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eWallet 8.4 Update featuring AutoFill in iOS App Store

eWallet logoeWallet® 8.4 for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) is now in the App Store. The updated app not only supports the new iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max devices, but also features support for AutoFill in iOS 12.

eWallet’s AutoPass feature has long allowed users to click on a URL in their wallet and have the username and password filled in on the website, all displayed directly within eWallet. In eWallet 8.4, AutoPass has been enhanced to also work with the new AutoFill functionality that is part of iOS 12.

eWallet AutoFill screenshots

eWallet and AutoFill working together

Tap in a password field in Safari or any other app, and AutoFill on the device works with eWallet to fill in the appropriate login information. And like with using eWallet directly, when prompted for your wallet password you can type it in, use Touch ID, or use Face ID, as appropriate for your device.

Our customers have long told us that AutoPass is one of their favorite features in eWallet — and now with AutoFill we think that feature is even more useful.

eWallet 8.4 for iOS runs on iOS 8 and up, including iOS 12. eWallet is optimized for iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. The latest version is available via the on-device App Store. Get all the info about eWallet for iOS here on our site.

Thank you for using eWallet, and please keep the great feedback coming! A big thank you to our eWallet AutoFill beta team, who helped us test the AutoFill feature and gave us outstanding feedback for this version and versions going forward.

App Store Logo

eWallet is a registered trademark of Ilium Software, Inc.

eWallet GO! Sale Extended Through Friday!

eWallet GO!We had such an incredible response to our eWallet GO!™ Back to School sale that we decided to extend it!  For the next five days, you can get eWallet GO! on any platform for just 99 cents.

Follow the links below to get eWallet GO! for just 99 cents!

Thanks again to everyone that purchased eWallet GO! and a special thank you to everyone who reviewed it. We really appreciate your support, and we want to thank you for helping to make eWallet GO! the best-selling secure information management app in the iTunes App Store!

eWallet GO!—Auto-Sync and an Amazing Sale!

eWallet GO!We’re very excited to announce the addition of automatic synching for eWallet GO!™ on Windows PC and iOS. With this update, eWallet GO! can automatically save an encrypted backup of your info to either Google Docs or Dropbox whenever you make a change! And if you set up eWallet GO! on another device to synchronize with the same service, eWallet GO! will automatically synchronize the information between the devices. No more manual backup and restore!

This feature is only available on Windows PC and iOS at this time, but we hope to add it to eWallet GO! on Mac, Android, and Windows Phone in the future.

As if that weren’t enough, we also added full Landscape support to eWallet GO! on iOS.

To celebrate this release, we’re offering a Back-to-School Special! For a limited time, you can get eWallet GO! for your mobile device (iOS, Android, or Windows Phone) for just 99 cents! But wait…there’s more! You can also get eWallet GO! on your Windows PC or Mac for free!

What are you waiting for? Hop over to and get your copies of eWallet GO! before the sale ends!

eWallet GO! now available for Mac OS X

eWallet GO!Hot on the heels of last week’s eWallet GO! releases for Android and iOS, our popular new password app is available for another platform – Mac OS X. With this latest version, eWallet GO! now works on iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone 7, Mac and Windows PC.

eWallet GO! is our streamlined, secure information manager that’s really easy to use and gives you a lot of flexibility working with your data. What does eWallet GO! have to offer? How about:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Over 25 ready-to-use card templates
  • Over 45 card icons to choose from
  • Robust search function
  • Auto-lock when left idle
  • Amazingly easy-to-use

And eWallet GO! makes backing up and restoring a breeze with Google Docs and Dropbox. Just backup to the cloud and you won’t have to worry about losing your data after you enter it. You can easily restore your file to your Mac too, and if you own eWallet GO! on any of its available mobile platforms, you can use the backup and restore features to move your information back and forth, keeping it up-to-date wherever you are.

eWallet GO! is just $4.99 through the Mac App Store. More information, including screenshots and details on how to buy, are available on our site. If you’re a current eWallet 7 customer that wants to switch over to eWallet GO!, you can find out more here.