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Just a quick update on eWallet for Mac. Contrary to what I’ve seen posted in some of the blog comments, we are in fact making eWallet for Mac. As a matter of fact, we’ve ALWAYS planned to make eWallet for Mac at some point. This is something we’ve had in the works for a few years – pre-iPhone even. If you want to know more about eWallet for Mac, check out the rest of the post after the jump!

Disclaimer: In all of my posts I’ve always been very honest in what I tell you – brutally so at times. That won’t change here. Everything I’m writing in this blog post is a business side analysis. I AM IN NO WAY MAKING A JUDGEMENT ON THE QUALITY OF THE MAC OS. Frankly, it’s an incredible OS. This blog, however, is about the business of making software and not my personal feelings about the quality of an operating system.

Mac and Me

Before I get too far into things I want to give you a little history about Mac and Me. Before I graduated from the University of Michigan I’d used two types of computers – Commodores and Macs (OK – I’ll admit, I played Civilization and Doom on Windows towards the end of college but that was it). I was a Mac guy through and through. I owned the top of the line PowerMac and LOVED it. Three things moved me away from Mac. 1st – I couldn’t get software, hardware, or anything else for it. 🙁 2nd – I used Windows for my work. 3rd – Price. After college I had no money. When the ol’ PowerMac died I moved on to a Windows machine.

And for those who don’t know, even our founders are “Mac People”. Just making clear that decisions about Mac are unrelated to how much we like the OS.


Why a Mac Version of eWallet and Why Now?

As I mentioned above, we’ve always planned to release eWallet for Mac at some point. The problem was that for a long time the market didn’t support this. Just looking at desktop OS use alone and even today it comes out to something like this:

  • Windows: 91%
  • Mac OS: 8%
Source: http://marketshare.hitslink.com/report.aspx?qprid=8&qptimeframe=M&qpsp=108

Making and maintaining Mac software is no easier than making and maintaining Windows software. At the same time, a Windows product has a potential market more than 10 times that of a Mac product. This is a HUGE difference. Simple math demands that we put our emphasis on Windows. 11+ years down the road that decision has proven a wise one.

But there is even more to it than that. We aren’t a desktop software company. Yes, our desktop software rocks, but our primary focus is Mobile Software. The desktop system used by most Mobile Device users has long been Windows. This further reduced the potential market for a Mac version, since people typically buy our desktop software to add-on to their Mobile experience – and these people used Windows.

So for a VERY long time, Mac just didn’t make good business sense based on our company focus.

Enter, the iPod (thought I was going to say iPhone didn’t you?) Suddenly, huge numbers of people were being introduced to the world of Mac devices. Apple got cool rather than fringe. Next came the iPhone! Now we had a full blown mobile device running Apple software.

So here are the factors that changed the market:

  1. The iPod becomes THE music device. Apple is now everywhere.
  2. The iPhone/Touch took the world by storm – and moved Mac into our area – Mobile Software
  3. The internet becomes one of the most used “applications” cutting the importance of the OS
  4. The latest Macs really CAN run Windows well, offering the “best of both worlds”

Suddenly, the Mac becomes a valid platform (financially) for us to invest in. I see the Mac market share continuing to grow over time, especially as young people who have grown up with white earbuds attached to their skulls go out and buy their first post-college computers. The name recognition alone will drive sales.

But There is a Catch! The Cold Hard Facts…

Look back at those market share numbers I posted. Even though Mac has been around for a long time, from our business perspective it is still an “emerging market.” Mac still commands less than 1/10th the market share that Windows does. No matter how much excitement surrounds the iPhone, we still have to remain realistic about what we will get back on our investment into Mac software.

I mention this due to blog comments saying “why aren’t you throwing everything you have at Mac?” Simple – we’d be completely abandoning the enormous market that pays our bills. Windows is WHY we have the opportunity to make a Mac version. Without Windows and Windows Mobile, we simply couldn’t afford to make a Mac version.

This means that when I sit down and mete out the limited resources available to me, I can’t drop everything to focus on Mac.

Now don’t get me wrong – when we do something, we do it right. Our Mac version is already INCREDIBLY cool. I’m totally geeked about it. And once it is out we plan to support it 100%. I just can’t afford to pull resources from the things that pay the bills to push Mac out faster.

Which Brings Us To the Big Question…When Will It Be Out?

My initial guess was by the end of the year. Now before I go on, I would like to clarify something. 

Although it is possible I mispoke at some point (seriously, we aren’t in the business of trying to trick people or mislead them – it’s bad business and goes against our ethics), I always did my best to say “Our hope is that it will be out by the end of the year” and “We are shooting for the end of the year.” I did this because frankly, we don’t do “release dates” (See the other post for more about why release dates and software don’t mix.) As it stands right now, knowing what I know about how long it takes to get things done, I doubt it will be done by year end.

How long until it is ready?  Sorry, but I’m not going to try to guess. Recently, my guesses have been interpreted as release dates so I’m going to have to stop doing that. I will say that we have a working version, the UI is coming along, and we actually have people outside Ilium Software using it right now.

Can you show us a screenshot?  Nope, sorry. Trade secrets. Seriously, people like to copy our stuff so we seldom reveal it in advance.

