Wow! It’s really exciting to see so much interest in eWallet for iPhone. Even negative comments are great from my perspective because it tells me you are at least giving us the opportunity to help you! Thanks!

That said, this entire blog post is dedicated to answering the many questions that have come up over the past week or so. I hope that this will help everyone to understand what is going on and know what the future holds!

Is It Out Yet?
As of this posting, no. We’re still waiting. Seriously, we don’t know what the issue as. All we know is that it says it is waiting for the export approval (that thing that has to do with the encryption and shipping overseas.)

When Will Sync Be Available?
We expect to have a version with full synchronization available around August 13th (Apple willing.) So about 30 days from now.

How Much Will It Cost?
Although it may change in the future, the initial pricing for eWallet on iPhone is $9.99.

Is There a Discount for Existing Users?
Right now, Apple doesn’t give us a way to offer discounts to existing users. In fact other than having it on the store and giving it a price we have no other control. That is part of the reason we decided to go with the $9.99 price tag. It basically offers the software at the $10.00 upgrade price.

Why Are Other Company’s Apps in the Store But You Aren’t?
Boy, we’d sure like to know! We’ve talked to the folks at Apple and so far we’ve simply been told that all we can do is wait. It’s making us crazy since they told us we’d be in by the 11th! Unfortunately, when it comes to Apple there is very little you can do or find out. You simply have to say “OK Apple” and hope for the best. As we said before, our application still tells us they are waiting for export approval.

 Why Did You Implement Other Features and not Sync?
Sync is huge. Putting a rounded corner on a card is simple. It isn’t that we spent the time we could have used for sync on doing card formatting options. It’s simply that sync by itself is almost as big as the rest of the program (complexity wise). As I mentioned, we could have just waited 30 days to release the whole thing but it really seemed like we should get the application out there as soon as possible.

Why Didn’t You Throw More Resources at This to Get It Done?
We threw as much as we could at this project. As most of you know, we’re not a huge company and we have a lot of bases to cover. Had we thrown any more at this project it would have meant pulling folks off of eWallet 6.1. We just didn’t feel that doing that would have been fair to our existing customers, especially since those features were part of a promise we made to FlexWallet users.

Will the Upgrade to the Sync Version be Free?
Yes. The upgrade should be completely free. It should come through as a normal application upgrade in the AppStore.

If I Make a Wallet Now Will it Work in August?
Yes. Your data should remain intact when you upgrade.

Can I Use 1 Password to Sync for Now?
Sorry. At this point the only solution is to wait the 30 days. I really wish I could offer a better solution.

Is There a Desktop Version?
Some of you may be new to eWallet so I want to answer this one. There is a full featured Windows PC desktop solution for eWallet. It is already available and offers full sync to network computers, ftp sites, Windows Mobile devices, Palm OS, USB cards, and more. This is the same version of the software that you will use to sync with your iPhone version.

Why Are You Penalising Existing Users?
But we aren’t! However you cut it, eWallet with sync wasn’t going to be out until mid-August. That was the simple reality of how long it took to develop the application. The only difference is that we decided to release the current version first just to get it out there and let folks start using it!

“Even a workaround hack (used at the user’s own risk) is acceptable.”
I’m not sure that we can officially release workaround hacks. That sort of thing tends to get you in trouble with the OS. What I can tell you is that eWallet for iPhone uses a standard .WLT file. That means the same old file you use on your Windows PC is what we’re using to access data on the iPhone side. Once eWallet goes out, if someone could figure out how to stick a wallet in the right place, we certainly wouldn’t try to silence them.

OK, OK. I hear you. The Web Companion beta is tight but if you are in a bad situation (going on vacation) and need SOME way of getting to your data on your iPhone before August 13th, email me directly with the subject HELP ME. I will try to push you through into the Web Companion beta and then you can at least access your data there! Please only email me if you are in a really tight spot because as I mentioned, we have limited space at the moment – let’s work together to leave room for the people who really need to get in!

