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eWallet for iPad – Now Available!

Update: eWallet for iPad is available now in the iTunes App Store.

It’s a universal binary, so anyone who’s bought or received as a promo eWallet for iPhone should get this version with no charge.

If you have questions about it, we’ll be back in the office Monday and be happy to answer them all.
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Yes, We’ve Been Quiet Lately

A few people have asked me why we haven’t been posting as much on the blog, or on Twitter, lately. We’ve just been busy, and trying to focus more on what we’re supposed to be doing: developing, marketing, product managing and supporting our products. There’s a lot going on in the industry we could comment on, but the reality is that there’s a lot of good comments on all of it already. We don’t have much to add, and we really are trying to focus.

So – we’re fine, thanks for asking. We’ll be posting as we have news, announcements, or some thoughts we think are just too profound to keep to ourselves, but otherwise we’re going to try to be a little more productive and less distracted. It’s a new approach, at least for me, but you never, know, it just might work.

And, yes, we are working on both eWallet for Mac and ListPro for iPhone/iPad, and will post when we have something ready for release. I can’t give a date or an estimate – all I can say is that they’re in process, and I am sorry the wait has been so long.

How Did You First Hear of Us?

I was talking with someone I used to work with yesterday, and he asked me how our users hear about us.

It was a good question, and one that a good marketing person should be able to answer. Too bad I’m not a good marketing person.

So rather than trying to figure it out from not enough information, I’m just going to ask – if you’re reading this, how did you first hear of us? An ad? A review? A friend? Browsing an app store? Something else?

Please help us out and let us know. Leave a comment here – you don’t have to create an account or send us any info – or just tweet me an answer. As an incentive, we’ll give away some Amazon and iTunes gift cards to a random selection of people who respond.

And, of course, our sincere thanks.

iPhone Password Hacking App

thief3No, it’s not ours.

And while I can see a need for password recovery, I admit I’m having a hard time seeing the line between recovering a password of your own and hacking someone else’s.

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iPad, Kindle, and an Idea for Amazon

azA lot of people are writing their opinions on the effect the iPad will have on Amazon’s Kindle sales, and their ideas of Amazon should be doing in light of last week’s Apple announcement. Here’s mine:

Turn their eBook collection into an online, cloud-based lending library.

What I mean by this is to offer a service like the one LaLa now has, where I can buy songs for 1/10 of what I’d pay for the downloadable mp3, but I can’t download the songs. I can, however, listen to them any time I want – I “own” the listening rights, but the songs stay online.
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CES Minus Apple Equals Showtunes

One thing you may not know about Marc is that he’s a really good singer.

One thing you may not know about me is that I really like musicals.

So when Marc and I decided to bet on whether Apple would exhibit at CES after announcing they were dropping MacWorld, the obvious stakes to put up were that he’d sing a few showtunes of my choosing.

Now that I’ve won (I’m pretty sure that Marc was just humoring me with the whole thing, but I’m not letting that get in the way), I’m working on my choices. I’ve got a big list of songs – my problem is narrowing them down.

But since I know that at least a few people who read this are also musicals fans, I thought I’d ask for suggestions before I make my final decision. So if you’ve got an idea for what you think would be good to have Marc perform, post it here, or reply on Twitter.

And watch this space for the final picks, as well as the release of the videos to YouTube!

A Nice Thing You Do

One really nice thing that a lot of people have done is to call and tell us that we’ve been mentioned in a magazine.

We’ve gotten a lot of mentions and writeups over the last 12 years – I’ve got several shelves of a bookcase dedicated to magazines in which we’ve been written up – but it’s always a thrill to go into a bookstore and find our name in print.

So many thanks to whoever called today and told Marc that eWallet was mentioned in the January 2010 issue of Consumer Reports. And thanks to the person who told us earlier in the week that we’d been included in an NPR segement. And to everyone else who’s gone out of their way to tell us about seeing or hearing our name somewhere, thank you too! We really appreciate it!

What Happened with eWallet 7?

It looks like Apple released the iTunes version of eWallet 7.0 before we were expecting it. We submitted it, hoping the release would hit around when we planned to do the desktop and other platforms’ releases – Tuesday of next week – but Apple surprised us and got the iPhone version into the App Store a little earlier than we thought they would.

We will have a new version of eWallet that will sync with the new iPhone version out first thing next week. We planned to release it Tuesday, but we’ll probably bump it up to Monday. If we don’t, we will get anyone who needs it an early copy.

If you haven’t yet upgraded your iPhone version, I’d suggest waiting until we release the desktop version. If you have you’ll be able to get the new version from our site from our site first thing next week. I promise.

Sorry about the problem!! And Happy Thanksgiving!!

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving’s the one holiday I take seriously. I may complain a lot – OK, I do complain a lot – but I am always aware of how fortunate I am. And I always take time at Thanksgiving to think briefly about everything I’m thankful for. This year it includes:

  • That I can still see and hear (despite needing help with both. But I’m thankful that the help exists and works).
  • And that I can walk and breathe without any help.
  • My fabulous and supportive boyfriend, who really hates when I do things like this.
  • The internet. For all its problems, it’s still the best entertainment I’ve ever found.
  • And of course, electricity, without which the internet wouldn’t be nearly so good.
  • And while we’re on the basics, indoor plumbing and central heat.
  • My wonderful eye doctor, who fixed my problem that no one else could even find.
  • Showtunes, which make everything so much better.
  • And mp3 players, which make showtunes even better (or at least more portable).
  • And finally, that I’ve managed to go more than 12 years without working for anyone else. So thanks to everyone here, and everyone who’s reading this, who made that possible.