eWallet 7 Release Update!

walletHey, everyone! As I mentioned in a previous post, this is the biggest release we have ever undertaken and it is extremely exciting. The response we’re getting from customers is phenomenal. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support! (If this is the first you’ve heard of the release of eWallet 7, definitely check out the post here that gives all the details!)

And a special “THANK YOUto everyone who has gone to iTunes and either added a positive review or updated a review! We really appreciate that!!! Honestly – I can’t thank you enough – around here we DO NOT feel that posting positive reviews as a customers “job”, so we see every positive review as a kindness – thank you again!

Needless to say, a release of this type is bound to have some hiccups and this one is no different. The following are issues we are currently working on or frequently asked questions. For all the details, read on after theΒ jump!

“I updated iPhone. Do I have to update Windows PC?”
NO!Just because you updated your iPhone version to eWallet 7, you are not required to upgrade your desktop version. We hope you will, but if you don’t want to, you can download a special version of eWallet 6 (eWallet 6.2) here that will let you keep using the older version with eWallet 7 on your phone. NOTE: If you installed eWallet 7 – please uninstall it before installing this special build of eWallet 6.

“eWallet on Windows PC Crashes When I Start It!”
We’ve discovered that some customers that are using non-English versions of Windows are running into this problem. We’re working on it right now and we’ll keep you updated on the progress. We are very sorry for any trouble this is causing and we hope to have an update soon! This problem is resolved!! We are testing the installers now and hopefully we can have this out by morning!

“My BlackBerry Unlock Codes Don’t Work!”
This one is fixed and we’re in the process of rolling out a new version of eWallet for BlackBerry this morning. You can get it here when it is released (I’d suggest sometime after 3:00PM ET. UPDATE: Since we fixed the foreign language issue, we’re relasing this update along with that one in a single release tomorrow morning!

“When Will Support Call/Email Me Back?”
As soon as they can. To give you some perspective of what we’re dealing with – since the release of eWallet 7 we doubled our one day sales record. Yeah – things are a little busy here. πŸ™‚ We are working as quickly as we can and we will contact everyone – unfortunately it may take a couple of days. In the meantime, please watch the blog! I’ll post updates like this to help folks that are running into common issues so you don’t have to wait!

“When will the full Mac version be out?”
As before, we have not set a date. We are continuing to work on it and will let everyone know when there is more news we can share. Please note that the 30 day preview is limited simply because unlimited use is part of the complete eWallet package – not because eWallet will be out in 30 days. Again – we’re working as fast as we can on the Mac version but we haven’t set a release date.

“Where do I send Mac comments/requests/bug reports?”
Send them to info@iliumsoft.com with the subject heading of “Mac Report”. We’ll take all of these, put them into a mailbox, and go through each and every one once we get past the release! Thanks!

“Where do I get the Palm OS/U3 version of eWallet 7?”
Unfortunately we’ve had to discontinue support for both of these platforms. The demand for these versions was so low that it just wasn’t financially possible to keep producing upgrades for them. We’re very sorry that we can’t offer solutions for these platforms at this time.

That’s it for this update – I’ll post another one tomorrow as I compile more comments, requests, and questions and have new information.

–Β  Marc

29 thoughts on “eWallet 7 Release Update!

  1. Dean Roberts

    Do I dare say that the Windows interface is more appealing than the MAC?

    I really like the Windows “ribbon” interface and the ease of use. All the option seem to be right there and well laid out.

    I think the MAC version is good, especially the options for choosing background colors for cards, but I’m leaning toward the Windows version as the more appealing interface.

    Other MAC users, what are your thoughts?

  2. Biglar

    I think I like the Mac version (when it has all the features activated). I think it is easier to use than the ribbon interface and similar to other Mac applications.

  3. mattbg

    @Dean: the Ribbon interface seems a bit overkill to me for something like eWallet. It was created for Office because Office is a large application with many huge menus and toolbars and a lot of feature discoverability issues!

    I am glad that they fixed the AutoPass delay, though, which caused a 30-second delay when using AutoPass with some installations of IE8. I’m a bit disappointed that: (1) I had to pay for a fix like that, and (2) that I have to swallow the new UI in order to get it πŸ™‚

    But, it is worth it to me so I guess that satisfies the business equation.

