eWallet for iPhone Sneak Preview…

With the (predicted) AppStore release date swiftly approaching, I wanted to take a second to give you a sneak peak at eWallet for iPhone. I am extremely excited about this application. It looks great, it’s easy to use, and while we’ve captured the iPhone feel it is in every way the eWallet software you’ve come to know and love.

Of course this will generate the usual question:

“When will it be released?”

We hope to see it available in the AppStore around the time that the AppStore goes live but we don’t know exactly when eWallet will be available. First, as far as I understand it, no one is 100% sure when the AppStore will go live. Second, we don’t have control over the process used to post applications. We send Apple the application, they look it over, decide if it is “fit for the AppStore” and then put the application out there for the public. This whole process happens according to Apple’s timetable.

What I can tell you is that we have a finished product (I’ve been using it on my own iPhone for some time now) and we’re ready to roll as soon as Apple gives us the go ahead! So watch this space! We’ll definitely make some noise the minute the software is available!

Click on any thumbnail below to see the full image!

eWallet Card List Card View

Card View with Notes  Another Card

Card with a Background Image  Flex View

40 thoughts on “eWallet for iPhone Sneak Preview…

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  2. Kerim Satirli

    Wow, can’t say that I did not expect this, but I have to say that this will be the first compelling reason for me to use an iPhone.

    Maybe you should sit down with marketing and create a campaign around the “your iPhone just became useful” mantra 😉

  3. Kevin White

    What’s an iPhone?

    JUST KIDDING. It rocks, and it’ll rock more when we get eWallet on it. 🙂

    Of course, I pick the app store launch date to go on a trip.. I will be frantically installing the 2.0 update on my iPhone that morning. What could go wrong with updating a crucial device (my phone) the day I go on a trip? Nothing! It’ll go smoothly! 😉

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  5. BOb L

    This is great news…..I will be buying it on the day it comes out.

    For those of us with Ewallet on our PC and WinMo phones….how will we get our data over onto the iPhone?

  6. Marc Post author

    We’ll have more on that soon. As you may have heard, Apple didn’t do a lot to support third party synchronization (ie: anything). For the first iPhone release there will be limitations in this area, but we’re already working on the next version so that we can expand this capability ASAP! (In fact expanding this IS what the next release is designed to address.) We debated “later release with all functions OR release right away with some limitations” and decided that people would rather have the app in hand with an update close on the heels of the initial release than have to wait for it!

  7. Kjell

    good news. This could be the first application that I will by for my Iphone, but first it must “syncronise” with my ewallet on my pc and pda, sadly I understand I need to wait for next release for that.

  8. Stephen M

    this is excellent news! – great work. Since switching from a Palm Treo to the iPhone, the ONLY thing I’ve missed is eWallet, which is now tied to my laptop. It will be great to have a mobile wallet again. Syncing with the Windows PC version is a longer term must, but I agree with your choice to at least get the first version out there asap, so we can use it for our most important data even if it means (temporarily) manually entering that info again (and with the promise that syncing will eventually be fixed). Given that future syncing promise, I’ll be in line to buy this.

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  10. Rod

    FANTASTIC. I’m in the process of setting up my iPhone order this week. I can’t wait to get it. And eWallet will be the first thing I purchase for it.

    Can you offer any other tid-bits? Will it sync directly with a FTP? With my exchange service from Sherweb, I’m trying to cut all connections to my PC and my smartphone. eWallet is the only reason I establish an activesync connection now.

    It looks great and very iPhone-ish. Congrats and I’m looking forward to getting my iPhone and eWallet for it.

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  12. RobD

    Booootiful! Looks so shiny and sleek on the iPhone screen. Makes my Palm look dull and lifeless. I assume it will work on the Touch as well? Can’t wait to ditch my Palm and have my favourite app on my iPod. Well done guys.

  13. David Jonathan

    This is good news. And, I can easily wait to buy an iPhone until Apple gets eWallet up for sale and properly supported for syncing.
    My wife got an iPhone when her Palm died a year ago. She really misses eWallet being with her. Me, I’ve been limping along with eWallet on U3 memory stick since my last Palm died a year and a half ago. Vowed never to buy another Palm kludge product. Tried Windows mobile PDA (gag). But, I will not pay any more good money for somthing that is painful to use. So, I will continue to wait patiently, until Apple gets their part right.
    Thanks Ilium, for making this!

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  15. Fernando

    Very nice app indeed! I wonder if there is/will be the same option as on the other ports to sync over the air to an online server. Being able to access online such info would be very usefull.

