RIM AppWorld has 2,000 Apps – but not eWallet!

Endgadget reported that BlackBerry’s AppWorld now has 2,000 apps in it. Unfortunately, eWallet isn’t one of them. We submitted eWallet, but it turns out AppWorld won’t accept any applications that encrypt files. You got it – according to the terms of their contract, we can’t get eWallet into the BlackBerry AppWorld store.

Note – you can get eWallet for Blackberry – just not in RIM’s AppWorld. Get it directly from us here.

We definitely tried. We bent over backwards to get it in. We even had a number of protracted phone calls with RIM (with their lawyers even!)

No go. We’re locked out.

I’m not sure what the reasoning is for this. It sounds like there’s a concern about the export restrictions on the strong encryption we use. We hope it will change. But it certainly doesn’t make me want to go through a lot of trouble making more BlackBerry applications.

This isn’t how you woo developers RIM! In this market, there isn’t room for this sort of thing. Revise those guidelines!

7 thoughts on “RIM AppWorld has 2,000 Apps – but not eWallet!

  1. Kevin White

    Oh, to make things more complicated, you cannot install the App World on the BlackBerry Device Simulators, or on an unlocked BlackBery that has no BIS account set up.

    I can get our BlackBerry Storm working (sort of) since it’s unlocked – I can put my AT&T SIM into it, hack the Service Books onto it so I can use the web browser, but I can’t install the App World onto it.

    In order to see ourselves what’s on the App World, we would have to buy a BlackBerry, set it up with service through a cellular provider, pay the monthly fee for the service, and set it up with BIS… all just to see what apps are on the App World, or what our listing looks like (if it was on there.)

    (Yes, we could just find someone with a BlackBerry and borrow it, but it’s completely ridiculous that we can’t test out the App World! We can easily browse the iTunes App Store from iTunes on a desktop computer, without even having an iTunes Store account or an iPhone/iPod Touch!)

  2. J. Wagner

    Yeah. Something to make it even less likely I’ll ever see ListPro for by BlackBerry. Happy days indeed. *sigh*

    And, yes, AppWord sucks compared to iTunes App Store.

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  5. LA Locksmiths

    As a business owner running all my employees on blackberry is key, being able to keep up with their appointments, and what they need.

    eWallet has saved me because for those I trust, it allows me to give them what they need in a company card, without giving them a company card physically… I love it.

    I am sad to hear it is not in appworld, but maybe in the near future, I know I will be asking RIM for this app to be put in ASAP

  6. James

    I own an Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation and a Blackberry 8800 World Edition. I have downloaded many applications to both devices, but I love Apple’s iTunes App Store. iTunes App Store comes standard with every iPod Touch and iPhone, and is available on your computer with iTunes. It is so simple and easy to find exactly what you want with over 65,000 available applications to choose from.
    In comparison, RIMM’s AppWorld is horrible.

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