Nice Explanation But Not Good Enough!
I know that for some folks this will be a “Sorry, I’m out of here” issue. As I said, we could have waited until August but we really felt that this was the best route to take. If waiting the additional 30 days is too much we totally understand. Everyone has their limit and we respect that. You need to do what works best for you.

Can I Beta Test eWallet for iPhone?
Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t give us a way to get beta versions out to people. We get a certain number of “test unit” registrations in-house but that’s it. I think it is all part of the “don’t let anyone else distribute” thing but it sure is a pain for us.

When Will ListPro for iPhone Be Out?
I don’t have a release date yet but I’m guessing within the next month or two. Just a guess though.

You Must Tell Us! What About OSX/Mac?
Fine, you’ve beaten me down! We are planning an OSX version of eWallet for and probably ListPro. When will it be available? Let us get through this first and then we’ll let you know! I’m guessing later this year but that’s just a guess.




Can’t You Do ANYTHING For Us?
I can do one thing. We still need to work out the details but we plan to do the following…anyone who buys eWallet for iPhone before the release of the sync version in August will get either (their choice):

  1. The eWallet 6.1 desktop version at no charge.
  2. $5.00 off your next purchase at Ilium Software if you already have the desktop version.

UPDATE 09-19-08: This offer was only valid before the 6.1.2 sync upgrade came out. The upgrade went live in the App Store on September 7th, at which time this promotion ended. The desktop version of eWallet is $9.95 for all iPhone eWallet owners. You can find upgrade details here on our site.

Like I said, we need to work out the details but that is our intent. Hopefully that will help to soften the blow a little bit at least!

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  2. Marc Post author

    FIRST! 🙂

    Just a quick addendum – I am planning a more detailed posting about synchronization sometime in the next day or two. It will answer questions folks have about the Web Companion and synching in general.

    – Marc

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  4. Patty Hankins

    Thanks for the update. eWallet is the program I’ve missed the most since my pocketPC died and I got an iPhone a few months ago. Looking forward to getting it when it becomes available – and the sync upgrade in August. Glad to hear that listpro for iPhone is in the works as well

  5. Fabrizio Acquaviva

    IDEA on how to offer Beta test:
    Release the software through the AppStore but lock the Sync feature with a key that you provide based on the Unit Identifier ID of the tester’s device.
    If the tester has no clue how to fetch such ID, then he should not be testing.

    I’d be glad to test…

  6. Jeff Avery

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for even going down the iPhone road. I have been a user of ewallet for many years now across every company I have been with. I recently switched to an iPhone from Pocket PC and, along with Voice Command, I miss yours the most. I am thrilled to be able to get it.



  7. Andrew

    So is the iPhone sync option mean syncing to the cloud? If so will there be any direct to the desktop? Thanks.

  8. GC

    Thank you. I’ve been using eWallet since the early versions. It will be great to migrate it to my iPhone 3G. I’ve gone from Palm to PocketPC and now I’ve moved to the iPhone.


  9. Andrew

    Sorry I’m a little slow. I see that I can sync to my own server, ftp, sftp, whatever with SyncPro. It sounds good. Count me as being one to wait for eWallet.

  10. Michael Balasko

    Great post. Ewallet is in my killer app list along with trillian and tom tom for the iphone. PLEASE keep working on this. I’ve been a paying customer since the 4x days and have a huge wallet that i need to be able to use.


  11. Stephen Beebee

    I think this blog is fantastic and really informative. I keep checking the AppStore every day in the vain hope that eWallet has been added so I can finally use my iPhone to solve all of life’s little problems…until the next thing I can’t live without of course.

    I am looking forward to the Sync option, especially if it can update via the iDisk on MobileMe as I think I read somewhere for users who don’t have a PC or would rather not use their iPhone with one.

    I can and will wait and will still purchase the product, all of the Ilium Soft products I have purchased have been excellent value for money and the offer of a reduction for future Ilium purchases is very kind.

    Lastly, I whole heartedly support the development of Mac OS X desktop clients for eWallet and ListPro. I can’t wait to get a copy of ListPro on my iPhone either.

