eWallet iPhone Sync: Part II

Aside from the thundering cries for a Mac version of eWallet (we’re working on it!) the most popular questions are all iPhone sync related. Well, the wait for answers is over. If you’re one of those folks who is dying to find out more about sync, hopefully we’ll answer all your questions in this post!

DISCLAIMER: We firmly believe that everything in this blog post is how it will be when we release it, but experience has taught me that something unexpected always pops up so this is my “we MIGHT do something a little bit different” disclaimer (but I don’t expect we will.)

Do we have to sync to the cloud/internet?

No. Honestly, this is the direction we were going with it. Frankly, with a 256-bit AES encrypted wallet file, this is an exceptionally safe option despite the misgivings some folks have. As it stands though we received MANY emails asking us to please release a local sync option first. Well, we listened, and the sync solution coming out in August will be a local sync.

Will it sync through the USB/cradle?

No. The reason is that Apple won’t let us. At this time, there is no way for a third-party developer to use the cradle or USB connection to transfer data back and forth between a (non-jailbroken) phone and a desktop. We REALLY wish there was. It would make life far easier for everyone involved. Unfortunately, this isn’t something Apple decided to do.  The only options are Wi-fi or Cloud. All I can say is that if you want to see USB sync send Apple an email! The minute Apple gives us a way to do a USB sync, we will be all over it.

So you’re using wi-fi to synchronize?

Yes. If you have access to a wi-fi network (ideally a home network) you will be able to synchronize your wallet to your mobile device. Again, let me repeat what I said earlier. This isn’t by choice. Apple won’t let us sync via a wired connection. We WANT to. We just can’t.

Will I need to create a special/ad-hoc network with my desktop?

Nope. If you have a standard home or office wi-fi network you can sync your data.

Wait a second! Sync my wallet over the air? Is this safe?

The entire sync process involves synching a fully encrypted wallet over a closed network and you’re never broadcasting a password. Basically, even if somehow someone managed to get your wallet it’d be worthless because they couldn’t get into it. Furthermore (see below) we require a confirmation of the sync partnership before we allow synching (and that confirmation is remembered.) This means no one is going to nab your wallet during sync.

How can I be sure that my wallet is going to the correct device?

When you add your device as a new sync location in the desktop version of eWallet we require that you confirm that partnership using a code provided by the iPhone/Touch. This ensures that the wallet only goes between those two devices. Period.

Is cloud/internet sync an option?

It will be but not in this release. In time we plan to add almost all of the features you’ve come to love in the desktop and mobile versions of eWallet.

Will I need a different desktop version?

No. The same desktop version you’re using will also let you sync with the iPhone. You won’t need a special “iPhone desktop” version. You will want to get the upgrade to eWallet 6.1.1 (it isn’t out yet) but the upgrade will be a free one if you own eWallet 6.0/6.1. This update doesn’t add any new technology, just some helpful user interface options that make it easy to setup iPhone synching.

Can I sync multiple iPhones/Touchs with the same desktop program?

Yes. Each device is added as a sync location and you can sync to as many phones as you like.

Can I sync more than one wallet to the same device?

Absolutely. All the sync flexibility you’ve come to expect from eWallet will be true with this as well.

Can I sync multiple wallets to different devices with different settings?

Sure thing! Sync the way that YOU want to. We’re not going to restrict you.

Will I need anything else to make sync work?

Yes. You’ll need to have Bonjour installed. This is a background application that Apple makes which lets the iPhone/Touch talk to the desktop via a wireless network. If you’re using iTunes there is a good chance you already have this installed. Even if you don’t (or if you need to update Bonjour) we’ll give you a link and make it easy. This is an Apple product and you never have to DO anything with it (it’s a background application). The only thing it does is facilitate communication between desktop and device. Only people synching with an Apple device will need Bonjour.

When will sync be out?

