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Why don’t you support my OS?

With so many great mobile operating systems out there, we often get asked “Why don’t you support my OS?” Like my previous post about upgrades, I hope this one will help shed some light on the challenges of supportingĀ an operating system!

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Upgrades anyone?

There was a great discussion over at Pocket PC Thoughts about upgrades. Upgrades are something we spend a lot of time thinking about, and since this blog is a place where we can let you see behind the curtain, I’ll share some of our upgrade thoughts with you.

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UMPC Beta Test About To Begin

UMPCWe’re getting ready to release a new program for the UMPC and we’re looking for a few good beta testers! If you’re interested in giving it a shot, please email us as soon as possible. Due to a tight deadline it’s going to be a short beta so we’d like to get people started as soon as possible!

Just email us at with your name, the model of UMPC you are using, and any other info you think would convince us that you’d make a good beta tester! Slots are limited so please let us know as soon as possible! Thank you!

And special thanks to James Kendrick over at jkOnTheRun for posting the announcement on his site as well!

Fun with Market Analytics

The two leading analysts in the mobile space, IDC and Gartner, came out with their quarterly reports this week:

Gartner Says PDA Shipments Reached Record High in Second Quarter of 2006

Worldwide Handheld Market Experiences Tenth Quarter of Year-Over-Year Decline, According to IDC

I know, they definite “PDA” and “Handheld Market” differently, but general, it’s why I don’t put much faith in what the analysts say. That and the fact that their predictions have been consistently wrong about the mobile market for the last 13 years, starting with the Newton.

MicroISV on a Shoestring

A plug here for a really excellent blog about development, release, marketing and support of a new product. I especially liked the two posts: Support Does Not Scale and The Passion of the Customers. How Patrick has the time to write this much as well as actually do everything he’s writing about is beyond me.

“Who Makes This Stuff” article on Just Another Mobile Monday

Patrick Jordan of Just Another Mobile Monday has published a Who Makes This Stuff article about us:

“For our second post in this series, we are very happy to have Ilium Software, makers of eWallet, ListPro, NewsBreak and other great titles. Two of their principals have provided some great answers and thoughts on what makes a useful and useable app, which other developers they rate highly, the future of Windows Mobile, and lots more!”

Read the full article here.

Thanks Patrick!

Meet Marc, Ilium Software’s Product Manager

The Glorious Magnavox Odyssey 2Hi everyone! I’m Marc Tassin, the Product Manager here at Ilium Software. I’ve been with Ilium Software since 2000 and I am “Employee #0001”. That is to say, I’m the first person to start working at Ilium Software who wasn’t one of the three founders.

So….want to know more about me? Then read on!

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