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Moxier Wallet

After getting emails from several Moxier Wallet users about their wallet app being discontinued, we thought it might be useful to put the information they are looking for right up on our blog.

eWallet supports Windows PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Since Moxier Wallet exports to a CSV file, users will be able to import their existing wallet data into the free trial version of “eWallet for Windows PC” with little modification. The instructions for getting your data ready to import are here.  And you can get more info about how the eWallet importer works here.

You can download the 30-day free trial version of  eWallet for WinPC.

Questions?  You can contact us directly, or search our support articles.

Welcome!  From the Support Team at Ilium Software!

How low are your expectations?

Last week we had a glitch with our anniversary discount for users wanting to pay with PayPal, and with everything going on, it took us a little while to notice. We were shocked at how many orders this affected, especially when we realized that exactly two people told us about it.

I know that when I run across a problem, especially when ordering something online, I try to at least email someone at the company to let them know. But, then again, by nature I am a “fixer”. (I guess my job in Support is a natural fit, eh?) The results of my contact with companies are pretty much a mixed bag, everything from no response at all, to the occasional automated reply that has nothing to do with my original email, but more often I’ll get a real response from someone who is at least trying to correct the problem.

Overall, do you expect a low level of service or response? Or is it that you feel it’s pointless to complain? We really try to do better than that, and I hope we are succeeding.

Making the Switch…

Every day people contact us to change their software from one device type to another, Palm to Pocket PC, Pocket PC to Smartphone, Smartphone to Palm, etc.  I’m curious to know what drives this switch.  What single thing, or combination of things, makes people drop a perfectly usable, high-dollar device and buy a different one?

I started out PDA-dom with a Palm Kyocera 6035, but when I spent more time banging it on the desk in frustration than actually using it, I started looking at other devices.   I looked very hard at the Pocket PC phones, but the ones with the functionality I wanted were outside my price range (I will only pay so much for something I can lose or trash so easily!).  The interface for the Windows-Powered Smartphones gives me hives, so they weren’t even in the running, and that brought me right back to Palm.  Surprisingly, to me at least, the Treo suits my needs pretty well.

So what makes people switch to a completely different operating system?  Is it the promise of “better, cooler, faster”?     Is it “I hate this device, so that one has to be better”?   How much of your device choice is based on actual functionality of the device (“gotta have a phone and a thumb keyboard”), and how much is purely personal preference (“the Pocket PC is so easy to use, but the Palm is so alien!”)?

Meet (yet another one of) the staff!

I’m Lee, part of the support team, and if you call or email for tech support you will probably get Kevin before you get me, unless you are a bulk-purchaser or one of a select bunch of resellers.

I have been doing tech support of one variety or another for about 15 years, nearly five of those here at Ilium Software.  It truly is a great place to work; it’s nice to be around people who are caring and honest, and really believe in what they are doing.

I, too, am a big fan of our software, especially ListPro and eWallet.  I use them every day, both at work and home, and wonder how I ever managed without them.  Both travel everywhere with me on my Treo 650; it’s so nice to have my information at my fingertips!  I save a ton of time by filtering my grocery list to only show the items I need, and then sort it by aisle.  Then I print it out and check it off in the store (I really don’t have enough hands to wrangle two active kids, a grocery cart, *and* my Palm — and besides my kids will ask endlessly “Mom, can I play a game on your Palm now?”  Out of sight, out of mind).  One trip through the store and I’m done.  No backtracking to a missed item (this is a really good thing — see previous statement about two active kids…).

Also, since I am calendar-challenged (write it on the calendar and promptly forget it), I use a running list of appointments, events, reminders, etc. in ListPro.  Since I am constantly referring to it for one reason or another, I don’t miss appointments anymore.  When an event is past, I check it off to make it hidden, but I can easily look back and say “When was that?”.

Did someone encourage me to write about our software?  No.  Do I recommend it to friends, and even people I don’t know?  Yup.  It’s good stuff, and it just works.