We’re still on track for an August release. Updates seem to be getting pushed out within a week of submission so I don’t think we’re going to have problems like we did with the initial release.


77 thoughts on “eWallet iPhone Sync: Part II

  1. fred shorr

    I installed ewallet on my new iphone but I do not understand how to use it. Can I get my money back or at least get detailed instructions?
    I use a Mac and AT&t.

  2. Jill McIntire

    I’m one of those people that’s used used eWallet & List Pro for almost 10 years. I’ve converted from a PC to a Mac, but held off on switching my Pocket PC phone to the iPhone specifically because I haven’t found any programs I like as much as List Pro & eWallet. I use these programs on my PDA more than anything else. Now I’m ready for the iPhone! Can you please ask the programming santa to make Mac versions of these programs next? Also, someone needs to let Fred know that there’s over 100 articles on how to use eWallet in the support section of the Iliumsoft website………

  3. Rodney

    Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m so excited to get eWallet sync. Right now, its just an empty wallet application sitting on my iPhone waiting for my data.

    Thanks for the hard work and please please bring us the sync…..August is only 7 days away. 🙂

  4. Kevin Mayeux

    For those of you with jailbroken (and sshd installed) phones who would like the convenience of editing your wallet file on your PC….

    The wallet file can be found on the device at:


    Use WinSCP to connect to the device and transfer the wallet file over to your PC for editing, then transfer it back.

    Requires eWallet v6.1 on your PC.

    If you don’t know what SCP is, or whether you have sshd installed via Cydia on your iPhone, do yourself a favor just wait until Illium releases their solution – you don’t want to go muck around and whatnot and what have you. =)

  5. Marco

    I used ibrickr to add a wallet to my 2G 2.0 iphone ewallet installation. When I run ewallet it shows this error “Operation could not be completed. (com.iliumsoft.DBWallet.ErrorDomain error -13” Any Ideas why it won’t run an imported wallet?

  6. JFA

    Make sure the .wlt file has been updated to 6.1. Also if you are uploading a file with a different name than “My Wallet.wlt”, make sure you create such wallet with the same name on your iPhone eWallet and the upload and replace.

  7. Ed

    Argh….I hate Bonjour 🙁

    Guess I will have to get into the habit of enabling/disabling the service whenever I do a sync.

  8. Marco


    Since my first try I got ssh working so it is easier using winscp. I will try making the wallet name the Iphone first and let you know how it works.

  9. Marco

    Everyone… I used winpwn on my already 2.0 upgraded 1G iphone no problems on a Vista system. Ewallet was on the phone before using winpwn and it stayed on. Using winscp or probably ibrickr and with the help JFA above loaded in my old wlt and it works great now.


  10. Breck

    Like many others here, have used eWallet for years on Palm and WM devices, and have used the Windows client as well… so impatiently awaiting synch. A couple of requests, though: would really like ability to enlarge display fonts for older eyes, and would be nice to be able to choose what type of keyboard for eWallet password entry we can use (I personally would like something similar to the phone application keypad). I would also echo the interest in copy/paste operations, but again that’s an Apple issue. Thanks again for doing what you do so well!!

  11. Bill

    Many of us as mentioned by Breck are getting older and need larger fonts to see without glasses on the fly. Please incorporate in a later version, a feature to select larger fonts.

  12. Perry

    It’s good to have long-time users on this blog, and I appreciate the advice from Jill about the many support articles already on this site, but I can tell you from reading them that they aren’t a help to a new eWallet user like Fred on an iPod Touch.

    I bought eWallet from my iPod Touch using Apple’s App store. The purchase, download and installation was very easy and quick. However, I’m having a hard time getting started and judging by the comments some users have posted at the App store I’m not the only one:

    eWallet tells me to get started by entering a password, but when I follow the instructions for entering a password (tap on the gear icon) all I get is a sample card with two text fields. I can’t find any guidance for iPod touch (or iPhone) online at this site. How do I enter the password?