  16. Bobby V

    I can’t wait! I’ve been using third party apps that does not compare to eWallet! I have been using eWallet since it was originally released. I currently only use the Windows version, since I no longer have my Windows Mobile device. I have been waiting for the IPhone version for a while now.

    Baseed on the previews it will be awesome! I can’t hardly wait. Keep us posted!

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

    Bobby V

  17. Alexander

    I am still stuck with company issued BlackBerry. Would love to have e-wallet on it. Else I carry to many machines with me.

  18. Clarence N.

    I am so happy that you have completed this for the iphone. The only thing that I dont like is that there will not be an upgrade price for your devoted fans of ewallet since Apple is controlling the app store. Even still, your software is well worth the money!!!! :o)

  19. Marc Post author

    To Alexander: Not to worry! We’ve got something planned for you!

    To Clarence: Yeah, we’re struggling with that as well. Also in the list of “How the heck are we going to handle that?” are things like our long standing “money back if you aren’t satisfied” policy for our apps, trial versions, and upgrade pricing. Hopefully as the AppStore matures Apple will cover these bases!

  20. RJ Czajkowski

    Now, that yo have eWallet for iPhone ready and out of the way, can you please finalize and release eWallet for Blackberry? When can we expect to see it? Any way to get beta version for testing?

  21. Jennifer

    Now I WILL buy an i-phone.. Really wanted to get a i-phone sooner, but eWallet is one application I must have.. Don’t care if I have to manually enter everything. This is a great product, Thanks for making for the i-phone.

  22. Dave

    I am a long time eWallet user. Hands down, it’s the best software out there. When I got my iPhone, I no longer needed my Ipaq 4700 to keep my appointments and contacts. But I had to keep the 4700 only because of eWallet. So having eWallet for the iPhone is a dream come true. Since I have tons of logins in my eWallet, being able to export it to the iPhone version would be a big help. But I’ll take any version just to get eWallet on my iPhone.

    I would also like to see Tipster and ListPro for the iPhone…

  23. David

    Awsome news! This has been one of my main concerns with going to the iphone from my WM6 02 atom life (which apart from ewallet is a piece of crap!)

    Definately need some way or export/import data file to the iphone asap as I’ll be carrying both around until you do

    Have been using ewallet for years now and it is the best function (besides the phone) on my crappy device

  24. Lisa

    This is FABULOUS! The only problem I had with moving to a new iPhone from a PocketPC phone was the loss of eWallet. I agree with the earlier statement – it would be perfect if we could convert our data BUT I am so delighted to have an app for iPhone that I’ll re-enter it – hopefully from a PC. Thanks, IliumSoft!!!

  25. matt

    great news. i’m excited by all this interest in the iPhone. I agree with everyone else eWallet is the key for me to switch. Now how about a mac os version!

  26. Ina Bechhoefer

    I, too, have used eWallet for many many years and am getting the new 3G iPhone on Friday, if they do not sell out before I get there 🙂 and will purchase as soon as it is available.

    Thanks for a great product.

    Ina Bechhoefer

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  28. Melonie

    What I would really like to see is Listpro. Right now I am still using a Windows Mobile PDA AND my iPhone just because I use Listpro a lot.

  29. Marc Post author

    I know everyone is eagerly awaiting the BlackBerry version! It is coming out a little later than we hoped (but actually while we mentioned it 8 months ago we actually announced a release date sometime in Q1 or Q2 of this year. )

    BUT it is in final beta now and we hope to have it available in the next couple of weeks.

    Sorry for the wait!

  30. Marc Post author

    To Melonie:

    Yep, ListPro for iPhone is coming. It’ll be a little behind eWallet.

    To Matt:

    Yep, we get a lot of Mac requests. I can’t say anything officially but I will say that we’re taking the Mac quite seriouisly as a platform for eWallet.

  31. Sean O

    I look forward to buying this as soon as it comes out. This is the biggest thing that I miss now that I am using an iPhone rather than a WinCE product.

  32. John

    Glad to see this app out for the iPhone!! Will there be an upgrade path for existing Windows Mobile users? Or an upgrade price for currently licensed users on another platform?


  33. Marc Post author

    We have something in mind John but the entire iPhone AppStore environment is a whole new ball game. Apple tells us how it is going to be and we have to live with that.

    Once the AppStore goes live, we will definitely talk some more about this so that everyone knows what our plan is and how it will all work.

  34. Monroe

    I have been asking for 1 year since I moved over to MAC and iPhone about getting eWallet on these platforms. I sincerely hope it won’t be much longer. The program is great and highly useful. Granted that Apple is not a big a market as the PC and Windows, but it is the fastest growing and beats the competition in so many ways.

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