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eWallet Update for BlackBerry OS 6.0

We just released an update to eWallet that improves support for customers using BlackBerry OS 6.0 devices and for customers who are using Desktop Manager 6.0. If you’ve run into problems using eWallet 7 with either of these RIM updates, the newly released versions should clear things up for you.

If you install the update, please install the updates for both Windows PC and BlackBerry.

Just download the latest versions from our site. Typically, eWallet will pick up your registration codes from previous installations, but if for any reason it doesn’t, the eWallet 7 codes you received with your purchase will unlock the software. If you no longer have your codes, you can request them here.

eWallet 7.0 – Updates and Answers

eWallet2I’m in the middle of a major software release right now so I’ll make this quick. I apologize that I can’t respond to all your comments individually, but considering how many of them there are, that simply isn’t possible. So – let’s get started…

First let me say thanks to everyone who posted their support. We really appreciate it and we are working very hard to live up to your expectations. The new release is a pretty big deal and I think you’ll all like it. In fact I think you’ll REALLY like it. So thanks for your kind words and we hope you like eWallet 7.0!

eWallet 7.0 Will Be Out Tuesday
eWallet 7.0 will be out tomorrow morning. This was the planned release date all along and we’re sticking to it.

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Development Update

targetSince a lot of questions about platforms and release plans have come up in the other blog posts, I thought I’d take a second to write a quick update. I hope this helps to answer some of your questions! Keep in mind that in many cases I won’t be able to give specifics, but I will do my best to tell you what I can.

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RIM AppWorld has 2,000 Apps – but not eWallet!

Endgadget reported that BlackBerry’s AppWorld now has 2,000 apps in it. Unfortunately, eWallet isn’t one of them. We submitted eWallet, but it turns out AppWorld won’t accept any applications that encrypt files. You got it – according to the terms of their contract, we can’t get eWallet into the BlackBerry AppWorld store.

Note – you can get eWallet for Blackberry – just not in RIM’s AppWorld. Get it directly from us here.

We definitely tried. We bent over backwards to get it in. We even had a number of protracted phone calls with RIM (with their lawyers even!)

No go. We’re locked out.

I’m not sure what the reasoning is for this. It sounds like there’s a concern about the export restrictions on the strong encryption we use. We hope it will change. But it certainly doesn’t make me want to go through a lot of trouble making more BlackBerry applications.

This isn’t how you woo developers RIM! In this market, there isn’t room for this sort of thing. Revise those guidelines!