    I have seen at your site that eWallet generally needs to be registered. I haven’t seen a button for that, nor have I received any email from Ilium. Do I need to register, and if so then how do I do it?

  13. Sarah Parrott

    I bought eWallet on iTunes apps and have installed both the iphone part and downloaded your desktop version. Thank you for telling me that sync function will be available in August. I will go ahead and get my desktop version ready for the sync. My question: Will you notify those of us who downloaded the iPhone app when the sync is ready?

  14. Stephane Fortin

    Great info about eWallet. I am evaluating it right now as part of my job on 2 different Windows Mobile devices and will have to evaluate the iPhone version now as soon as I managed to get a device.

    Sync will most likely be a crucial part for such an application to really exploit it at 100% of it’s capability. That being said, having a Mac OS X desktop application should now become a new goal as well since you’re entering the great world of iPhone wonders…

    If you need a knowledgeable tester for the solution (including the Mac OS X client once you start working on it), feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly help as this is the kind of work I actually do for a living for a big company.

    Now back to testing while the trials are still valid… 😉

  15. JGalba

    As a long time user of eWallet and senior with poor vision I really would appreciate the ability of magnifying the screen, and using the horizontal view.
    Great product and good price.

  16. Mark Nechodom

    The next innovation is to make ewallet sync with an ipod. Many users have ipods, but not iphones. If, like me, circumstances make it impossible to sync with a phone or blackberry (corporate reasons), at least I could pull out my ipod at the hotel front desk or airport and get critical info.

    I’ve used ewallet for years. It’s the best there is. Unfortunately, my technologies have changed beyond my control, and I’m reduced to having to take out my laptop and start it up just to find secure info…. which tempts one to store info in non-secure forms just to have access to it (totally defeating the whole purpose!!).

    Please put this on your list. making it work for Mac is a higher priority, I’m sure, since that customer base is just itching to have this great tool.

  17. Marc Post author

    OK, so big requests:

    Sync – Naturally 🙂

    Mac Version – We’re working on it!

    Fonts – We are looking at allowing you to zoom in/zoom out. Would that be an acceptable solution? The challenge is that changing font sizes dramatically changes what you can get onto the card and tends to mess up layouts and hide important info more than help. Or perhaps we could offer larger fonts on the “details” side of the card. Let me know what you guys think!

    Help Doc – Got it! I’m working on it now. As I may have mentioned here before, we like to think the app is pretty self explanitory, but clearly some help is in order!

    Fred – CALL US FRED! Or at least leave your email when you post! We’ll help you. We’re here to help you with any problems you have. It’s taking us about a business day to reply to questions right now (LOTS of good iPhone email at the moment) but we are answering. And if you need a question right away, give us a call! That’s what the toll free number is for.

  18. John

    I’m another more “seasoned” user and noticed right away that I might have trouble reading the fonts on some of the cards.

    Allowing the user to zoom in and out seems like the perfect solution to me.

  19. Bob

    WOW it really is coming. I have been on the Mac for several years and without a stable mobile computer (I test WM phones not stable) till the iPhone. I am not sure I really need the desktop but will think about that. What I want to make sure of is that the data gets backed up. I just moved from a iPhone to the iPhone 3g and there is no backup path there. The old Palm Pilot sync kept me from harm for many years.


  20. Andrew

    Regarding transferring eWallets on jailbroken iphone… you don’t have to rename your wallet to “My Wallet”. Go into eWallet on iPhone and create a new wallet that matches the name of your desktop wallet, then exit eWallet (return to homescreen), and then copy over you desktop eWallet – SCP asks if you want to overwrite, say yes, and you have your desktop wallet on the iPhone.

    Now to turn off SSHD 🙂

  21. Teryle

    Supporting a landscape mode (when the iPod is turned) could address the font size issue. The cards could then fill the screen 🙂

  22. Serge


    thanks for the iphone version.

