eWallet 6 to eWallet 7 iPhone Sync Compatibility

oopsAs some of you know, we made a bit of a screw up in our wording of the iPhone Sync Update message (we apologize for that – it wasn’t our intent to mislead anyone). As a result, our developers leaped into action and busted out a special build of eWallet 6 for Windows PC that lets you synchronize eWallet 6 on the Windows PC with eWallet 7 on the iPhone.

What Is It? A special version of eWallet 6 that lets you synchronize eWallet 6 on the Windows PC with eWallet 7 on the iPhone.

How Does It Work? Just download the file here and run the installer. If it asks for your registration code, your eWallet 6 codes should work. If you don’t have your eWallet 6 codes any longer, you can request them here. IF YOU INSTALLED eWALLET 7 FOR DESKTOP, UNINSTALL IT FIRST.

Who Need It? ONLY iPhone users who own eWallet 6 on the desktop and do not want to upgrade their desktop software to eWallet 7 need this. If you are upgrading to 7 orΒ don’t own an iPhone. You do NOT need this.

So there you go! Hopefully this will help out the folks who got stuck with eWallet 7 on their iPhone. I’m pretty sure most people will want to upgrade to eWallet 7, but at least this way you’ve got a choice!

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!


PS: We did a bunch of testing and believe this should work fine, but please let us know ASAP if you run into any trouble! We’ll work on any issues immediately.

37 thoughts on “eWallet 6 to eWallet 7 iPhone Sync Compatibility

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  2. LX

    Yay! You guys are great, smart, fast and other stuff LOL

    So Marc, you said eWallet 7 is going to “Rock”. I read the what’s new, I’m not blown away πŸ™ maybe you can sell it better? I have my $10 ready. I want to support you guys, cause you’re doing a great job despite the screw up! πŸ˜›

  3. Marc Post author

    @LX: Hey, LX. Have you tried it? Even so, I DO think it rocks and so do other folks, but I’d be shocked if everyone loved it. That is why (as was discussed a lot yesterday) we’ve never REQUIRED people to upgrade. If it isn’t what you are looking for – pass on it. That’s fine!

  4. Biglar

    Downloaded v7 for windows. Works great. Thanks. Since I have a mac I also downloaded files from my iphone to mac version via ftp. All work except a folder entitled credit cards in a protected bank wallet. When I click on those cards (only), the application locks up. Downloaded that wallet again — same problem. The other unprotected wallet is fine. Only the cards in one folder on the protected one. The others work ok. Had any issues like that with the beta.

    P.S. Keep up the good work.

  5. Marc Post author

    @Biglar: Thanks for the kind words! As for Mac, although we’re aware of some problems in the Mac version always feel free to email us stuff you run into (just send it to info@iliumsoft.com). We’ll look into it!

  6. Mark

    Firstly thank you for resolving this problem. As I think many people pointed out the issue was not the timing of when the iPhone application was released by Apple (although this did not help), but the fact that if you accidentally accepted the update on the iPhone (which most people do all the time) then it broke the sync with your existing desktop client. This release does fix this problem for me, so thank you for making this available.

    Secondly I am a software developer and I have written quite a few client server pieces that need to keep data synced between the client and the server and have had to deal with customer issues that prevent them from upgrading all clients and all servers at the same time. The way I handle this is to always make the latest version of both the client and the server support syncing with previous versions. This decouples the client and server having to match in exact versions so for example eWallet v7 iPhone application would still support syncing with v6 desktop software. This is indeed a big pain to maintain when coding but once you get the framework setup to support this it is not too bad and it would have avoided the problems with the v7 upgrade completely.

  7. Marc Post author

    @Mark: You wrote:

    “This is indeed a big pain to maintain when coding but once you get the framework setup to support this it is not too bad and it would have avoided the problems with the v7 upgrade completely.”

    Yeah, that’s pretty much what we’re looking at. The problem is that we really, truly didn’t know so many people were hitting update all. Everyone here is updating manually to avoid unwanted updates. We had blinders on this one.

  8. Sophia

    Fantastic job, Ilium, and you know what? I just upgraded to version 7 anyway πŸ™‚ Keep up the great support and you will keep me as a customer. We moan, but are loyal at the same time!