  4. Marc Post author

    @Dean: Great to hear! We really like it also!

    Biglar: Also good to hear! We definitely need feedback on making sure our Mac version is truly a “Mac” application.

    mattbg: Actually there is a very good reason – lots of features never got used (or even found) in the old version. We had beta testers saying “Hey – you added X” because they found it in the ribbon – even though it did X for the past 5 years!

    The good news is that you can always bump back to classic mode – in the Home ribbon click Style (in the Windows group) and select Classic.

  5. Dean Roberts

    @mattbg: The one thing I like about the ribbon is all options seem to be there, like Marc said no hunting for them.

    The other thing is the ribbon changes depending on what your doing, providing you the most likely tools that you will use.

    Lastly, I love how you can add items to the quick launch bar so your favorite feature is always at the top of the screen no matter where you are or what your doing.

    @Marc: Forward thinking to add the ability to have the backward interface (classic interface you call it) for those that swallow change slowly.

  6. mattbg

    @Dean: I don’t really swallow change slowly. I adapted to Vista quickly and have done the same with the new Windows 7 UI. I usually leave things as default and try to figure out the intended mode of operation when a new UI presents itself.

    I think the Ribbon in Office 2007 is very good, but I normally disable it on non-Office apps because most of them aren’t complex enough to justify it.

    The “classic” interface just hides the Ribbon as far as I can tell. There’s no menu bar, and the UI doesn’t behave like the old UI, so it’s not really classic.

    My main mode of operation in eWallet is in using it for find cards, add cards, and copy passwords, not in configuring it. The Ribbon does expose more configuration options, but those are brief, one-time things. Once it’s configured, I tend to never go back there.

    Two UI changes have made that more difficult — first, the right-hand pane that shows useless stats instead of wallet cards when you select a category in the tree and, second, the new Find mode. The first is an oversight, IMO, because I can’t imagine who would find that information useful. The second probably just needs me to adapt.

    But, that’s just me. I can’t imagine what favourite feature would need to be added to the Quick Launch bar πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I don’t want to criticize it too much. It fixed the main problem I had with 6.1 and I can ignore the UI problems.

  7. Stef

    I’m really anxious to try out the new version… I’m one of those unlucky guys with a non-english version of Windows where eWallet 7 crashes upon launch. I’ll download the update as soon as it becomes available.

  8. Lee

    Well, stupid is as stupid does. Cannot get 7.0 to sync with iPhone. 7.0 is installed in WinXP under VMWare Fusion on MacBook Pro. Anyone else having that problem? I decided to sync the iPhone with 6.1 which is still on the desktop. Hadn’t done so in over a year and couldn’t remember the settings. I had cleared the desktop data since I have been updating only the iPhone only for well over a year. Yep! Lost all my data on the iPhone. Even the best software can’t always prevent dumb humans from screwing up. Now in mild state of depression.

  9. scooob

    @Lee – try switching VMWare Fusion to use “bridged” networking mode – see http://www.iliumsoft.com/site/support/kb/idx.php/0/372/article/

    It will be very nice to have the final Mac Desktop version and not have to run it under virtual Windows. However (and this is a first impression based on limited use) I find the current Mac interface pretty rough around the edges. Kinda feels like there’s an emphasis on having it look like the iPhone app at the expense of ease of use. Having the Notes appear in a column instead of along the bottom is awkward. The buttons in the Properties pane for switching between Fields, Appearance, Attachments or Background are not very intuitive. It would be nice to be able to edit field contents right in the flex display of the card display pane instead of that being a non-functional display-only area that takes up a lot of screen real estate.

    My biggest enhancement requests in general though are: (1) landscape mode and template functionality in the iPhone app, and (2) in the Desktop apps, add the ability to control field display in cards or templates: being able to set field placement on the card, font size, field label, etc.

  10. Marc

    Hi! I don’t have a lot of time right now (I’ve been helping out with support emails today) so I can’t reply to the other comments but i wanted to share some news:

    eWallet Crashes On Startup
    Our developers figured it out! We have a fix and are doing installation and general testing this afternoon. We plan to release an update sometime tomorrow morning!! Again – sorry for the trouble! Hopefully we’ll have everyone back on track by morning.