    Regarding the “sync over the air” version, will you be using a toll like funambol ?

    Best regards and congratulation for your great application !

  23. Simon D

    Big question I know – but early August or late August for sync? I am away for the last 2 weeks and could really do with my wallet on holiday! I might have to take a ppc as well as my iphone if it is not ready before I go!

    Oh, and zoom for a better view of the small font will be ok for me too.

    So far this is the best presented application I have downloaded for my iphone – some of the others are frankly shocking!

  24. Bill Hoile

    What’s the latest on ListPro? Will that be able to sync when it first comes out?

  25. Selene Kyle

    I’ve been using eWallet for a few days now and it’s great! Could do with a few more icons and a copy and paste card facility though! This feature is available in the pocket pc version – when will it be out for the iphone?

  26. Marc Post author

    @Serge: When we add over the air synching it will utilize standard internet transfer protocols. If all goes as I’ve planned it you would be able to sync to any remote location, just like with the desktop. That’s still in the future though so we’ll have to see.

    @Simon: Mid-August would be my prediction. So far everything is suggesting that this will be possible. And thanks! We’re really glad you like it!

    @Bill: I’m not sure Bill. We’re working as quickly as we can. It is possible we’ll come back to another scenario of “do we release it now as a standalone – something that is very usable for new folks but frustrating to existing users – or do we wait and release it all at once?

    @Selene: Copy and paste isn’t something supported by the phone (at the moment.) As for icons, we’re looking at ways to offer additional icons – it will have to wait until after sync though! Sorry!

  27. Tarrinho

    Hello all,

    I’ve a HTC with the ewallet version 4.1 and I’ve copy it to the Documents directory on my Iphone 3g.

    Is says:

    The file is using and old database format and must be converted (branded).

    How can I do this? is there a software from iliumsoft that does this?

  28. Marc Post author

    @Tarrinho: The iPhone won’t read old format wallets. You will need to upgrade either your desktop or your HTC to eWallet 6.1. When you first open the wallet in 6.1 it will upgrade it to the latest version.

  29. Tarrinho

    Thanks Kevin White.

    I’ve just downloaded the trial windows application and converted with that software.

    And it worked

    Thanks again.

  30. DaVictim

    Being a faithful user of E-wallet for my previous ipaqs / Smart phones and past Winblows PCs, I bought it as soon as it came out on the App Store. I do have the Windows version under a virtual machine on my Mac and have my current wallet safely stored there. That same day I went through the painstaking process of re-entering all my passwords and all other data (Over 200 entries) into the iphone 3G which took two days and caused quite some thumb soreness. Once finished I was proud of my accomplishments and all was good… until today. While foolishly updating another application through the iPhone 3Gs App Store, my iPhone transformed into an iBrick and thus made me quite iRritated. I had to restore my iPhone and while doing so lost all my data. I foolishly thought that since the iPhone performs a quite time consuming backup, my wallet was safe, but alas, once the restore process was over my wallet was nowhere to be found. This situation compounded my iRritation and has cast me into a pit of despair and near depression. I was well aware when I bought the application that Sync was not possible at the moment so I cannot blame Ilium for my woes. I just posted my tale so others are forewarned as to what may happen to their wallets until Apple decides to fix the glaring bug that caused the abominable crash.

  31. Marc Post author

    @DaVictim: I’m VERY sorry that happened. As I mentioned in another post, I purposely killed my own iPhone and then restored it specifically to see if it restored the wallet files. In my tests, as long as I had synched my applications (under the application tab for your device in iTunes) it always restored my wallet. I couldn’t begin to guess why you had this happen and I’m so sorry to hear about it.

    On a positive note I got a demo of the sync today and it looks great. It should be extremely easy to use and much more reliable than the iTunes backup!

