eWallet’s in the iTunes App Store

We’re there! Check it out! (Start iTunes and search for eWallet – I’ll get our links fixed later today.)

Thanks to everyone for their support. I’m on my way out right now, but will post more news and fix the links this afternoon. We’ll answer all the questions you probably have on Monday.

(And if anyone wants to repeat their nice comments in a review on the store – we always appreciate those too.)

Thanks again everybody,

46 thoughts on “eWallet’s in the iTunes App Store

  1. Paul Gale

    Already left a good review 🙂

    Where’s the best place to request features of the iPhone app?

    I’d like to see tilt (portrate & landscape) support for it. The apps that support this – safari etc are really good and it helps when bringing up a keyboard which I personally find MUCH easier to use in landscape orientation due to the buttons being further apart.

    If eWallet iPhone had this support (along with syncing), this would be perfect 🙂

  2. Fabrizio Acquaviva

    The App looks and works awesome! I know you don’t condone it, but I look forward to the soon to be available Jailbreak so as to load my own “My Wallet.wlt” file.
    Thanks for bringing this App to the iPhone community.

  3. Rodney

    I agree with Fabrizio. I sure hope either ilium gets syncing fixed or the iphone gets officially jailbroken very very soon, I’m not retyping all of my cards.

  4. PookieBadMuffin

    I’ve wanted an app like this for my iPhone, but have some questions about the product that can’t seem to be answered in the Support section of your site (nor from the description in the iTunes store). Maybe these are the links you plan to fix.

    My number main question is: Will the file sync with my Mac or PC desktop in case I need to recover it on the iPhone? The 2.0 update is very unstable and nearly all the apps crash the phone (this is also the case with the 4 other people at my company that have iPhones). I’m concerned, obviously, about entering all this data once on one device, having it somehow corrupted, and losing all of it.


  5. John

    PookieBadMuffin check out the “questions answered” blog entry about 3 blog entries down.

  6. Doug

    Great stuff! eWallet is the only must have application I know of fro my iPhone. But I do need the ability to sync with my other wallet files.

  7. Brandon

    Agreed – once you get sync working this is going to be a great app for all the Windows users out there. You’ve got some really stiff competition on the OS X side of things, but you definitely have the top app for Windows users!

  8. Frank McPherson

    I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, but I will. One thing that I was curious about when you announced the iPhone version, but waited until it was released is the price. Now that it is on the app store, I notice the price is $9.99, which is at least $10 cheaper than your lowest priced Windows Mobile version.

    We have long had debates about the pricing of Windows Mobile applications and I noticed when the app store came out that buy and large the app prices where around $10. Has Apple provided guidance on the pricing, or is this peer pressure? What’s the justification for the difference between Windows Mobile and iPhone versions?

  9. Dave

    As a long time eWallet user, my wait is finally over! You did an excellent job with the iPhone version and eWallet is a “must have” app.

    Not sure if this is the right venue, but here are some things that I would like to see in future releases:
    1. Auto rotate (portrait/landscape) that will make the cards bigger and easier to read.
    2. Finger pinch that will allow the user to make the cards bigger/smaller. Again, to make it easier to read. This is helpful for those of us who are older than 40.
    3. The card name defaults to the entry in the first field. This will speed up entry by eliminating having to type the name twice.
    4. Allow the user to create custom card icons.
    5. Sync – Well, I know this is already planned. Enough said about that.

    Again, great job Ilium! I look forward to future releases.

  10. David

    Thrilled with the new iPhone ewallet! How do I import the ewallet from another platform into the iPhone?

  11. Dean Roberts

    Do we have to wait for the sync portion before we can get our desktop wallet into our phones? I’m just talking about getting the file moved over not syncing changes.

  12. David

    Does anyone know if there is a “finder” or explorer type app for the iPhone that would allow finding the iwallet file and replacing it?

  13. Mark S

    Same question as Dean. I just want to “move” my wallet over from my Windwos Vista PC to my iPhone. I know that I need to wait for the sync. Can I just move it now?? Thanks. This app is awesome and a must have.

  14. Simon D

    Well worth the wait – this is stunning. It makes the ppc version look so plain!
    As the others I would love to know if we can get our file onto the iphone now – I can wait for syncing.

  15. PookieBadMuffin

    @John – thx! Once this has sync capability I’ll buy.

    @Frank – the answer to your question is located in the same entry…

  16. Dean Roberts

    I’m not feeling very good about this! Your existing customers need to get their existing wallet over to their iPhone. The application being in the app store is great for you and new customers but what about us, your existing customers with wallets? The ones who have been here rallying for you? You will answer our questions on Monday! Now you make us wait like Apple made you wait! Nice….