    Provided the apps work as well as the PC and WM5/WM6 have for me in the past and the support from Ilium remains excellent I am happy to wait.

    Thank you Marc.

  12. Marc Post author

    I just want to thank everyone for their support. Despite these bumps in the road we’re still very excited about the iPhone as a new mobile platform and can’t wait to get people using it!

  13. Jay

    Most companies do not explain to their customers half as well as you have as to what is happening and why. I am a long time user of ewallet (from my palm through ipaq days) and like others who commented here, it is my “killer app” as well. I have been waiting for over a year for ewallet for iphone and am at the edge of my seat! Thank you for going the extra mile for us to keep us informed. (my other killer app is Quicken – It’s developer, Landware, would never explain delays to its customers or give any sort of day by day update that you do). Ilium Software is a GREAT company with GREAT people behind it. Thanks again.

  14. Laz

    Hi there. Great post. Great explanations. Great job. Glad that you’re doing things right instead of rushing a hack. I’ve been quite happy with eWallet for PocketPC / Windows for the past year or so and it’ll be great to do this all on iPhone now!

    Keep up the great work and thanks again for the time to answer all of these questions!

  15. Sean O

    Thank you for the update. With all of this open communication, I will also wait for a while longer. Good luck with working with Apple!!!!

  16. Dhill

    Been using eWallet for several years. Can’t live without it. Glad to hear that you are porting it to iPhone. This is the one application that I have missed on the iPhone so far.

  17. James

    Wow. iPhone should be pretty good with all these third party apps. Maybe I should have waited instead of getting my touch…

  18. Ed

    Thank you so much! I made the jump to a 3G iPhone (kinda was forced by my employer 🙂 and so far I am really impressed with it. eWallet is one of my “must have” apps so I appreciate the work you are doing here. Will try to get the rest of our IT team on it 😀

  19. Bill Hoile

    I look forward to any version of eWallet on my iPhone. Keep us posted on the status of ListPro also. I have been using the PC version of both eWallet and ListPro since I moved from a Pocket PC to an iPhone, and can’t wait for ListPro to be available as well.

  20. Tiffany

    Thanks so much for the update! I agree with the previous posts that Ilium has always been excellent at communications and responding to its customers. Thanks for continuing the trend. I’ve loved eWallet for years and years. It’s the app that I tell nearly everyone about. I can’t wait to be able to ditch the cheap text file of my wallet cards I’ve been using since I switched to the iphone. I’ll definitely be buying before August to take advantage of the discount on ewallet desktop 6.1. Thanks again and here’s hoping Apple moves quickly!

  21. Dean Roberts

    If ewallet works with Mobile Me I would be left speechless!!! That would be just to good to be true!

    I also am glade to hear your making a version for OSX

    Thanks for keeping us all informed! I have been waiting for a year now and will continue to wait till you guys get it done!

    Keep working hard but don’t forget to go grab a Bates burger come lunch time!

  22. Rodney

    Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to see it. My iPhone should be here today. Does anyone have any ideas how to get their wlt file on their iphone?

    Can you email it to yourself?

  23. Joshua Tretakoff

    Gotta say, the Web Companion is definitely a nice interim solution. I do love it, but definitely am looking forward to the app.

  24. Greg

    Excellent application. I can wait the 30 days, but to answer Rodney’s question, I tried to email my wallet from my pC to the iPhone and it’s a no go.

  25. Crit

    Cool I have flex wallet desktop and pda version, I wanted to upgrade to ewallet. Your last comment on the blog has made me VERY happy indeed, If fact i have just purchased it in the apps store, How do we go about getting eWallet 6.1 desktop version at no charge, now i have purchased ewallet from the apps store ?



  26. Shane

    Same question as Crit.
    I bought the iphone version already and installed it, but I have 100 cards and can’t possibly enter all the data on the iphone keyboard. So I downloaded the 30 day trial of the desktop 6.1 version so I could start creating all my cards. Then I’ll just sync them when your update comes out in August.

    But when my 30 day trial on the desktop software expires, how do I get the free offer you made? Will you email us a registration code before our 30 day trial expires?

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