Personally I’ll expect to see it surface around Sept 5th – and be the first to post kudos here if it appears sooner.

  57. Doing the Right Thing

    Marc, I am delighted to hear that you’re putting data integrity ahead of the need to honor an arbitrary deadline. The data I keep in eWallet is the most sensitive stuff I have. I would much rather wait a few days beyond the 8/31 goal than entrust that data to an insufficiently tested piece of complex software.

    As for the $10 investment in an app some of us can’t yet use, at today’s typical 2% interest rates the delay is only costing us 5/100ths of a cent a day. I think we can handle that.

  58. Jeremy

    How is the distribution of the Windows app that syncs with the iPhone going to handled?

    I don’t think you can put Windows apps on the app store… or can you?

  59. Marc Post author

    All you will need to synchronize with the iPhone is the standard desktop version of eWallet. This is the same version of the software used to synchronize with Windows Mobile, Palm, other desktops, remote locations (ftp, etc.), USB drives, and so on. So you’ll get full iPhone sync plus all the other options the desktop offers.

    The price for iPhone users to add the desktop version will be our standard $10.00 add-on price. Users can purchase the desktop version at the discount through our site. We will post details once the iPhone update is released.

    On a side note, we are releasing eWallet v.6.1.2 for desktop at the same time as the iPhone update release. This is a free upgrade for previous owners of eWallet 6.0+ for desktop. It adds the interface that allows for iPhone synching. So if you already own eWallet for desktop 6.0+ you’ll get a free upgrade that will enable iPhone synching. If you don’t own eWallet for desktop 6.0+, the new version you purchase will automatically support iPhone sync.

  60. Bill

    I’m so excited – as a recent convert to the iphone, this was the one ‘killer app’ that I needed (the other would be a decent excel type grid that is local, e.g. isn’t wireless…) to get off the pocketpc. By all means, if you need another week or whatever to ensure quality – do that. I can survive another week before “Christmas”…

  61. BillS

    I originally purchased an iPhone license to use SplashID (having used it years ago on a Treo), and felt their iPhone software was somewhat non-intuitive. I also felt their additional $20 fee for the desktop version was somewhat excessive.

    I’ve now purchased an eWallet iPhone license, and I’m much happier with it. Also, while my import from SplashID wasn’t seamless, it did help me to avoid having to reenter the data on the iPhone.

    I am anxiously awaiting the release of the synchable desktop software nonetheless.

    One comment–and this may only be me–when I read the Application Description in iTunes, my interpretation of the “Coming Soon” notes was that the Windows and Mac desktop software would be “free upgrades”.

    Having seen your post here, I re-read the iTunes notes and realized I may have misread them originally, though I do believe they are somewhat deceiving as currently written.

    It might be beneficial for others if you changed that wording to reflect the additional fee required for the desktop component.

  62. J Powers


    So I guess by above comment, my desktop 5.0 version of eWallet won’t work? The posting on the App store doesn’t say 6.0?



  63. John

    From reading the above posts, it looks like the desktop version will cost current iPhone eWallet customers 10.00. Is this correct? If so, will this also be the price for the OSX version when it is released?

  64. Marc Post author

    @BillS: Thanks for the feedback Bill. Two things you might like to know. First, the iPhone upgrade is free, naturally, but you are correct that you need to own the desktop portion to sync with it. The good part is that, as you noted, the price is $10, a discount over the full price ($19.95) we’ve always given to customers who add another platform. In the mean time I’ll see what we can do to improve the description of the app! Sorry about that! Second, in case you missed it, if you purchase the iPhone version BEFORE we release the sync update, send an email to that reads FREE DESKTOP OFFER and a copy of your iTunes receipt, and we’ll send you the desktop version for free. A very limited offer that ONLY applies to purchase of eWallet on iPhone BEFORE we release the sync update.

    @J Powers: Yep. There have been a lot of changes since 5.0. You’d need to contact the support folks here to find out if you 5.0 purchase made you eligible for a free upgrade to 6.0 (which would, of course, mean 6.1.2 would be a free upgrade as well.) Otherwise, you would need to upgrade your desktop software – but it would be at the reduced $10.00 price of course.

    @John: Although we’re far enough out that no final decisions have been made, if we follow our usual pricing then OSX would be considered a “new platform” and would fit the “$10.00 add-on” pricing scheme. Again, it’s

  65. Andrew

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for the straight up truth. I have been in IT for years on the Network and Server side but working closely with the Dev teams. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have the release date take priority over features and function.

    To many times we rolled out code that QA knew had issues, but because of “perceived” customer demands, the bosses would not slip the date. Instead, we have patches to fix what was known at launch.

    I think Ilium has a loyal following because your applications are rock solid, do what they promise, and are easy to use.

  66. Jeremy

    Yeah, I think John Carmack of Id Software said it best back in the late nineties. “It will be released when it’s finished.”