    BlackBerry Unlock Codes
    This too is fixed but rather than releasing it tonight it’s bundled in with the foreign language fix. Both will be released together tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone!

  11. Steve Bondi

    7.0 is looking great so far! I am excited about the new look, the improved search, and the upcoming Mac version! Thanks for all the great work!

    Not sure how many other users are like me, but ALL of my cards are free-form Note Cards with a decent number of lines (many with dozens of lines).

    A. Windows Desktop

    1. When I use Search, every entry in the results list “loses its text” (but not icon) when I mouse over it, but I can still click them and get the applicable Note Card on the viewer/editor pane.

    2. Having lots of text in my Note Cards, it would be nice to highlight the searched text in the Note Card itself (in the viewer/editor pane), so I do not have to cut/paste the full text to an editor in order to find it within the card.

    B. Mac Beta

    1. Unlike the Windows Desktop viewer/editor pane, the Mac version brings up a relatively small card with a scroll bar for my Note Cards. Hopefully this is just in the Beta, because I utilize the full viewer/editor pane (like the Windows Desktop version) to see all/most of the lines of text of my Note Cards.

    2. When I click on the small card to scroll it, the app unexpectedly exits. Maybe a beta quirk that you are already aware of.

    3. Categories to which I assigned the iPhone icon did not display any icon, while the Windows Desktop version displayed the iPhone icon correctly.

    C. iPhone

    1. I had hoped that this release would get rid of the one extra click on the iPhone to sync (Click “Sync” icon to then have to click “Synchronize” on a second dialog). Hope it comes in some future release πŸ™‚

    2. Also, I hope in a future release that the iPhone side does not lock the wallet after a sync. This is inconvenient, and the Windows Desktop version does not do it.

    3. My Note Cards look nice on the Windows Desktop with the small font selected, but on the iPhone it is difficult to read, especially with the white on black default. Looks like setting the big font for a Note Card on the Windows Desktop does not change the iPhone display after being sync’d. No matter, I would prefer a button on the iPhone to dynamically increase the font size of a card being viewed πŸ™‚

    4. I look forward to landscape mode in some future release πŸ™‚

    5. Not sure the status of the eWallet web companion, but it would be great to have secure over-the-air sync for eWallet, so when I am traveling and update its contents on my iPhone, the changes are automatically sync’d with some online server that will also sync back with my Desktop versions when I next access them.

  12. scooob

    @Steve Bondi, good suggestions. I especially second the motion on Web Companion: sync via “the cloud” would be great, but I’d love to get secure read-only web access to my wallet as a first release if it would speed up availability.

    Other enhancement requests: AutoPass for Safari on the iPhone; AutoPass on Windows Desktop for the Google Chrome browser (a small but growing user base), and of course AutoPass for Safari on the Mac Desktop in the final release. Without these, I do not use the “Build Password” function, which I’d really like to start doing to get to the next level of security, but it’s too unwieldy to do so if I have to type in long obscure password strings, or even copy/paste them.

    One bravo I’d like to send to Ilium but have neglected to mention so far: the new licensing model that allows me to use eWallet on multiple devices and operating systems is fantastic and very forward-thinking. This made the upgrade a no-brainer for me (assuming I won’t have to pay again for the final Mac Desktop release), and will keep me loyal.

  13. Steve Bondi

    Forgot to mention:
    A. Windows Desktop (using Windows XP SP2)
    B. Mac Beta (using Mac OS 10.6.2)
    C. iPhone (using iPhone OS 3.1.2)

  14. Dean Roberts

    @ Steve Bondi: Great suggestions, many that I have made myself including the small text on the iphone. I consider the inability to choose font size or zoom a major issue that should be addressed with vigilance!

    I have noticed that when using a “Credit Card” template that the numbers are much bigger than when using a “Bank Account” template on the iphone. I may have to stay away from the Bank Account template.

    I just synced before logging on to the blog and had the same thoughts about the wallet locking after the sync.

