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It’s Out!

In case you hadn’t already heard the news, eWallet iPhone sync is out! It went out yesterday evening. Thanks to everyone here who worked so hard to make this happen, and thank you to all of you out there who stuck with us and gave us your support along the way. It’s great to hit the “finish line!”

So, on to the other sync topics!

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My Release Philosophy

I know everyone is waiting with bated breath for the release of the sync component for iPhone. I’ve heard the grumbling and I don’t blame people for being impatient. And what I talk about here isn’t meant to make you feel happy or wash away frustrations. I just want to address these concerns, especially for folks new to dealing with Ilium Software, so you understand the way we do things.

I’m also writing this because when we first created this blog, we told you that we’d give you a little insight into what happens behind the scenes at Ilium Software. The things I talk about here really highlight the sort of decisions and challenges we face everyday. So if you’re interested, read on after the jump! Continue reading

It’s synching! IT’S SYNCHING!

IT’S ALIVE SYNCHING! I’ve been responding to the various comments on the other posts, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we are in fact synching with our iPhones and iPod Touch devices here at Ilium Software! We don’t see anything that will stand in the way of our release so watch this blog and your email. As soon as it is out we’ll let everyone know!

And just to offer a little more info – we’re synching LAN, ad-hoc, multiple locations and devices, bootcamp – it’s all working! Woo hoo!

4 out of 5 Pirates Choose eWallet!

Apparently everyone knows that eWallet is the best way to keep your information safe! Even software pirates*! 

I’ve always said that one of the key indicators of success is how many people are trying to steal your software. This has always been something we’ve seen with eWallet and apparently eWallet for iPhone is no exception. With hundreds of applications to choose from in the AppStore, the software pirates have chosen eWallet as one of 30 or so applications they’ve stripped Apple’s DRM out of. What is more, in articles about it (which I’m afraid I won’t be linking to here) they actually chose an eWallet screenshot to advertise this.

What can I say! We’re honored!

I’ll tell you, I really wish we could use this as part of a major marketing campaign. I mean, if a hacker thinks eWallet is the safest place to store their passwords and other critical information, it really says something about the level of security eWallet gives you. It’s like a skydiver telling you which parachute to buy or a police officer suggesting a particular brand of bullet proof jacket.

Yep, even software pirates know that if you want to keep your information safe, eWallet is the only choice!

DISCLAIMER: In case it isn’t obvious, I’m not advocating using pirated software. Please don’t do that. Besides the fact that it is illegal, pirating really does cut into our bottom line and makes it harder to keep releasing new versions! Clearly that isn’t in anyone’s best interest. Not only that, but lord only knows what might have been done with a version of the software that didn’t come from us. At the same time pirated software is a reality of the software industry and you have to be honored when pirates choose to steal your application over the many competing products available!

* We’re pretty sure regular pirates prefer eWallet as well but unfortunately Apple hasn’t given us a way to track whether a sale was to a regular customer, a pirate, or a ninja.

eWallet iPhone Sync: Part II

Aside from the thundering cries for a Mac version of eWallet (we’re working on it!) the most popular questions are all iPhone sync related. Well, the wait for answers is over. If you’re one of those folks who is dying to find out more about sync, hopefully we’ll answer all your questions in this post!

DISCLAIMER: We firmly believe that everything in this blog post is how it will be when we release it, but experience has taught me that something unexpected always pops up so this is my “we MIGHT do something a little bit different” disclaimer (but I don’t expect we will.)

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eWallet for BlackBerry Preview


And here you thought all we thought about was the iPhone! Besides all the new improvements to eWallet on Windows, Windows Mobile, and Palm in eWallet 6.1, we’ve also been working with WebIS to bring you a BlackBerry version of eWallet. The BlackBerry version, which will be available sometime in the next few weeks, offers many of the same features you’ve come to expect from eWallet and full synchronization with the eWallet 6.1 Windows desktop software.

WebIS has done a fantastic job on this software. We think the BlackBerry users out there are going to be very happy with the results! We’re so excited that I figured I would post a few screenshots to give you a feel for the new software!

Click on the shots below for a larger image!



eWallet 6.1 is Out!

eWallet 6.1 is now available! With features like customizable field types, card shortcuts,a new search, and easier to edit templates, this new version has a lot to love. And best of all, it’s a free upgrade to owners of eWallet 6.0.