  9. Ted

    Can you confirm that if I install this special version of eWallet 6 I can later upgrade to version 7 without complication? Right now I’m most interested in getting rid of that annoying “1” on my iPhone’s App Store icon. It’s there of course because I can’t select “Update All” like I always did.

    I’ll likely update to version 7 on my desktop later. I just want to wait a bit. Thanks for providing this solution by the way.

  10. Marc Post author

    @Sophia: Thanks!! πŸ™‚ I really appreciate it!

    @Ted: Yes! If you upgrade to 6.2 you can still upgrade to eWallet 7 later, no trouble at all.

  11. LX

    Hey Marc,

    I just downloaded the trial version of eWallet 7 and great job on the new UI! !! Finally it doesn’t look like Windows 3.1 app πŸ˜› It’s very Office 2007esque with the ribbon and all! I do like the “Recent” and that’s where the desktop version is going to be used most of the time. I use the version 6 on Windows 7 and it works great, is there anything added on eWallet 7 that’s Windows 7 only feature? (I’m testing on my Vista right now)

    Ohh and did I missed something? What’s “remote sync options”

  12. Marc Post author

    @LX: Thanks! I agree – it was looking a little crusty. πŸ™‚ We haven’t added any Windows 7 only features yet, but we actually have a short list we want to implement that take advantage of cool Win7 functions.

    As for the remote sync options, we had a number of requests to improve the FTP/SFTP sync interface so we’ve added a number of options that let you have more control over this process, such as choosing what port it syncs through.

  13. LX


    Gotcha! I was searching after my post πŸ˜‰
    eWallet to a folder, network drive, USB drive, FTP site, or another computer
    I use dropbox for this πŸ˜‰

    Short list? Hmmm mind sharing what they are? If you promise to put “Recent” on the JumpList and/or pin a card on it. I’ll surely jump on the eWallet 7 bandwagon! πŸ˜€

    I’ve been using eWallet mostly for my WinMobile and now iPhone, but want to start using more of the desktop version and the new look does sell and if you make the workflow with the browser auto populate tighter you may have a winner here. I know that you’re already one!

    jumplist->card->password->auto populate on browser, bam!!!

    If that’s gonna happen, Marc, I want it on my laptop as well!!
    Do I have to pay the full $20 or I can’t get a second licence for $10? πŸ˜€

  14. Marc Post author

    @LX: I added all your requests to the list for consideration!

    As for other desktops, as long as you are the primary user, go ahead and install to the other desktops/laptops/tablets/netbooks. This is how we’ve always done it but remember our new motto: the software is for YOU not your desktop or laptop. If you want to install it to both – go for it. No extra copies needed. No extra payment needed.

  15. Jason


    I have searched the site for this answer, but I am unable to find it. Possibly my eyes are not open enough. Here is my situation:

    iPhone 7
    PC: 6.2
    WM: 6.1

    Will my PC still be able to sink with my Windows Mobile PDA?

    Possible answers:

    1. Yes it will.

    2. All you need to do is run over your PDA with your car. Afterwards your PDA should sync nicely. (Please keep in mind that we cannot be responsible *if* any damage is done to your PDA)

    3. What??? An iPhone, PC, and PDA??? Give me a break. Just buy the $%#&ing upgrade already. I have had enough grief this week.

    4. ???

  16. Marc Post author

    Oh – you’re THAT guy. πŸ˜‰

    In all seriousness, however, no – it won’t work BUT

    a) We’re still tweaking the 6.2 build – our #1 goal was to get iPhone folks back in business so they wouldn’t all be stuck. Hopefully we’ll have a solution soon.

    b) eWallet 7 is awesome! You should totally upgrade. πŸ™‚

    Not a great answer but yes, we know situations like this come up and we’re working on that also!

  17. Howie


    This is the solution which should have been available from the outset. With it (nearly) none of this would have happened.

    I commend you for seemingly leading the charge within Ilium to create a path which patches the missing link created by the eWallet 7 iPhone update debacle. It is encouraging to see you finally step up and rightfully accept blame for all the pain created by the poorly cadenced roll-out. I trust lessons have been learned which will be applied in the future when modifications to eWallet occur.