  32. DaVictim

    I did have the “Sync Applications” checked on the Applications tab. Perhaps my issue was that I had created a new wallet instead of using the included “My Wallet”. This is just a theory for I have no way of verifying if that was the problem or not. I know that the “My Wallet” wallet is included inside the .ipa file. I did a test and renamed the .ipa extension to .zip and voila I was able to browse the contents of the package, I checked inside app itself from within the payload folder and there was the default wallet. This leads me to believe that if I were to make changes to that default wallet, the “Sync Applications” Process from within iTunes may just copy the whole .ipa file onto the iTunes Applications folder. In my case since I created a New wallet It was created somewhere else within the iphone file system and thus not backed up as part of the “Sync Applications” Process. Regardless, as I had mentioned on my previous post, I do not blame Ilium. It was a combination of the 2.0 flaw and my bad decision of making a new wallet. All this aside, I do love the iPhone E-Wallet and consider to be the best app in my arsenal. I can’t wait for the Mac version to come out! CHEERS!

  33. Dan Lau

    To get existing .wlt files into your iPhone, why not use the method Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility uses – email it to yourself. Config files have a .mobileprofile (I think) extension that when clicked, runs an app that imports it.

    If (and that’s a big IF) eWallet on iPhone can register itself for .wlt files in the same way, that would be a really simply way to support import.

  34. Marc

    Go get 6 cases of Red Bull, lock yourselves in a room this weekend and bang out the Mac version. Come on guys, bang it out! You’ve got thousands of people that want this thing and we’ve been vocal for months now! Product Management 101.

  35. Karen

    I’m really looking forward to a Mac client, because eWallet for iPhone looks great. But until that point, I’m not that keen to retype all my information into the iPhone and have no sync mechanism.

  36. DLau

    kudos again to everyone at Iliumsoft for producing such a fantastic product. I’ve used eWallet for many years on WM and only recently purchased an iPhone and only when I heard that eWallet would be available on the iPhone. Just two questions: (1) as no sync is available yet, I too went through the painful task of re-entering everything into my iPhone. When sync is available, can I sync it over to my desktop?
    (2) I too created a new wallet and did not use the default ‘My Wallet’. Can you confirm that the iPhone backup also backs up the new wallet I created?

  37. Breck

    Thanks so much for your responsiveness! Zoom in / zoom out a’ la Safari would be helpful, but I really like the “rotate phone to get bigger card” idea. Only if those approached failed would I press further for bigger fonts.

    What did you think about the selectable keyboard for password entry idea?

  38. Michael O

    2 questions:

    1: Sync to PC: Will I be able to sync through an ad hoc network between phone and PC? I would do this when I am away from my home wifi network.

    2. Sync to Mac: Will the August version sync with Desktop eWallet running on Virtual Windows on Mac?


  39. Marc

    Sorry for the slow reply! I was away on vacation for a couple days!

    1. Anything you add now should sync fine to your desktop.
    2. In my own experiments I successfully backed up and restored a custom named wallet.

    The keyboard idea was added to the request list!

    @Michael O:
    1. Until I have the final version in -hand, I can’t say with 100% surity but my belief is that yes, this an ad-hoc network should work fine.
    2. In theory, yes. We are running some experiments here to make sure we cover how to do this.

  40. Jason K.L. Chang

    I wrote multiple messages to you guys about getting a Mac sync. Thanks for being responsive about it. For all you guys reading this, I actually bought both eWallet and Splash ID for the iPhone and I have to say, eWallet beats Splash ID hands down. Even with the sync (which is unstable), Splash ID has strange logic regarding its use … plain confusing. However, I must say here that illium guys really need to step up to the plate here. We are desperate … iPhone itself is unstable and I have lost my data twice already … I just do not feel like re-typing everything unless I have the comfort of backing up my data. Please do not tell me iTunes will back it up because if that worked well, we would not have this problem in the first place. I highly suggest some kind of quick and dirty solution to us DESPERATE people. Even if the sync to desktop or sync to cloud is not perfect, so as long as the data can be backed up and recovered, I would be happy for the time being and the urgency diffused. No need to make it all nice and pretty, don’t even need to be able to edit on platforms other than iPhone at this moment … PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us a way to back up and recover (even if it is just a stupid file upload download).

