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4 out of 5 Pirates Choose eWallet!

Apparently everyone knows that eWallet is the best way to keep your information safe! Even software pirates*! 

I’ve always said that one of the key indicators of success is how many people are trying to steal your software. This has always been something we’ve seen with eWallet and apparently eWallet for iPhone is no exception. With hundreds of applications to choose from in the AppStore, the software pirates have chosen eWallet as one of 30 or so applications they’ve stripped Apple’s DRM out of. What is more, in articles about it (which I’m afraid I won’t be linking to here) they actually chose an eWallet screenshot to advertise this.

What can I say! We’re honored!

I’ll tell you, I really wish we could use this as part of a major marketing campaign. I mean, if a hacker thinks eWallet is the safest place to store their passwords and other critical information, it really says something about the level of security eWallet gives you. It’s like a skydiver telling you which parachute to buy or a police officer suggesting a particular brand of bullet proof jacket.

Yep, even software pirates know that if you want to keep your information safe, eWallet is the only choice!

DISCLAIMER: In case it isn’t obvious, I’m not advocating using pirated software. Please don’t do that. Besides the fact that it is illegal, pirating really does cut into our bottom line and makes it harder to keep releasing new versions! Clearly that isn’t in anyone’s best interest. Not only that, but lord only knows what might have been done with a version of the software that didn’t come from us. At the same time pirated software is a reality of the software industry and you have to be honored when pirates choose to steal your application over the many competing products available!

* We’re pretty sure regular pirates prefer eWallet as well but unfortunately Apple hasn’t given us a way to track whether a sale was to a regular customer, a pirate, or a ninja.

eWallet iPhone Sync: Part II

Aside from the thundering cries for a Mac version of eWallet (we’re working on it!) the most popular questions are all iPhone sync related. Well, the wait for answers is over. If you’re one of those folks who is dying to find out more about sync, hopefully we’ll answer all your questions in this post!

DISCLAIMER: We firmly believe that everything in this blog post is how it will be when we release it, but experience has taught me that something unexpected always pops up so this is my “we MIGHT do something a little bit different” disclaimer (but I don’t expect we will.)

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eWallet for iPhone Answers III

Well, I think this is going to be one of the last “answers” blog posts for a little while since we’re hitting the point where most questions have been addressed. If you still have a question though, definitely contact us! You can email our support folks at or call them M-F, 9AM to 4:30PM toll free at 1-888-632-5388. We’re always happy to personally answer any questions you have.

So, that said, here we go… Continue reading

eWallet for iPhone Answers II

I’m sure you heard the news, but eWallet is finally in the AppStore! Over the last three days we’ve watched as eWallet raced up the charts and it is already one of the top 100 applications. Thank you to everyone for all your support during this time and thank you to everyone who ran out and bought a copy!

Now, let’s get on to the many questions we’ve been receiving about eWallet for iPhone! Some of these we’ve covered before so I apologize to our regular readers, but I want to make sure to cover all the bases.

And we’re going to try to answer every question, so if we didn’t anwer yours yet, we will, and if you have new questions, let us know! Continue reading

eWallet’s in the iTunes App Store

We’re there! Check it out! (Start iTunes and search for eWallet – I’ll get our links fixed later today.)

Thanks to everyone for their support. I’m on my way out right now, but will post more news and fix the links this afternoon. We’ll answer all the questions you probably have on Monday.

(And if anyone wants to repeat their nice comments in a review on the store – we always appreciate those too.)

Thanks again everybody,

Waiting for Apple

Wow. If you think waiting for eWallet is painful out there, try being in here. We were really fired up for the big launch and now we’re just pulling our hair out wondering what is happening (and if you’ve seen pictures of me, additional hair removal is a serious problem in my case.) We were told that the app would appear by the 11th, talked to “thrice-removed from the actual AppStore” support personnel, emailed every person we can think of, and stared endlessly at the status screen willing it to change. Still, nothing.

All I can say is that we have a finished application that we think rocks and we REALLY wish Apple would hurry up and put it in the store. There is nothing wrong with the export approval (we’ve been doing this for awhile now – all paperwork is in order) so we can’t begin to guess (although we’ve tried) about what is wrong.

I’m not going to complain about Apple yet. I’m sure they are swamped. And let’s be honest, despite what a great device the iPhone is, Apple is a new-comer to the mobile software market. As the discussions about “Spam Apps”, name-change line jumping, and the uproar about the lack of trials shows, Apple is still learning.

And frankly, every reseller in the mobile market has things that drive developers crazy. We didn’t go into this thinking Apple would be perfect. For now, I’m happy to give them the benefit of the doubt. But Apple…get eWallet processed and into the store! You’re killing us over here!

eWallet for BlackBerry Preview


And here you thought all we thought about was the iPhone! Besides all the new improvements to eWallet on Windows, Windows Mobile, and Palm in eWallet 6.1, we’ve also been working with WebIS to bring you a BlackBerry version of eWallet. The BlackBerry version, which will be available sometime in the next few weeks, offers many of the same features you’ve come to expect from eWallet and full synchronization with the eWallet 6.1 Windows desktop software.

WebIS has done a fantastic job on this software. We think the BlackBerry users out there are going to be very happy with the results! We’re so excited that I figured I would post a few screenshots to give you a feel for the new software!

Click on the shots below for a larger image!




Wow! It’s really exciting to see so much interest in eWallet for iPhone. Even negative comments are great from my perspective because it tells me you are at least giving us the opportunity to help you! Thanks!

That said, this entire blog post is dedicated to answering the many questions that have come up over the past week or so. I hope that this will help everyone to understand what is going on and know what the future holds!

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eWallet for iPhone Sync

Well, it’s the 11th and we’re still waiting on Apple over here. Yeah, it was supposed to be in the store today but as of right now it’s not there. Of course “today” isn’t over so we’ll see what develops!

That being the case and not knowing when they will go live with our application, I’m going to go ahead and answer some of the burning questions rather than waiting on Apple to release it before we talk about it.

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eWallet for iPhone: The Movie!

Pull up a chair and grap the popcorn! It’s eWallet for iPhone: The Movie! We know people are dying to get their hands on eWallet for iPhone but we’re still waiting on Apple!* In the meantime, we put together this short (about 1 minute, 40 seconds) demo video for you so that you can see the new software in action! Enjoy!

 The movies are in Quicktime format (seemed appropriate considering it’s for an Apple product) and are provided in three different resolutions for your viewing pleasure!

High Res (11 MB)
Med Res (9 MB)
Low Res (5 MB)

 * “What’s the hold up?” you ask. While we aren’t entirely sure, it looks like it has something to do with export approval. As most of your know our 256-bit AES encryption is exteremly powerful – so powerful, in fact, that we have to get a variety of government approvals to export eWallet (yep – an eWallet program so powerful exporting it to the wrong people is a potential security threat!) So anyhow, Apple has told us that it should be in the store by the 11th so we’re still hoping to make the “It’s Out!” announcement tomorrow!