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eWallet for Windows PC 7.4.4 Update


Today we released eWallet® for Windows PC version 7.4.4. The release included several miscellaneous fixes including:

  • Improved support for multiple monitors, especially when the configuration changes (e.g., you have a laptop and sometimes use an external monitor)
  • Improved wireless synchronizing with the Android version of eWallet when you have multiple wallets and are using Bonjour
  • Several improvements to AutoPass where we can automatically fill in the username and password on even more sites now

You can download the latest Windows PC version from our site.

A new Mac version is in the pipeline too; we’re just waiting for approval from Apple to release it in the Mac App Store.

Thanks as always for your feedback and keep it coming!

The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video

Scott Hanselman has put together a new video you might find useful if you’re new to Windows 8. It’s about 25 minutes but moves along pretty quickly — he also does a nice job of highlighting the differences between Windows 8 and Windows 7. If you’re looking for a condensed version, I’ve also included a link to an earlier video that’s about 3 minutes long.

And here’s a link to the short one, “How to use Windows 8 in 3 minutes“.

eWallet for Windows 8/RT update

Windows logo

A new version of eWallet® for Windows 8/RT should be hitting the Windows Store today. This new version adds several new features including pinning cards to a category (shortcuts) or even the Windows start screen, hiding passwords by default (there’s now a reveal button), supporting Skype from a phone number in a card, and several other enhancements.

Probably the most visible feature in this release is pinning cards. This is really handy if you’d like one of your cards to show up in more than one category in eWallet. The pinned card acts like a shortcut to the actual card and makes your information available in more than one place without having to duplicate it. If you have a card you use a lot, you also have the option of pinning it right to the Windows start screen; when you start eWallet with that pinned tile, you’ll go right to your favorite card (after entering your password of course).

eWallet for Windows 8 / Windows RT

eWallet for Windows 8 and Windows RT is available exclusively in the Windows Store. Check it out if you get a chance, and as always, keep the feedback coming!

eWallet for Windows RT

Windows logo

eWallet® is now available for Windows RT! What is Windows RT, you might ask? Windows RT is essentially Microsoft’s version of Windows 8 that runs on the ARM chipset. Microsoft’s first tablet, the Surface, is available initially as a Windows RT device.

eWallet for Windows 8 has been out since, well…, Windows 8 but until this week we didn’t have support for RT. The two platforms are combined into a single product and are available exclusively in the Windows Store.

eWallet for Windows 8 / Windows RT

We’ve added some other features recently too like a trial version so you can check out eWallet before buying it, and we’ve added some additional security options. Check it out if you get a chance, and as always, keep the feedback coming!

eWallet 7.4.1 for iPhone 5 in App Store

eWallet logoeWallet® 7.4.1 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now in the App Store. This version quickly follows the 7.4 release to add support for the taller screen on the iPhone 5.

As always, please keep the great feedback coming!

Get all the info about eWallet here on our site.

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eWallet 7.4 for iOS in App Store

eWallet logoeWallet® 7.4 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now in the App Store! This version includes several user-requested features. You can now set the font size bigger in Flex View (back side of the cards) on iPhone for easier reading. On iPhone you can now swipe horizontally to move between cards for more direct browsing. (I prefer search myself to quickly get me to a card, but if you like browsing through your cards, I think you’ll really like this feature.) You can now copy/paste entire cards – very handy for entering information in different cards that is mostly similar. We also made search more responsive, especially for large wallets.

Smart Copy (remove spaces and hyphens from credit cards numbers) is a really handy feature when you’re pasting a credit card number in web site from your wallet. And on the iPhone, if you have more than 32 cards in a category, you’ll now see an index/fast scroll area automatically show up in the list of cards. Finally, we almost always take you to the password screen for your wallet now on iPhone when locking so you don’t have to pick your wallet file every time, and we added higher resolution card icons to the product as well.

As always, please keep the great feedback coming!

Get all the info about eWallet here on our site.

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eWallet 7.4 for Android now available

eWallet logoNot too long after releasing eWallet® 7.3 for Android, we’re following it up with v7.4. The new 7.4 has several new features including a built-in password generator for creating great passwords, the ability to change the Bonjour/WiFi name used by eWallet on your device, and Smart Copy for credit card numbers.

Changing the Bonjour/WiFi name is handy, especially if you have more than one device of the same type in your household. Now your Bonjour/WiFi name can be “Sue’s Phone” instead of HTCEVOV4G. Smart Copy allows you to copy/paste credit card numbers and spaces and hyphens are automatically removed; they make the numbers more human readable but most websites don’t allow them.

We also now almost always take you to the password screen of last wallet you had opened rather than making you pick it from a list. We also fixed several other things that were minor, but make the product better. Thank you for all the great feedback and please keep it coming.

You can find eWallet in both Google Play (aka the Android Market) as well as on the Amazon appstore.

Get eWallet on Google Play

OpenDNS features Ilium Software

OpenDNS logoBack in February of 2007, I wrote about how I used OpenDNS at home for more reliable Internet access. Yesteday, OpenDNS published a nice article about us: Why cutting-edge technology companies rely on OpenDNS for security. I continue to be impressed with their service, both at home and now at the office too.

eWallet for Metro!

Windows logo

As many of you know, Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system will feature a new Metro style user interface as well as support a new category of Metro style apps.

Windows 8 Start screen

You might wonder what this means for our eWallet® product. First, from what we can tell so far by looking at the Windows 8 Release Preview, our current eWallet 7.4 product should run just fine (it looks just like it does on Windows 7). Second, we’ve been working on a Metro version of eWallet that has the look and feel of a metro-style application.

eWallet start screen

eWallet for Metro will only run on Windows 8 so we’ll continue to support our existing eWallet for Windows product. You can see and install the free “preview” version eWallet for Metro in Microsoft’s Windows Store if you’re already running the Release Preview version of Windows 8. The preview version is certainly not full featured at this point, but it will give you an idea of where we’re going with the look of the product on this new platform. Check it out if you get a chance, and as always, keep the feedback coming!

eWallet 7.3 for iOS Released

eWallet logoWe’re happy to report  that eWallet® 7.3 is now available in the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The main new feature in this release is the built-in support for iCloud. If you have a device running iOS 5, you can enable iCloud Sync, which not only backs up your wallet files to iCloud, but also makes it possible to seamlessly sync with another iOS device without having to go through a PC or Mac first. eWallet 7.3 for iOS requires at least iOS 4 and the iCloud support requires iOS 5. To get started, just press the cloud icon in eWallet and then turn on “Enable Cloud Sync”. We’ve heard from some customers that they don’t want their wallets stored in the cloud; that’s fine too, the new iCloud feature is completely optional.

We’ve been getting great ideas and feedback about other features people would like to see in eWallet — thank you and keep them coming!

Get all the info about eWallet here on our site.

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