I’ve already mentioned the main new features but let me elaborate a little!

  • Customizable Field Types: Now you can change the type for any field in your cards. Set additional fields as “hidden”, add more live URLs, specify which fields are used in AutoPass, and more!
  • Shortcuts: Create card shortcuts in your wallet to access cards from multiple categories. This is a great way to build a “favorites” category that contains your most used cards, without moving the originals around!
  • New Search:No more hopping card to card when searching! eWallet 6.1 provides you with a list of cards that match the search criteria.
  • Improved Template Editing:We’ve cleaned up template editing to make it even easier to make your own card templates. Mix in the Field Type feature and eWallet gives you a ton of power when it comes to designing your own cards!

And of course we’ve made a number of minor changes, but in some cases they are requests we’ve been hearing from you so for those of you who asked for them, these “little things” are a big deal!

  • Card Background Gradient is Optional: Now you can turn off the gradient for card backgrounds.
  • Easier Smartphone Editing: No more tap-move-tap, tap-move-tap to edit cards on Windows Mobile Smartphones (those of you who have been wanting this will know what I mean!) Just scroll from field to field when editing.
  • Space Optimization:We’ve worked to optimize the way eWallet uses memory on your device. From minor “tweaks” to making sure eWallet only installs the graphics you need, we streamlined the application.
  • Faster Start-up: Not every user will see an improvement but thanks to some of our streamlining, some users will see an improved start-up time! And for those of you using lots of custom icons, don’t worry! We’re still working to improve start-up there as well!
  • New “Options” Interface:We’ve made it easier to personalize eWallet on your desktop by cleaning up some of eWallet’s options and placing them in a new Options interface. Just select Tools->Options. And watch for additional personalizing options here in future versions!

As you can see there is a lot to like about eWallet 6.1 and as a free upgrade for 6.0 owners or a discounted upgrade for 5.0 users, the price is right! And the best part is we’re already working on 6.2!

Thanks! And as always, let us know if you have any questions! We’re here to help!

Marc Tassin
Senior Product Manager

Marc on TV

WDIV, our local NBC station, stopped by Wednesday and interviewed Marc about eWallet. We were all pretty excited to see him – and our software – on the evening news!

You can see it here; the video link is right under the photo.

The emphasis on the iPhone is theirs – Marc showed versions of several devices, and they picked which parts to use (in the car, going back to Detroit, apparently. I’m impressed).

Anyway, check it out; Marc looks and sounds very professional. I guess all those years of voice training paid off.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It

June/July IssueThe next time you head on over to your neighborhood newsstand, bookstore, or wherever you go to grab the latest copies of your favorite magazines, be sure to pick up the June/July issue of Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine, which recently hit the shelves. Just look for the fancy pictures of the iPhone and the new Sony XPERIA X1 on the cover. The issue takes a look at the new device and sizes it up to the Apple iPhone.

But wait, there’s more! If you flip on over to page 34, you’ll find a wonderful review of a little something we like to call eWallet. It’s written by none other than expert reviewer Clinton Fitch, whose Windows Mobile news and reviews can be found all over the web, including his own site and the Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine blog.

What’s that you say? You can’t run down to the corner store right now, and you’re just dying to read the review this second? Well, you can click this link right here, and read Clinton’s full article on the magazine’s website. Whether you read it online or in print, the article is packed with information about all the cool new features in eWallet 6.0, tips for using the program, as well as some nice screenshots and a shout-out to our world class tech support. We’re all pretty excited about this review, but quite frankly, eWallet has been acting like a bit of a diva around the office since it came out. There’s talk of it moving out to Hollywood now to start its own reality TV show, but I think that’ll go away after some of the newness dies down. Let’s hope so anyway.

A big thanks to Clinton and the magazine!

Customizing Web Output from ListPro

listpro-app-graphic300.jpgSo you’ve decided to export some of your ListPro lists in HTML format to publish on the web but you’d like a bit more control over how the published lists look… If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty with a bit of HTML and CSS, then check out the article in our new Knowledge Base on customizing ListPro for the web.

Let us know if you find this type of article (or others) useful; we want to continue to add information that you’ll find helpful.