    I tried to sync the wallet before unlocking it and the sync kinda hung for awhile so I canceled it. Did not try to run it again while the wallet was locked to see if it worked. Don’t even know if your supposed to be able to sync the wallet when its locked but the sync icon is accessible so I figured we should be able to.

  15. Toby

    THANK YOU!!!! Version sync works a treat!
    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry if we were harsh before but I think that is more the “knee jerk” reaction.

    Keep up the great work!

  16. Rob

    For the first time I’m not too excited about a new eWallet release but I do seem to be the exception going by the blog comments.

    I really don’t like the fuzzy appearance of the text, particularly text on the cards in card view. Anyone else see this? I have it at home on my laptop as well as my work desktop’s LCD. This is at native resolutions where all other applications look fine.

    And I just can’t warm to the new interface. If feels bloaty. I just find the enlarged Title bar, the tab headers (Home, Edit Design etc), and the fat ribbon all stack up to take up lots of space. It just isn’t a complicated application. But I’ll get used to it I suppose.

    Having said all that is is still up there in my top 2 or 3 favourite applications.

  17. Dean Roberts

    I am mad at ilium!

    I am no longer as excited for the MAC release. I am so impressed with the interface of this new version!

    I am having “fun” creating cards with the new interface. I just love the ribbon and having all my options right there to chose from. I am not choosing from cryptic letters like “A” “P” “T” to find my options. Who wants to have to click on drop down menu’s like File, Edit, Format or View to find the option you want.

    Please port this interface over to the MAC side as is! Don’t try and make your application like other MAC applications. Make eWallet your application that runs on a MAC!

  18. mattbg

    This morning, I started getting periodic Explorer crashes in Windows 7 while eWallet was open — every few minutes. Closed eWallet and it stopped. Not sure what is going on there.

  19. Binks

    Do you plan to have a WM version similar to the iPhone one? especially for the nice cards rendering and things like that? Majority of WM phones are now sporting OpenGL for more than 1 year. Hope to be able one day to install a similar version on my HD2 πŸ™‚

  20. Marc

    @Steve Bondi/Scoob/Dean: Thanks for the great feedback! We really apprecicate it. Something I talked about a long time back was that customer reuqests and suggestions are some of the biggest factors in deciding how to improve our products. When you see us implement something and thinkg “Why did they work on X instead of Y” it is often because we got a LOT of requests for X.

    @Toby: Thanks, Toby! And we freely admit that there are things we needed to do different (and will in the future) so sorry about that.

    @Rob: Not everyone in the beta group liked it either, but what they liked was customization. To get a feel for what you can do with it, try using the Classic Style. You’ll see just how much you can make the UI your own. As for fuzzy – not something we’ve seen but it sounds like clear type might be “helping.”

    @Dean Roberts: WE really like the ribbon as well so it’s great that you do! Our concern is that the Ribbon is such a Microsoft thing that Mac folks would funnel amazing amounts of hate towards us if we used it there. I’d love to hearing opinions on this one!

    @mattbg: This isn’t something we got from any of our beta testers or that we’re seeing in other comments BUT if it continues please email support. They can try to replicate your conditions.

    @Binks: We do have plans for Windows Mobile. The old problems still exist (having to code cool stuff that is supported on iPhone from scratch on Windows Mobile) but we’ve got some ideas!

    Thanks again, everyone!

  21. Steve Bondi

    @ Rob: As Dean says, the ribbon makes certain tasks a lot easier, but as you said, this is at the expense of a lot of screen real estate. It is a Vista design that has been fiercely debated. However, Ilium was forward-thinking enough to provide us an option to stick with the classic design if we so desire (click “Styles” at the top of the far right box on the ribbon, then select “Classic”)! You still get the nicer search, design, and sync features!

  22. Stef

    Marc, have you guys ever considered a solution or the capability to make an online backup of our iPhone eWallet DB with a restore function as well? Such as exploiting one of the various free webdav solutions out there.

    Say I am away on a business trip and for some reasons, I encounter serious problems with my iPhone forcing me to restore it to factory defaults. Being able to simply redownload eWallet and restore my DB would make it a “life saver”! The reason I mention webdav instead of anything else is for versatility purpose. This would allow you to be able to port that capability potentially to all the platforms eWallet runs on!