  17. Paul

    Would you guys please add a bundle with the Ipod app for the professional version? I would like to have the app on my Ipod and on my Home and Office Windows Machine. Given the ipod app is 9.99, I would expect the bundle to be at $19.95 compared to the other versions as noted above. I will buy tomorrow if you offer this combination!


  18. Ellen Post author

    Yes – we definitely plan to add sync! I’ll get Marc to post details on Monday, as well as answer all the other questions! He was so wound up about all this Friday that I sent him home and told him not to turn on his PC all weekend. He must have believed me.

  19. NoWire360


    I wish I waited a little longer instead of getting the other $9.99 + $19.99 for the desktop version software for my digital wallet needs. Oh well, lesson learned. 🙁

    This is awesome, I can’t wait for the desktop version. I have the Windows Desktop version and mobile version, and since moving to the iPhone, eWallet is one thing that I missed most. I’m glad it’s finally out.

    Keep up the good work.

  20. Paul-Andre

    Very nice and functional.
    Do have any plant to add a synch function between the portable version and the desktop version ?

  21. Radoc

    Screenshots from the Windows and Windows Mobile versions look great, so I’m tempted to get eWallet for my iPhone. However, a Mac desktop version is also a must for me.

    Since the iPhone runs a version of OS X, wouldn’t a desktop app be easy to do? I think that most Mac/iPhone users would be content with a basic version while a Mac OS X equivalent of the Windows desktop app was being developed.

  22. G-A.G

    Well indeed Radoc, a OS X Desktop version would be SO sweet!!! I am really would like to ditch at 100% my PC setting at the office… Fed-up to be oblige to have both PC and Mac infront of me everyday

  23. Jose Marcelino

    I’ve just purchased this, its very well made, I’m glad you went to the iPhone as well. Please also release a corresponding sync app for OSX!

  24. Quest

    It’s beautiful. I want it to sync with windows (obviously).
    What’s really missing for me is that when opening URLs from within eWallet that the Login Name and Password are injected into the URL Fields. eWallet Windows does this. It would be great if the iPhone version did this as well.

  25. Radoc

    I can’t imagine entering all my data into eWallet on my iPhone, no matter how good the UI. I currently have 175 items in Web Confidential on my Mac, which unfortunately doesn’t have an iPhone version. There was a Palm OS version, though, which I used to run on my Sony Clie before I got the iPhone last year. Being able to retrieve passwords, account numbers, and the like on the go was invaluable, so I hope that eWallet eventually fills the bill.

    I realize that there is value to having this data online, as well, but I also want to have local copies of it on my iPhone and Mac.

  26. JFA

    I finally have my desktop file “My Wallet.wlt” manually synced into my iPhone. It works great!!!!!!!! Thanks Iliumsoft!

    For those interested in syncing your wallet and saving yourself some time, here is a quick how-to:
    Though I have a legit device, the necessity of having my eWallet with me has forced me to get my hands a bit dirty.
    I used the recently released jailbreak tool to access the filesystem through sftp. SSH needs to be installed once the iPhone has been updated with the jailbroken firmware. There are loads of tutorials on installing and using these tools for browsing the file system, so I won’t go into that.

    The file I replaced is found inside Documents within one of the application folders in the following path:
    If you installed many Apps, you have to find which folder corresponds to eWallet.

    Word of caution: non of these tools or procedures are sanctioned by Iliumsoft or Apple. The process is still very bumpy for n00bs and can get dirty if things don’t go as planed.

    The desktop file works w/o any modification as long as you have eWallet 6.1 installed and the file has been upgraded to this release.

    Now the next thing is for Iliumsoft to release a Mac OSX version of the desktop eWallet and for everything to sync effortlessly. In the mean time I’m settling by running my desktop eWallet on a virtual machine environment (CrossOver or Parallels).

  27. Simon D

    Using jailbreak sounds a bit scary to me! Hopefully the sync when it’s available will get into the iTunes store without a delay!
    Are we looking at mid or late August?

  28. Stuart

    Just a small note. I am a Mac user and I know there are TONS of other Mac users that will find eWallet a great product to have on their iPhone. Thing is even though you say that you have no idea of when the Mac desktop version will come I am sure you will soon see that the demand for this will become very high.
    I do hope you are working on a solution for this.

    On another side note. I am very pleased with the purchase of this application. I like it alot. Very happy customer. Just really NEED a sync function for my desktop.

    Kind regards.

