New Wave of Apple Rejections – Including eWallet!

deniedApparently someone is on a graphics kick over at the Apple iPhone app approval center. Thanks to the iPhone card icon in our application, Apple has rejected the eWallet update. Even though the icon has been there since we released eWallet (the week the AppStore went live), apparently the icon is now a problem so we have to remove it.

We aren’t the only ones running into this sort of thing lately. The folks over at TapBots ran into almost the same thing – an icon that’s been in their app for ages that Apple has suddenly decided is a problem. Like I said, it seems more like an “issue du jour” than a real problem.

Still, like TapBots pointed out, we’ll go ahead and pull the iPhone card icon (sorry to those of you using it) because we know there isn’t anything we can do and we want to stay in the AppStore. The frustrating thing is that it took weeks to find this out and may take weeks to find out if the change we make is good enough. Crazy store requirements aren’t anything new – we’ve been dealing with those for years (and not just from Apple). What is a problem is this whole “wait a month to get your product out while Apple lumbers through the review process.”

Hey, Apple! Clean this process up, will ya?

21 thoughts on “New Wave of Apple Rejections – Including eWallet!

  1. Ellen

    No kidding, this is really frustrating. I’m used to every distributor* causing us grief, but this year it’s like they all kicked it up several notches.

    * Except MobiHand, who are always a pleasure to deal with.

  2. Marc Post author

    @nixs RE: Marketplace: Count me as one of those people. Just because something makes you miserable doesn’t mean it does’t make you money. We all have jobs over here at Ilium Software and we’d like to keep it thay way. Things like the AppStore and the WM Marketplace are things that help to keep the dream of employment alive.

    So yeah – they annoy us, they need improvement, and we wish they’d listen more – but it’s how we make a living.

  3. Bill

    The next time Apple rejects eWallet it will because you haven’t listed it as 17+ (after all, it can be used to store URLs for adult websites).

  4. Spuddey

    I am waiting for Apple to tell me that I can only use my iphone when I am correctly dressed!

    Love my iphone but someone at Apple needs to get a life!


  5. Dean Roberts

    So whats the status on the resubmission? How long will it take you to remove the icon and resubmit it?

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  7. trainspotta

    Guys… I really don’t care anymore… Why?

    It is really simple! I switched to Mac about 3 month ago and I got a 3GS the day it was released in germany.

    The first thing I did was buying eWallet… and until today it is useless! For me it was the best and most useful thing on my pda and windows. But not even your support could get it to sync to my iPhone and I’ve given up waiting for a mac client. I paid for windows, I paid for WinMobile and I paid for the iPhone app… Of course, I will have to pay for the mac client…

    But don’t think I will buy the mac client because your support just stopped answering because they didn’t know any answer…

    That is discusting! And now your crying about an icon?

    I want my money back for the useless app you sold me!!! I don’t care about your missing icon!!!

  8. Computer Guy

    It really is a shame that Apple is so closed-minded about the whole thing. Just another case of them using their clout to strong-arm 3rd party developers.

  9. Pete

    Apples recent rejection of apps they allready approved and I subsequently purchased has made me realize that buying app store apps is a very risky prospect. Apple should not be able to do this without compensating developers and customers! I have purchased a few apps in the 60 tp 70 dollar range – what if apple rejects these too someday? At this tome I feel O need to limit my exposure by ceasing to purchase any more software from apple. Bet you guys miss the WinMo days!

  10. Marc Post author

    @Pete: Well, in this case they haven’t pulled the original application – they just rejected the upgrade (for something that was always in the app.) And when they have pulled an app, they typically leave it for the folks who already own it – it’s just that no one else can add it. So you should be safe with your current apps. That isn’t to say they CAN’T do the things described – but once people have paid I bet it is tough for them to take the thing back.

  11. Jim


    Apple have become the opposite of what the stood for in thier ‘1984’ ad for a new era of freedom. How can anyone ever rubbish Microsoft policy again.

    A co-worker just bought the new Omnia II in Singapore and it’s an iPhone killer, the Winmobile os is totally hidden underneath Samsung’s GUI, I’ve ordered one, the iPhone will be given to the Grandson as a music player.

    Ellen you will soon see my oder for the listpro bundle and PPC version of eWallet.

    Apple can take thier products and well….

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  13. Annoyed

    While I understand the frustration with the app store (I am still heated about the Google Voice apps being pulled), I don’t think Ilium is in a position to be criticizing anyone about their application delivery. I bought ewallet the day it was introduced on the app store based on an email I sent to Ilium asking if and when they’d have a mac client. It is over a year after the promised delivery (mid-August 2008).

    I’ve have been very patient and watched your blog just waiting for the announcement. Too bad the only posts I’ve seen are about how the development has stalled for one reason or another or gripes about the BB store or the Apple store.

    I know you aren’t willing to put estimates for delivery dates in light of the previous problems. I appreciate that, but deliver the software already. How does it take an extra year to design and a password manager “up to our standards?” Since your standards are so grand, I’d assume you would be fine with Apple’s nit picky rejections based on icons. Being how they weren’t up to Apple’s design standards (to avoid user confusion) and all.

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