 So there you have it. We’re definitely going to release eWallet for Mac, but I’m not sure of the exact release date. You can be assured that as soon is it is ready, though, you’ll hear about it here!

21 thoughts on “eWallet for Mac Update

  1. Kerim Satirli

    Oh my. This is probably, no wait – this is DEFINITELY the best Thanksgiving-BlackFriday-Christmashanukwanzah present EVER.

    I know that most OS X users love 1Password, but I am still in love with eWallet and will be for the foreseeable future.

    eWallet does what I need on my Smartphone, Windows PC, Tablet PC, Pocket PC and on the Web. Soon, it will do everything I need on my Mac, too.

    What more can one hope for?

  2. doogald

    Ah, this is truly great news! I think that eWallet is the only Windows app I still run on my VM, so I think I can finally retire Windows from my Mac!

  3. vi

    Thanks for the update with great news, Marc!

    Understand your business model revolves around Windows. In the meantime, I am patiently waiting for the Mac OS version like many other iPhone/iPod touch users.


  4. Spikesclone

    Me too. eWallet only app use on my old Windows PC. Got 2 shiny new Macs. My move will be complete when Mac version comes out. Happy to wait. Happy to pay. Used eWallet for years on various platforms. It’s the best!

  5. David C.

    Looking forward to the Mac version as I am switching to the MAC in Feb (for my personal computer, still on Windows for work). Hopefully you’ll have it out by then…..

    David C.

  6. Ace

    Sure looking forward to the release of the Mac-Version.

    I am also going to switch to “Mac” after many years of being a convinced “PC”, thus I am very, very happy to hear that you make good progress with the Mac-version of eWallet, which is an extremely important application for me and I would like to run it without vitalization.

    Waited to switch to the iPhone until eWallet was there – now waiting to go to the Mac 🙂

    Keep up the good work – and thanks for releasing only finished applications!

  7. james

    Great news, I’ve been thinking about switching over full time to Mac, but I rely on eWallet for my work. This would make it easier for me to switch.

  8. Lucy

    Like many others who have posted comments,the only reason I have Windows running on my Mac is because of eWallet. Looking forward to shutting it down once and for all. Please keep up the good work. It’s a great product.

  9. Russ

    Have used eWallet for work for many years. Tracking software licenses, support agreements, web logins – etc. Just bought a mac, and very disappointed to find no similar product. Would love to import my PC.wlt file and be done.
    Any rough time frame? Dec, Jan, etc. I need something very soon and if I have to re-type everything into a new app … AArrrrrhhhhhgggg. Very painful.

  10. Charles


    Thank you for the update. I especially appreciate your honesty and transparency. Great Product!

    I have enjoyed using eWallet on my iPod Touch. It has been an important tool in my professional and personal life. My father passed away in January 2008. My mom is completely disabled and requires caregivers 24/7. I have had to keep track of my Mom’s medical data, caregiver info., passwords, account information, etc. Your product has helped to make this task manageable. Thank you. I look forward to using eWallet on my Mac.

  11. Antonia@Natural Beauty Tips

    I like that frank explanation of your decision in choosing a development platform – so I am not going to pin you down to the timeframes mentioned. I just hope that eWallet for Mac OS is available soon.

    I am one of the people contributing to the 91% market share of windows OS cited by you – lately I have been veering over to the Mac side of the equation. But the issue of seamless transition of my favorite applications was looming large – now the last obstacle appears to be falling … eWallet for the Mac – Hooray!

  12. Whitney Roberts

    This is AWESOME news – please disregard my previous post in the Listpro reader for iphone blog entry – I should have started reading the blog posts in chronological order rather than newest first – I do apologize.

    However, I’m ready to pay up for a Mac version when it is ready! Thanks much!!!

  13. TommyC

    Looking forward to eWallet for the MAC! THANKS! (Double good news that your beta testing the eWallet for BlackBerry, AWESOME!!)

    On my MAC, I am actually running the latest Windows version of eWallet under CodeWeavers Crossover (Wine) on my MACBOO OS X 10.5 and it is running GREAT (Windows not required!)! been doing this for a year, no issues, but look forward to a native OS X app and ALL the features!

    Great Job! Great News!

  14. Vital

    Simple question? I have the latest mobile version of Ewallet for my Iphone. When the desktop version is available on the market, will it be automatically “syncable” with the mobile version?


  15. Lex Schellings

    eWallet: I am a user for years and years. I switched this year from PC to Mac and iPhone. I have installed XP on the Mac to continue to use eWallet, and bought the iPhone version (I had the iPaq version before. Everything works fine, but I still hunger for the Mac version of eWallet so I can delete the virtual machine.
    best wishes for 2009.
    Alexander Schellings

  16. DaveS

    Just wanted to add my appreciation for the honest information and update. I switched to Mac nearly a year ago (Macbook air convinced me – its is the mobility I needed) and like many other posts have my old PC laptop sat in the corner running just e-wallet. I have an Iphone but its sync’d to my Macbook, so am waiting patiently for the Mac release. Many thanks

  17. Seb

    Totally worth the wait! I am waiting patiently to install it on my iMac and iPhone (won’t buy iPhone app until I can sync my old records to iMac from PC). Used it on the PC for years and will not use anything else. The greatest product out there of it’s type. BRING IT ON!

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