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eWallet GO! for Android now available at Amazon

eWallet GO!eWallet GO!™ for Android is now available in the Amazon Appstore. We know that some of you prefer buying from Amazon, so we wanted to let you know! You can find it by searching for eWallet GO! in the Amazon Appstore on your Android device, or by clicking here.

And thanks to everyone who purchased eWallet GO! so far. The response to this great new app is really incredible. We’re so glad you like it and we really appreciate your support!

eWallet GO! now available for Android, iPhone and iPod touch

eWallet GO!We have some very exciting news for you today, in the form of not just one, but two, new platform releases for eWallet GO!™ That’s right – as of today eWallet GO! is now available for Android, iPhone and iPod touch devices, in addition to Windows Phone 7 and Windows PC.

eWallet GO! is our streamlined, secure information manager that’s really easy to use and gives you a lot of flexibility working with your data. eWallet GO! has the features you need at a price that can’t be beat, including:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Over 25 ready-to-use card templates
  • Over 45 card icons to choose from
  • Robust search function
  • Auto-lock when left idle
  • Large type font option
  • Amazingly easy-to-use

And eWallet GO! makes backing up and restoring a breeze with Google Docs and Dropbox. Just backup to the cloud and you won’t have to worry about losing your data after you enter it. Restoring  is a snap too – and not only can you restore a changed file to your phone, but if you also own eWallet GO! for Windows, you can keep your info up-to-date and available no matter where you are.

eWallet GO! is just $4.99 on any of its available platforms. More information, including screenshots and details on how to buy, are available on our site. If you’re a current eWallet 7 customer that wants to switch over to eWallet GO!, you can find out more here.

Just Updated: eWallet Viewer for Android

We just released an update to the Android eWallet Viewer. This version improves the Viewer’s new Search functionality, and fixes a problem that some people experienced with eWallet Viewer’s auto-lock functionality after we added Search.

Although not many folks ran into the issue, we think that you can never have too much security, so please be sure to update to this version.

You can get the latest version by searching for “eWallet Viewer” on the Android Market. You’ll need a phone with Android OS 1.6 or greater for the Viewer to work.

Don’t have eWallet Viewer yet? Find out more on our site – you will need eWallet 7.1 for Windows to sync your wallets to your phone for viewing.

And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Just released: a pair of updates

eWalletThis is just a quick post to let everyone know about two eWallet updates we’ve released this week. First up: eWallet for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch was approved by Apple yesterday. The update adds compatibility for iOS 4, so eWallet is now working great on the new OS! Updates for the new retinal display aren’t included yet, but we are working on that as well. eWallet Lite has also been released with iOS 4 compatibility.

And update #2: for all you Android users out there – we’ve released a new version of our eWallet Viewer, which adds search! This upgrade works on Android devices with OS 1.6 and above.

That’s all for this announcement! If you have questions or need help with either upgrade, remember you can always contact us.

eWallet Viewer for Android is here!

Hot on the heels of our iPad eWallet release, I’ve got more exciting news for you today. Our eWallet Viewer is now available in the Android Market.

What exactly is eWallet Viewer, you ask? Great question. eWallet Viewer is the latest feature for our award-winning password manager, available to all eWallet owners who use an Android device. And best of all, it’s free!

If you own eWallet 7, you can use eWallet Viewer to access your wallet files on your Android device. Easily synchronize wallets from the Windows PC version of eWallet to your Android phone, and view them anytime, anywhere! And, of course, eWallet Viewer has the same level of security and encryption you’ve come to expect from eWallet.

eWallet Viewer for Android eWallet Viewer for Android

Ready to get it? All you have to do is search the Android Market on your phone for “eWallet Viewer”. It couldn’t be simpler, right? And if you don’t own eWallet 7 for Windows yet, you can try it free for 30 days. You’ll be able to sync the wallets you create in the Windows version to your Android device for viewing. When you’re ready to buy, you can get eWallet 7 from our store.

UPDATE: You will need the latest Windows PC version ( of eWallet to see the Android device option in Sync Setup. You can download it here.

More details about eWallet Viewer, and some great screenshots of it in action, are right here on our site.

Android Advisory Board Follow-Up

AndroidI wanted to post a brief follow-up to the Advisory Board Assignment from a couple days back about Android. First, a GIANT THANK YOU to everyone for all of your insightful and well thought our replies. You really provided some amazing feedback – you guys never cease to amaze me with the great stuff you post. So again, Thank You! And feel free to keep posting if you have more ideas.

To get my current thoughts and some feedback, read on after the jump!

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