  41. Denis

    Sorry for my English (i’m from Russia), i fix this trouble: Operation could not be completed (com.iliumsoft.DBWallet.ErrorDomain error – 13
    I’m just set permission 0775 for My wallet file. And it’s work!

  42. Robert N Clinton

    As an avid user and recommender of eWallet for over a decade, I am pleased to see you embracing Mac and the iPhone/iTouch platforms. I have used it on Windows, Palm, and the awful Windows Mobile platforms. After running Windows based computers for years, I am abandoning them as bug-ridden, unstable, and far too proprietary in favor of both Mac (with as much open source software as possible) and Linux. My continued use of eWallet was actually one of the few reasons I still have a working Windows computer around. Your eWallet product is just one of the indispensable software solutions! I anxiously await your Mac version so I can finally junk my Windows box, but, more importantly, I would love to stay synchronized between my Mac and Linux computers. Any chance of a Linux solution too? Please. Please.

    Keep up the great work.

  43. John

    Vacation!! How dare you. We are all anxiously awaiting the OS X eWallet. You don’t have time for a vacation.

  44. Armin

    So there seems a way to transport files to an iPhone … even to not jailbraked ones. DiskAid offers such a functionality. The problem is that eWallet looks for the wallet file in a locked area where you can get only with a jailbreak. Could this not be changed or made configurable, so we can get around the wifi sync a la file magnet.

  45. Kevin White

    @Armin: official iPhone apps can only access data in a little ‘walled garden’. You might be able to put any file you want onto an iPhone in the media storage area, but programs on the phone itself won’t be able to access them.

  46. Jerry S

    eWallet is one of my most used apps on my PDA and now I’ve purchased it for my iPod Touch. Can’t wait for the Sync option!

  47. Michel

    @Armin: Yeah, DiskAid does the Job without Jailbreaking, because it can even access the root folder. Then access to /private/var/mobile/APPID/Documents. In my case the Application ID starts with 18C439BD, but this seems to be different on every iPhone. Just look in every Folde rin /private/var/mobile/Applications and scan for the Folder eWallet.app – and put your Wallet File in the Documents Folder found beside…. And dont forget to create a wallet with the same name previously in the iphone

  48. Rodney

    @Michel and Armin

    So if I find this /private/var/mobile/APPID/Documents with eWallet.app folder with Diskaid, I can add my current wlt file from my PC to my iPhone???

    Have you done it? I’m going to try tonight. I’m very excited. I’m tired of carrying my old Treo, just to access my ewallet.

  49. Rodney

    I just tried DiskAid 1.5 for windows and it doesn’t access the root folder on my non-jailbroke phone. @Michel any ideas?

  50. Dale

    Unfortunately, the only ideas left are to jailbreak the phone or wait for eWallet sync. It does annoy me that the Dev kit for iPhone was out since, what, January, and we still see only half-finished products from so many vendors.

  51. odie

    The method Michel states above works, however you need to jailbreak the phone.

    Jailbreaking is the only option if you have lots of data to input, if you can’t wait for the Ilium team to provide a solution.

    BTW since Apple are seriously crippling my ability to use the iPhone, I’ very seriously considering selling it and going back to a smartphone or PDA.

    Have Fun 🙂

  52. Jeremy

    Since the OSX version will probably not come out until later in Sept/Oct. I’d recommend mac users purchase Crossover and run the Windows version of eWallet on OSX.

  53. Shane

    Today is August 13th, and if memory serves, your previous posts said this was the day the iphone sync would be released.

    Has it been delayed?

  54. Marc

    @Shane: We knew it would be out in August and we were shooting for mid-August. Looks like it will take a little longer but we’re still fine for an August release. It’s definitely coming and I’ve seen it working here!

