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I'm the product manager here at Ilium Software. My responsibilities include designing how our software works, overseeing the development, and coordinating testing.

An Honest App Store Article

If you’ve been reading our blog, nothing that you find in this Newsweek article will surprise you. What is refreshing is to see some honest-to-god journalism going on, and from a major news outlet no less. The article highlights just what a great thing the Apple App Store can be. At the same time, they take a very realistic approach to this, talking about what the reality of the App Store is for the majority of developers and highlighting what it is becoming.

The most interesting point in this area is the admission that the big boys have finally decided that mobile devices are worth their time and that they are forcing out a lot of those indie developers that dominated the top 10 lists early on.

You can read the full article here.

So this password manager walks into a bar…

lolOkay – I don’t typically post jokes but I actually heard a joke about passwords today. Considering that there are like four jokes about passwords in the entire world, I thought I’d send this one along. 🙂

During a recent password audit, it was found that a <insert favorite moronic social group> was using the following password for her computer:
When the auditor asked why she had such a big password, she said, “Hellllooooooooo! The tech support guy said that it had to be at least eight characters long.”

During a recent password audit, it was found that one of the denser employees was using the following password for his computer:


When the auditor asked why he had such a big password, the employee answered, “Dude! The IT guy said that it had to be at least eight characters long.”

Ba-da-dump! 🙂

eWallet for iPhone with Copy!

ewi_bigneWallet for iPhone now lets you Copy your passwords and other information directly from the card face and FlexView. With this new update, you can tap and hold on any Card Face or FlexView text, and eWallet will pop up a Copy button. Click the button and the information from that field gets copied to the clipboard.

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NewsBreak Lite Free from Total Access

IliumNewsbreak_56x56I was excited to see that NewsBreak Lite is now available for free from Microsoft’s Total Access service for Windows Mobile. NewsBreak Lite is the free version of our NewsBreak feed reader/podcast grabbing software. The app is great and the price is right so if you have a Window Mobile device you definitely want to grab a copy.

If you aren’t familiar with the Total Access service, here is the official blurb from MS:

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The Myth of “Not My Problem”

I’ve read some really interesting comments regarding the problems in the AppStore. One thing that came up a few times, however, is something like this: “Who cares? This sort of stuff has no impact on the consumer.” I’m posting today to explain why this is a myth – problems with the AppStore that developers are having directly and negatively impact the consumer.

If you’d like to hear why a silly icon rejection is a big deal to you, read on…

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New Wave of Apple Rejections – Including eWallet!

deniedApparently someone is on a graphics kick over at the Apple iPhone app approval center. Thanks to the iPhone card icon in our application, Apple has rejected the eWallet update. Even though the icon has been there since we released eWallet (the week the AppStore went live), apparently the icon is now a problem so we have to remove it.

We aren’t the only ones running into this sort of thing lately. The folks over at TapBots ran into almost the same thing – an icon that’s been in their app for ages that Apple has suddenly decided is a problem. Like I said, it seems more like an “issue du jour” than a real problem.

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Public VS. Private in the Virtual World

soapboxIt’s Friday, Apple still hasn’t approved the new version of eWallet, and I want to post something new on the blog, so I’m going to drag out the soapbox and talk about privacy issues. As I said in my Pinchgate post, I’m very sensitive to electronic privacy issues. I’m perfectly happy to share information, but I want to be part of the process. I want an application to ask before it starts sending my secrets off to some distant server for compilation and analysis. At the same time, tracking web usage is a universal aspect of the internet, so where does that fall in the privacy debate?

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, read on after the jump to hear me toss out some ideas!

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More Windows Marketplace Buzz…

There is another great article out about the Windows Marketplace, this one at Digital Media Buzz (and it just happens to talk about us.) It’s always fun to see your name in print, especially when it’s associated with something cool like the upcoming Windows Marketplace. 

I know folks give Microsoft a lot of grief, but I’m really excited about the new versions of Windows Mobile and the Marketplace. I think Microsoft really has the right approach on this one. I’m excited to see consumer response to the new projects.

Pop over and check out the article here.

Pinchgate: The Info Tracking Debate

spy2I’m a stickler for privacy, so the recent furor over Pinch Media‘s analytics is really interesting to me. The debate (in a nutshell) is whether information gathered by companies like Pinch Media through iPhone applications, for the purpose of developer marketing, is spyware. I thought I’d take a second to toss in my own 2 cents on this issue.

So, for my take on the subject, read on after the jump!

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Apples2Oranges: Now Just 99 Cents!

a2o_logo512Haven’t tried Apples2Oranges? Well now is your chance! We’ve just reduced the price to 99 cents!

Now I know this is unlikely, but there just might be some folks who don’t know what Apples2Oranges is. Let me explain it this way…it’s frustrating to figure out different conversions in your head – impossible if you’re looking at units you aren’t familiar with. You can waste lots of time standing in the store with two different packages in your hands, trying to do the math on which is a better deal, or which has fewer calories per serving.

Now you don’t have to waste time or worry about getting the math wrong. Just pull out your iPhone and get the answer in a few taps with Apples2Oranges™ – a quick and easy price comparison and unit conversion app from Ilium Software, available for your iPhone™ or iPod® touch.

(Added note by Ellen: Anyone who buys or has bought Apples2Oranges – please consider adding a review of it to iTunes. We’re fairly sure that reviews help our search ranking, which in turn helps sales. We know a lot of people find Apples2Oranges useful, but more reviews would help even more people find it. Thanks!)