    I plan to download this Desktop revision when I return home later in the week (I’m currently hoping my eWallet 7 iPhone data doesn’t disappear in the interim while on business travel). I will also assess the benefits associated with eWallet 7 Desktop to determine if there is $10 worth of value there.



  18. Alexp

    For customers who currently have a Palm OS AND and Itouch ewallet, it seems we Are at stuck between choosing which platform we will continue with. Why force out a customer? THIS IS BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE and a disregard of loyal customers who are using multiple platforms!! So, do I get a refund for my Palm product now that I can’t sync with this anymore?!?

  19. Romeo

    Thanks for making eWallet 7 for Windows an optional upgrade for us who also use the iPhone version. You guys did the right thing. I’m now more inclined to tryout and buy the new version.


  20. Marc

    @Alexp: Hey Alex – I’m really sorry for the situation you find yourself in. Unfortunately at some point the lack of support and sales on a platform require us to discontinue support for that platform. This is always a problem, but it is a bigger problem than usual with iPhones and iPod Touch devices since Apple won’t let you run an older version of the software. I will certainly look at what options we might be able to make available, but at this stage I just don’t have a good solution to your problem.

    @Romeo: Thanks – as I mentioned, we really weren’t shooting to force people into an upgrade.

  21. Kayanna

    I love your company and will just keep patiently waiting for my List Pro. I’ve read all through your various announcements without seeing something current on this platform, but assume it will get here, and until then I’m limping along with make do solutions that drive me crazy. Good luck, and whether it syncs with Windows 7 or Mac I’m prepared! Just don’t give up; the die hard fans are waiting.

  22. Marto

    I agree with Romeo. Now that I don’t feel forced to upgrade (in order to reclaim my “Update All” button), I’m MUCH more inclined to have a look at v7 – and will very likely upgrade.

    Thanks Marc and the team!

  23. Mike

    I too accidently upgraded to v7 on my iPhone but since I love eWallet decided to upgrade the desktop version as well. Both are now at v7 but I get the following message when trying to sync “Unable to convert the last sync info. (Unexpected error: 1010)”. I don’t find any guidance on the site for this error. Any advice?

  24. Alexp

    Re: Palm OS and iTouch
    Let me get this straight. I have a license to 6.x on BOTH the Palm/Win and the ITouch. And that entitled to syncing across platforms. But now that you have improved the product, I can’t do what I sued to be able to do 2 days ago? Even if I don;t upgrade… I can only sync with one platform going forward. And this is because…??? If I install the 6.2 upgrade, I loose Palm OS syncing and gain syncing with Itouch… If I keep 6.1, I just can’t sync any longer with Itouch (since I already upgraded on the itouch, not knowing this fiasco) Shouldn’t this happen only IF I upgrade to 7.x? So, even though I am a licensed 6.x owner of Palm, I am left behind even with the current licnese I already own. Is this fair to loyal customers who bought your product across platforms? Maybe you should re-think your strategy of customer retention along with product development.

  25. Martin Ambaum

    I have the same problem after upgrading to 7. I also get the “Unable to convert the last sync info. (Unexpected error: 1010”.

    I also have problem with the size of the “notes” field. I can only see some 60 lines when having eWallet on one screen. If I pull it across both screens I can see all, having 2 screen above each other (1920×1080 and 1920×1200).

    But the first problem is the worst on…I just put in a huge list of codes and I cannot sync with my iPhone.

    Kind Regards
    De HELP-het-werk-niet Groenten

  26. Tom Grant

    I upgraded iPhone eWallet to 7.0 and downloaded Mac Beta version on desktop. I synced but cannot see any of my eWallet info synced from iPhone on my Mac desktop. Can you explain? Thank you.

  27. Nilesh

    I have the same problem after upgrading to 7. I also get the β€œUnable to convert the last sync info. (Unexpected error: 1010β€³).
    I have both versions upgraded to 7.0 means Windows PC Ewallet
    And iPhone EWallet 7.0 Build 147

  28. mastman

    Nice job on the new interface. Did not know about the new version until I started up iTunes and got prompted for the App update. Made the $10 leap and got the Windows upgrade too. Very nice! Looking forward to playing with it. Synced without a hitch the very first time. Good work Marc.

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