  55. Rodney

    Thanks Marc. I can’t wait. I’m tired of digging out my old Treo everytime I need something from my eWallet. Thanks for keeping us posted. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait. ….oh, I’m a little excited. 😉

  56. Dave

    Getting this app to sync is one of the final steps to dumping my Palm TX and replacing it full time with my iPod Touch. Now if I could only get my Microsoft Exchange sync working to get calendar and contacts on my iPod…ahh the holy grail of iPhone apps.

    Thanks Ilium for a great product!


  57. shane

    thanks for the update Marc.

    Quick question though…

    Assuming you are able to release the sync by the end of the month, that just means that you will submit it to Apple by the end of august, correct? We still will have to wait a couple of weeks for Apple to actually post the update in the app store.

    So realistically, we are looking at another month before we can sync? I just want to clarify so I don’t get my hopes up too soon. 🙂

  58. Don McGarry

    Good morning —

    I was just thrilled to see eWallet at the app store and snapped it up for all three iPhone 3Gs in the family. I have used eWallet and ListPro on the PC and Palm for years. Now that you’re porting eWallet and ListPro to the iPhone, I would like to move both data files from the PC to the Mac/iPhone. I would love to see a Help document that steps me through that process.

    Also, the presentation of cards and data on the iPhone is stunning…much better than the PC or the Palm.

    Did I say I’m really looking to the full Mac/iPhone implementation?


    — Don

  59. mikey

    While waiting for iPhone sync to appear, I’ve been importing data from keepass to ewallet. Personally, I prefer keepass to ewallet, as keepass has more features, but I’m going to give ewallet a try, as it will soon have some form of iPhone sync. The one big feature that I miss in ewallet is a search box (that can search all fields of all records). Perhaps you can add that to some future version of the desktop client.

  60. Marc Post author

    @Mikey: Desktop already has a search feature that does this. It just doesn’t have an “always up” box for it. CTRL+F or Tools->Find. We are also adding search to iPhone in a future release.

  61. Rod

    It’s been another week. (Well ok, 6 days) But, I’m curious as to how much closer you are to a release?

    And, I’m curious like Shane. “Assuming you are able to release the sync by the end of the month, that just means that you will submit it to Apple by the end of august, correct? We still will have to wait a couple of weeks for Apple to actually post the update in the app store.”

  62. Marc Post author

    @Rob: We are synching here already. It is going very well. As for the wait time, updates are, on average, taking around a week. I simply can’t guess an exact release date but I can say that we have the release candidate in our hands and are testing it.

  63. Henry

    Could you please start another blog entry, or put up a status page, so that people know where to look for updates about the next release.

    Many Thanks & keep up the hard/good work.

  64. Rod

    Thanks Marc. I’ll keep watching and waiting. Of, course with the release of the QuickPwn I just might take that step and pwn my iphone. 😉

  65. mikey

    @Marc: Thanks, I was looking for the “find” menu under “Edit”. For some reason, I didn’t look under “Tools”.

    As a desktop enhancement request, could you add an option for an “always displayed” search box? Keepass is very nice in that respect: start up keepass, and the keyboard focus is automatically placed into the search box. If you have a lot of entries (I have a few hundred), it’s a big usability win.

    iPhone search is nice, but I don’t think it’s essential. Even with a few hundred entries, it’s probably faster to scroll using fingers, than to bring up the keyboard and hunt-and-peck (just tested this with my large contact list). Still, it’s something that you probably need to add, just to stay competitive.

  66. Marc Post author

    @Mikey: Yep – search needs to go into the iPhone at some point to stay competitive. As for the search box, request noted! It’s something I’ve thought about for awhile now and would like to see us add at some point.

  67. Igor

    I have an eWallet ver. 5 and I’m wondering if I will be able to import my existing data to IPhone when the new version of eWallet Desktop is released? Please advise.

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