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iphone.jpgYes, we absolutely plan to have our apps on the iPhone just as soon as we can. Like everyone else, we’re very excited about yesterday’s announcement. And no, I have no idea right now how we’ll pull it off. But I never do.

14 thoughts on “Thanks for Asking

  1. Johan

    Apple is only going to take 30% + $99 a year for hosting, of your software sales price. The $99 isn’t to bad bad but its still alot for small developers who want to make their apps free. Just don’t forget your Windows Mobile customers…

  2. Ellen Post author

    Thanks, Johan, we won’t. I’ve been at too many companies that concentrated so hard on the “cool new thing” that they lost sight of what was still viable and in fact bringing in all the money. I’m a little too practical do that.

  3. paris @ unitedworx web design

    really looking forward to ewallet and iphone combination. besides contacts and calendar my ppc is mainly used for ewallet storing 200+ website passwords!

    P.S. the killer thing though would be ewallet on pocket pc + iphone + sync to desktop + roboform like facilities on both ppc/iphone and desktop for a total solution of gathering passwords and accesing them fast using autofill facilities.

    just saw a video on utube today that showed someting similar which was called tapwallet? but had the title iphone ewallet? what is that about? any relation to that? or totally a diferent thing??

  4. doog

    Oh, please, please, please: can we have Mac versions of the apps, too? I’ve completely dropped Windows non-mobile, and would love love love Mac versions of the desktop apps!

  5. Johan

    On the iphone SDK, apple will NOT allow 3rd party apps to run in the background, this may not mean anything to iliumsoft. But for devs that want to say make an IM app this means you have to exit your IM’s every time you want to make/ receive a call. I don’t know how I could live like that because on my PPC I almost always have netfront, ewallet, newsbreak open. To each and there own I guess. I also second a browsr plugin for ewallet as I am currently using roboform and ewallet in conjunction, although making a plugin probably would require alot of dev time.

  6. Ellen Post author

    Quick answers, because it’s Friday night: I’m pretty sure that everything we do for iPhone will be for iTouch as well. We have no relationship to or with TapWallet. We can’t trademark eWallet, though, so I don’t think we can stop people using the term. Mac – we’re gonna try.

  7. ak_phil

    I am so relieved to see your blog entry. eWallet is one of the very few applications that I don’t feel like I can do without and I’ve had to keep my treo around basically as an eWallet platform. I too would welcome a Mac desktop version. Thanks for informing us of your plans… now I can stop searching for a replacement.

  8. paris @ unitedworx web design

    its good to know that illiumsoft has plans for the future of eWallet, its certainy good to know that a program we are using is improving over time with new fetures and exposure to new technologis and devices.

    since i am a web developer i am going to buy the iphone only for the sake of getting to know the divice, donno if i will be able to get away from the windows mobile platform but it will be good to know the iphone. of course to live wirth the iphone i need ewallet 🙂

  9. Gary_K

    I’m glad your planning to support the iPhone!! I want one badly, but am holding off on two applications: eWallet, and Lotus Notes connectivity. I’ve tried other wallet apps, and none compare to yours!!

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  11. Rob D

    I was looking for an mp3 player replacement and had settled on an ipod classic. Then I played with a friend’s iPhone. The phone didn’t matter but the sleek device and its applications bowled me over. So instead of a classic I got an iPod Touch.

    One of my first thoughts was that if I had ewallet on my Touch I could chuck my palm in the trash. By coincidence, the day I bought my Touch was the day of the SDK announcement and I thought “I wonder….”. So I looked at your blog and was delighted to read the news. I’ll be first in line for ewallet on the Touch/iPhone.

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