  29. nirfx

    Hi there,
    i already used eWallet on my pocketpc and desktop pc a log time. now i’m very pleased i can use it on my iPhone. now, i just jailbreaked my upgraded 2.0 phone to sync (copy) my .wlt file manually to my iphone. but with me, this don’t work. i used eWallet 6.1 and my wlt-file -> can not open the file….. it says… : “.. Operation could not be completed. (com.iliumsoft.DBWallet.ErrorDomain error -13.)

    any ideas?

  30. nirfx

    just don’t use your custom named .wlt file! overwrite the My wallet.wlt file and then it works perfect!

    Now I’m trying to figure out, how to use custom icons for the cards and categories…

    Thanks for this perfect app!

  31. doni

    I’ve used ewallet for a while now on WM and on my Windows desktop, since it had the sync capability. I really like it but without the sync, it is quite useless. I’d wait and see if that sync feature gets added, mostly because I already have and use the desktop version. There are such applications that can already do that, no need for jailbreaking.

  32. Mike

    Ok, I purchased the iPhone eWallet… and it’s buggy. Crashes when trying to save cards, not good. And no OSX desktop app to sync?

    Come on guys… it’s a good product, but you had a lot of nerve to complain about Apple taking so long to approve this app – and you’re not even ready to go! The main website also needs updating, hardly any info on there about the iPhone version other than a sales pitch.

    I’ve spared you a negative review on iTunes for now, because I trust you’ll be offering bug fixes soon. Let’s get it together.

  33. doni

    @luc … You don’t, read up. Well, unless you jailbreak the iPhone and go through a number of other hoops, and still not going to get a proper sync but at least you could move your data over. I wouldn’t go into all that trouble just for that. If others have already figured it out, the iliumsoft developers should too, but should have done so before actually putting it in the store, imho that is.

  34. Steve

    Yep, I’d love to see a Mac OS X sync app as well. And (even later), how about syncing through MobileMe? Of course, Apple has to get MobileMe working with a bit more stability than it currently has!

  35. Derek Lambert

    I might be onto something as far as uploading a wallet to the iPhone (on a PC anyway). The applications are stored locally in a folder called “Mobile Applications” in the iTunes library. In there you will find a number of .ipa files. I opened the eWallet.ipa file up in a hex editor and low and behold it’s a ZIP file. I made a copy (of course), gave it a .zip extension, and doubled clicked it. My archiver opened it up and there were the contents! In the “Payload” folder there is the “My Wallet.wlt” file, along with all the program files! Now to try and update it and see if it sync’s back.

  36. Derek Lambert

    Well simply changing the .wlt file didn’t work. It might be possible that if the app is not installed on the device, the change is made to the .ipa file, and it’s re-transfered to the device it will think it is the initial wallet? Anyway, it’s not storing the data in the .ipa file (which really didn’t make sense if it was) and that is all I’m trying to figure out. I know there are other ways to do this, but this is really just an exercise in discovering where the sync data is saved.

  37. FDLFF

    I’m converting from spb Wallet to eWallet, but I need search functionality. Any idea when Search will be available on the iPhone?

  38. Marc

    Search is definitely coming. At the moment, I’m hoping we can add search in the release after sync comes out in August.

  39. Kevin White

    Since I have my own iPhone and want my own wallet on it, I tried out Derek’s method for altering the .IPA file and then did some research. eWallet for iPhone is digitally signed, so modifying the archive file means you need to sign it again or else the signature won’t match the file size any longer. You can’t sign it again without submitting it to the app store again, so it looks like that method isn’t going to work.

    If you don’t jailbreak your phone, it’s pretty unlikely that you could somehow add your wallet file to eWallet on the iPhone. We’re all going to just have to wait. 🙁

  40. nirfx

    Hi there,
    i think there is no other way for now than to jailbreak your phone and copy your wallet over to the iPhone. I did it and it worked out pretty well.

    But, I’m also very disappointed about the current version of eWallet. It’s not like the AppStore came out over night. Other developers managed to finish their apps in time (some in only two week, if we believe ap…) eWallet for iPhone was announced long before the announcement of the appstore, so what went wrong?

    And about the desktop version…. this exist already for many years, so you just needed to code a mac version. don’t you think, that there are also mac-users who will buy eWallet in the AppStore?

    Till now i used 1Password because it was the only app which synced with the iPhone for almost a year now. I desperately waited for my favourite eWallet to come out, and now you only went half the way to good app.

    Hope you will release an update fast and certainly also a mac version with sync, because i still love eWallet, .. it’s easy, stable, great looking and worth buying…


  41. bill

    Thanks JFA for the eWallet folder location. I was able to use psftp to transfer .wlt files between my iPhone and windows. Works fine in both locations. (Requires a jailbroken iPhone.)
    That will keep me going until the real sync arrives.

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