    Generally the free market decides release dates. As there are competitors on the app store, I’m sure Illium is motivated enough without some arbitrary release date.

  67. psywzrd

    How will you handle users who need to import their wallet from a Windows Mobile version of ewallet but want to use a Mac desktop version? I have purchased the iphone version of ewallet and understand I will need a desktop version in order to sync my WM wallet so that it can be imported into my iphone’s ewallet. Since the Windows desktop version is coming out first I would like to use that to sync my wallet; however, that’s the only reason I want to use the Winodws version. In other words, once I sync my wallet via the Windows desktop version I will have no use for the Windows version anymore. Will you allows us a way to just import our wallets and then wait for the Mac desktop version?

  68. Marc

    @psywzrd: Assuming I understand the question, you’re going to use the Windows desktop version one time (ever) just to get the wallet over to the iPhone where you can use it. If that’s the question, the new version will have a full 30 day (of use) trial period. It’s full featured and should give you everything you need to get your wallet over without buying a Windows version you won’t need!

  69. Ken

    You have mentioned that the syncing will take place over wi-fi. All my networking is hardwired and I do not have any wi-fi set up for security reasons.

    Would adding blue-tooth work for syncing or does it have to be wi-fi?

    It would seem to be an easier process to add blue-tooth to a desktop that to configure wi-fi to a network.

    Also, are there any other improvements to the release? I would like to see landscape mode card display and larger fonts. Very little of the great iPhone screen is being used currently.

    P.S. I am new to eWallet via the new iPhone 3G. Like it very much.

  70. Marc Post author

    @Ken: All sync will be via wi-fi. We are not offering internet or bluetooth synchronization in this release but we plan to continue to improve the sync experience in the future. One thing you might want to consider is an Ad Hoc wireless connection. This lets you create a wi-fi network just to sync, and then to close it down afterwards.

    As for additional improvements, there are a few minor fixes and updates but the focus is synchronization. We are planning improvements for this year, however, including search, PassBuilder (our password generator), and landscape view. I don’t have exact dates but all of these are β€œin the works.”

    And I’m glad you like the app! We’ll keep working to make it better!

  71. psywzrd


    That is exactly what I meant so that definitely answers my question about importing my wallet to my iphone. Since you mentioned the FREE DESKTOP OFFER, will I still be able to get a free version of the Mac desktop software since I bought ewallet for the iphone before the sync update has been released?

  72. Marc Post author

    @psywzrd: Sorry psy. The offer only applies to Windows PC desktop version and both a puchase of eWallet on iPhone and the email request before we release the new version.

  73. BillS

    @Marc: Thank you for your reply and clarification. That’s a great offer, and I’ve already licensed the iPhone version so I look forward to receiving the desktop version.

    I’ve already begun recommending eWallet to colleagues!

  74. Bill Hoile

    Has the upgrade been submitted to Apple yet?

    When do you think ListPro will be available for the iPhone? Will it sync right away, or will that come later?


  75. David

    Would like to second the question. Fully want the software to be fully QA’d and vetted before release, so willing to wait, but would like an update on where we are. Has it been submitted, or were some things found during the QA which means that another round of QA is required?

    Looking forward to seeing the update.

  76. T-Will

    I purchased eWallet for iPhone yesterday but haven’t received a receipt yet (Apple seems to like to hold the receipts for a couple days), will I still be eligible for the FREE DESKTOP OFFER even if I don’t receive my receipt by the time the new version is released? Thanks!

  77. Andrew

    hey T-Will – it took Apple a week to get me first receipt – it seems that setting up new customers takes some time. After that I get more receipts then a care too – even for free software downloads.

    I too was worried about timing, so I went into iTunes store, my account, recent purchases, and printed a screenshot and emailed that in.

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  79. Musa91620

    I understood this new version is just sync with wi-fi. That’s a problem for us that don’t have wi-fi at home. When will the cloud/internet sync be available?

  80. John

    Great, so when can we get our hands on it? I have been waiting, you said it would be ready in Aug. and we are now into Sept.

  81. Marc Post author

    @Musa91620: I don’t have a date for that but we are working on that option.

    @John: Hey, John. Check out the We Have Liftoff post. I’m discussed this exact issue at length there and in the comments! I think that should answer the question

  82. Don Gibbons

    My August 5th prediction for an actual AppStore launch is looking good at this point. Fingers crossed we see it by then.

  83. Jose

    Now that we have the iPod/iPhone update, what do we need to purchase to be able to sync with the PC? Do we need to purchase the full version of the Windows release? Will you have instructions on how to perform the sync?

  84. Marc Post author

    If you own an older version you can upgrade for the usual discounted add-on price. If you own 6.0+ just download the latest trial from our site (it will auto-register when you install it.) If you don’t own the desktop version you can get it for a discounted add-on price. Visit the iPhone pages of our site for details:

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