  23. Charly Walter

    I like this new release. However, I have some issues with the Windows version. The “Edit Fields” is seriously not ready for prime time. First off, it should be “Edit Field” because you can only edit the selected field. Maybe that dialog box should include a dropdown list with another entry box so you can select the field to edit and then enter the change. When you select to edit a field, depending on the design, it will hide the first couple of entries on the card. If you edit the field name and then click on the card, the change is automatically accepted. What is the point of the “Done” tab if that is so. I thought that 6.x had the ability of removing fields. I may be mistaken there but that is gone so that each card takes up needless space. The sectioning for the right-hand pane is very strange. There seems to be a dependency between the three sections where I cannot adjust the size of the Notes area without mucking up either the Details or the card section. If I have a card with no Details but plenty of Notes, I cannot adjust the Details section to a size I choose. It seems to be coded for a minimum size even if there are no entries. If I pull up the Notes section, I could lose the Card section but the empty Details section is there no matter what. Once I change the Style, Color Scheme or Background, there is no “Default” option to undo crazy changes and get one back to the original build version.

    That is it for now but I only started working with it yesterday. Keep up the good work.

  24. Charly Walter

    Two other things. After I close the app it will synchronize with another location on me network. The sync seems to work okay but I get an error and a request to send the bug report to Microsoft. I do not but when I select debug and my Microsoft Visual Studio instance comes up, the error is written to be

    Cannot access a disposed object.
    Object name: ‘MainForm”.

    Lets us say that I have my wallet file on the root of the K: drive and I sync with a copy on the C: drive. When I load the K drive copy, it loads, I do my work and then exit out. It will sync the the copy on the C drive. If I load the wallet on the C drive, it will try to sync with, apparently, itself. Uh. Also, I have the confirm option set as “..multiple files”. I have only one file sync set up yet it asks me to confirm every time.

    Tired of me yet. But I must ask, am I doing it wrong? πŸ™‚

  25. Marc

    @All: I may not be able to respond to everyone’s blog comments as often as I had – I am continuing to assist with support. For every two emails we answer another one comes in. Most of these are “good” emails like “I want to upgrade” and “How do I do X” but still – we’ve got a LOT of email (and phone calls) to answer. Anyhow, I apologize I won’t be able to be more active but I will still try to reply when I can.

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  27. jASON

    During the install of eWallet 7 on Windows 7 Pro 32-Bit I get an error saying: “Microsoft .NET Assembly Registration Utility Stopped Working”. Once eWallet starts for the first time I get: eWallet Has Stopped Working. The same errors happen on uninstall. I have not attempted to sync yet as I am concerned the software is unstable and could corrupt my eWallet data from 6.0. Just an FYI, this is a clean Win7 Pro install and clean eWallet 7 install. What should I do?

  28. Mike

    Hi All,
    After each time i close ewallet ( windows explorer crashes randomly. I’ve been able to replicate this across a PC and notebook with both are running windows 7 x64. Any idea in fixing this?


  29. Marc

    I’m sorry that a few folks are running into problems – we are happy to help you but we can’t do it on the blog. It just isn’t setup as a support forum. What we do have are real people personally answering every single email. So please – drop our support team a line or give us a call. We’re taking a little longer than usual due to the volume of support but we will help everyone!

    @Stef: As you probably know the desktop version allows synching to remote locations – although I can’t reveal our plans, I will say that one of our goals is to offer the same feature set on every device – for some of the mobiles it just takes a little longer to get everything in there.

    @Charly: Sorry you don’t like the edit fields UI. We got a lot of feedback on that one and most people are pleased BUT I’ll put your comments into the doc as we consider our future plans.

    As for the “Done” button, that is again a result of UI testing – people didn’t understand that just clicking the Home ribbon “stopped editing” and wanted something they should clearly click – and yes, the wording “Done” was chosen because changes are saved right away – so there isn’t Save and Cancel – there is “Done”

    Regarding the window resizing, that’s the default for the base code we’re using but we may tweak that some more in the future. It’s good to get feedback like this.

    Regarding the color scheme, I’ll add your request!

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